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2021/09/25 01:56, Terash:   
should have named the log blue scrolls

2021/09/25 02:20, Facelift:   
bunch of spoiled norwegians sitting on discord, not impressed

2021/09/25 09:25, Desalniettemin: 
Suicide mission. Game over when the giants turned out to be charmed. Would like to say proud we even cost you scrolls, but most of the damage came from your own quakes and giants.
Why not post the rekills, that was the impressive strategy.

2021/09/25 12:56, Emi: 
not even log worthy, sanc pukes store quake darkies.... we know the result

2021/09/25 18:18, Arq: 
It's on other logs. Just thought id try to contribute keeping this site alive with some content. Ungrateful pricks! xD

2021/09/25 19:09, Nazgum: 
Its nice to see some old ppl back and out doing pk =)

I kind of agree the darkies had no chance here, even as 5 (4?) with dreadful, shadow and lithe. But, even if thats the case, i still enjoyed reading the log, and would like to see more logs posted.

This makes me wish Magic Blast would be updated to work reasonably. Imagine Krazz being able to store this and come in here, knocking down 1-2 sancts, and uncharming the hsgs.

Currently there isn't really a counter to sanct+quake, but Magic Blast with a 5 minute number tweak can make the game more interesting.

2021/09/25 20:58, Dawnborn:   
Am the only one bothered with 'cast' misspelled as caste'?

2021/09/25 22:39, Telessar:   
I assume that's 'cast' in .no?

It's on other logs, can't complain. Thanks for the log Arq. Would've been better than most of the notable logs these days (without those charmies) ;)

2021/09/26 11:54, Torkild: 
You assume wrong.

2021/09/28 08:37, Faine: 
Tnx for log!


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