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Blud Bath in BBT (x2) (Zud)back

2021/08/23 19:37, Emi: 
Excellent log! good fighting. I mostly appreciate the coordinated effort on the dark side.

2021/08/23 21:06, Facelift:   
*Ghevel the Dwarf* says 'the fk'


2021/08/23 21:07, Nazgum: 
The big fights everyone wants to be part of, always so fun =)

2021/08/24 03:41, Ohm:   
Curious to know who was the brother (troll?) who locked everything after bloodbath preventing people to loot. That requires an evilness beyond imagination.

2021/08/24 03:42, Eolo:   
I have to agree with Nazgum. Even if we're in the bodies hitting the floor party. Hahaha...

2021/08/24 23:35, Antrax: 
Amazing how all the darkies just happen to be near BBT, organize, and jump in, in less then a tick, after 1st contact. Surprised at the names also, not people that are usually online, or active in the last few months. Good job on the kills nonetheless and on preventing all the pukes involved from retrieving a single piece of eq.
For those that missed it, the 3 troll disgraces were: Beefcake, Smocka and Sheol

2021/08/25 08:12, Ares: 
The sad part ofcourse was that all whities lost all equipment as the trolls prevented anyone from looting anything. Sad little bullies who'd rather see the game die I supose.

2021/08/29 16:35, Zud:   
@Antrax, not uncommon actually for a Sunday afternoon when timing of multiple countries log at the same time, and to answer your question those players you saw have been playing.

2021/08/29 23:37, Antrax: 
As i cannot prove that some or all of you organized this trap on yahoo messenger with your spy friend from our group, i can only say that there were way to many coincidences for us to not be suspicious. It would be very easy for any Ainu to check how active Drogir and Kyoko, or those trolls were before/after this incident, but that alone does not prove anything so i'll leave it at that.

2021/08/30 02:14, Zud:   
LOL I don't group chat with anyone outside of mume, my spy friend? Who is my spy friend? You are reaching.

2021/08/30 15:20, Troth: 
Does yahoo messenger even exist any more?

2021/08/30 18:37, Drogir:   
Hey don't shoot the guy who's just returned. Dong narrated as I logged in, if Dong says jump we say how high.

2021/09/07 10:06, Ezmodius:edited 1x   
If you die you lose any rights to 'your' equipment. Any legend stuff should have been taken in any case (dark side always needs gear) so did people really go back into BBT to loot water skins and so on and then complain someone didn't make that easier for them?

Anyway, if you're even going to bother checking corpse it's usually smarter to track around the area and see if they dropped some stuff off while walking. Personally I always GAC in the fight area and sort/drop away from there. I'm not going to stand over a corpse hand picking out eq in an area that just had a fight and was probably heavily narrated.

EDIT: Well I always intend to GAC in the fight area. Sometimes weight concerns means I can't.


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