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An eager clueless (Shirefoot)back

2021/07/21 21:54, Shirefoot:   
Oops! It WASN'T 'Underdogs'. Sorry, I should have checked first. No relation to that log.

2021/07/21 23:35, Elizalde:   
Rocking to see you taking the fight head on even with lacking the area knowledge - most would keep walking IMO in your situation. I'm not sure how it works with serpents, but in my own experiences the 'root' traps/snares I think are based on 2 stats and weight, sometimes with a side of randomness just when I think I have it figured out! 'Serpents' coil/snare/drown you, 'snakes' don't, in terms of MUME mobs. Now you know that too even if your partner didn't explain that lil part.

I would suggest to add subs/highlights for the underwater messages, coiling messages and even include the one for roots. I have one for my partner too that is distinct, so that I don't miss something in spam and can take the appropriate action.

Thanks for sharing, brave for both posting and charging into the unknown. A bonus is you learned a good lesson and now thanks to Akhas you can use it against someone later one day too.

2021/07/22 04:35, Shirefoot:   
Thank you for the words of wisdom and encouragement. I won't promise to do better next time. I can only promise to try ;-)

2021/07/22 09:55, Elizalde:   
I even highlight more bold as situation gets more dire, or like even with 'noise' I do this as it gets closer, hard to miss then. And if your adding highlights, may as well add different colors based on directions for webbing in Emyn. I walk into any room and instantly know which way not to spam based off colors in there. Once you get familiar with it all it's quite helpful and efficient when you're a bit rushed! 8p

2021/07/22 16:29, Nazgum: 
Well, I learned something! Had no idea those water snakes could root you!

But I liked the log, it's fun seeing people who aren't pkilling all the time try and dive into it. You'll get em next time! =)

2021/07/22 17:07, Akh‚s: 
My entire BODY was vibrating after this fight! You guys did great, and I'm glad to see people learning by doing! That's how we all learned.

If you ever have any questions or want advice, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Ask Mirin, after every fight I talk to him and try to give him more advice:)

2021/07/22 20:15, Shirefoot:   
I'm glad you had that much fun! No other game ever gave me the shakes. That's why we're MUME junkies.

2021/07/23 00:18, Ryalnos:   
Akh‚s, just start a tutoring service.

2021/07/23 05:45, Faine: 
Yes serpents can trap you but usualy u can break free after couple attempts, they are like black roots. Its nasty place to PK esp. if you dont know area.

2021/07/23 13:24, Nude: 
Snakes root only those with above average peepee's. Akhas was safe with his tiny one. Gj though! <3

From my experience, the longer you sit in serpent room, the higher chance to be rooted. Just got to be quick in going in/out and you should be fine. For escaping, its mostly str.

2021/07/23 19:57, Elizalde:   
Found that link you wanted for your theme song when commenting, Nude.

No need to thank me for finding a sweet remix either! <3

[submitted link]

2021/07/27 07:36, Nude: 
@elizalde: awww <3


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