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Citadel open for business (from 2020) (Asmodean)back

2021/08/17 23:47, Eolo:   
Nice!!! :)

2021/08/18 02:51, Sert:   
I thought I was high reading this and swearing I saw this before

[submitted link]

2021/08/18 14:59, Asmodean: 
When I click my Profile name this log wont show up, and I even searched for that title as it was in saved in my browser (Not my first OW low if we put it that way)

2021/08/19 07:59, Singleton:edited 2x   
Did you quit and renew your Elvenrunes account somewhen inbetween?

EDIT: Na, not plausible, as the original post was only 2020.

Next theory: The account 'Asmodean' who comments on the original posting is not linked to your account either. Did you use a different account for posting it?

2021/08/20 06:35, Rik: 
You likely posted the log incognito

2021/08/23 01:12, Dawnborn:   
I somewhat remember that fight. I remember being annoyed at getting quaked to death. And I kept forgetting I didn't have charmies. It was something of a Chinese fire drill as can be seen. Good times. And I think it all started as a 'I need some quick cash for rent money' trip to OW as part of an xp group or something.


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