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Untitled Undeads Log (Chomik)back

2021/09/27 15:20, Eve: 
You fail to intercept *Zd the Orc*'s blow.

Every single one of those, of which there were many, was a 65+ hp hit.. Sanc dropped immediately, and I just skedaddled away for a bit. If they targeted me just a skooch more, it was game over.

The fight was quite fun, I really enjoyed it. The vultures standing outside rekilling, however, absolutely infuriates me.

I hope Eolo enjoyed vulturing a rekill when specifically asked not to, causing what little PK I get on American nights to drop off.

Find your own targets, or rekill someone else's. If you vulture mine again, I'll burn my account to the ground samesiding you.

2021/09/27 16:19, Torkild: 
Unprotecting Bodo was a good call! But shoulda been done sooner imo.

2021/09/27 16:39, Zugh: 
if i could have landed a quake of any spell would have been nice! thank you for the battle. i want another chance? have to wait a while those cause eolo decided he was going to sneak in and rekill after battle

2021/09/28 00:03, Eolo:   
Eve, please do not be boring about that. As I said, your request came after my actions and Chomik and Bodo are proof I apologized to you three in Rivendell some minutes later.

And you and I go along very well for you to come and act like that. The other day you were just as pissed with players involved in the killing, and you acted emotional just the same way or even worse. So please, chill. I hope you get well soon.

2021/09/28 00:22, Eolo:   
Just for your information, Zugh, I was outside the whole time, since I was tracking Terash. Then I saw Terash naked, and told him I'd skip chasing him -- not the same thought I had on the other orc.

Loudwater Plains
*Zd the Orc* is here, riding a hungry warg.
*Terash the Orc* is here, riding a hungry warg.
Exits: north, south, west.

You see some plain tracks of *a Man* leading north, done less than 1 hour ago.

!. CSW HP:Fine Move:Tired>back zud
You begin to move silently to the back of your victim...

*Zd the Orc* dooms: they both went bad awful

*Terash the Orc* says 'gaoss se hvoulk maza taldek esu'

*Zd the Orc* dooms: scrolls for the win for them

*Terash the Orc* passes dangerously close to your hiding place.

*Zd the Orc* makes a strange sound but is suddenly very silent, as you place a black runed dagger in his back.

2021/09/28 00:43, Eve:edited 2x   

I ranted.

You vultured despite being asked not to TWICE while they were still in Halls.

I don't condone that behavior. I hope you get well soon too.

Thanks for ruining the PK I get on American nights, because it's pretty much exclusively Zud holding down the dark side.

2021/09/28 01:20, Zud:   
Thanks for the fight champs! As far as Eolo, no point in even speaking. He apologizes out of fear and then if someone doesn't condone it, he will just kill, gac, and burn and during the process lie. Maybe someday he'll learn what real PK is, but until then he will do what he wants and makes up stories to condone it. At least this exposes him more to the regular Mume community whomever is even left. @Eolo, heard about your novel on discord to Eve, I remember those novels too. #exposed #LMAO

2021/09/28 01:28, Eolo:   
- About Mike: Yes, I am still surprised with Mike. As he explained, rekilling his kill got him mad, but still, I guess he overreacted. I hope he cools down and we become friends again. As friends, yes, I expected him to come to me on private before comming here, this is what the novel is all about. I tried to explain my side, if he wants to believe or not, it's his choice.

- About Zud: I blocked you since you go to Discord to bitch everytime you die. Once we tried to have a good conversation, sadly it did not go well. I never complained to you about my deaths, I just retribute your generosity.

2021/09/28 01:38, Zud:   
@Eolo - sorry blocked you first due to your bitching. Work on yourself bro. You are just exposing yourself.

2021/09/28 01:39, Eolo:   
Yes, you are right. You blocked me when you rage-retired. Then you unblocked to come bitch and I blocked. Was like on your 6th or 7th death.

2021/09/28 01:45, Eve:edited 1x   
I don't accept your apology for rekilling, because I hate it.

I do accept your apology for not seeing the narrates asking not to.

I'm over this whole thing, the drama makes me angry, so I do apologize for throwing a hissyfit.

Why can't WEEEEE be friends, why can't weeeeeeeeee be friends!??!

I'm sorry to everyone!


2021/09/28 03:03, Dearth:   
Loved the log and your comments inside the log, winnable on both sides imo

2021/09/28 03:49, Zud:   
The fight was indeed fun. It is refreshing to get these opportunities even when the players vary in experience. It is just so much fun and reminds me of the old Mume days even if for the 3 minutes of fighting. Thank you again. :P

2021/09/28 20:11, Singleton: 
A very nice read!

Thanks for posting!

2021/09/29 01:53, Rato: 
Great fight! I find it really nice your perception capability during the fight. I used to blame my link for not having this, but its 100ms better than 20yr ago, and I still cant see much during fights.

Regarding the Mexican Soap Opera on GAC/Rekill... well I guess it will never end :D

Eolo have proven many times that he does not GAC or Rekill, this was an unhappy incident.

2021/09/29 04:14, Zud:   
@Rato - I have been personally gac/burned the last 4 times I died by yours truly. So please get your facts straight friends :P

2021/09/29 15:54, Eolo:   
1. GAC, yes, in the last 3 times (last you were naked, so doesn't count).
2. Burned, never. I don't hate you that much.
3. Our thing is personal, I guess that's what Rato meant.

2021/09/29 23:23, Zud:   
@Eolo - as I have said before and I continue to say, it's not that important to me. It's a dick move is all. I don't have anything personal against you, this is a freaking game. Who cares in a text based game? I don't like your play style and what you do, that's a huge difference. As far as burning or gacing it is the same thing. You literally burned my corpse s of RD while the Meg group was busy running around outside which is all anyone does today anyway other than the players in this fight. Your style is simply that. You walk around with notrax, clean up a kill no matter how dirty it is, and don't enter anything to fight anyway. It's a style I don't respect nor will I, no matter how you feel something is personal or not. As far as EQ, you are entitled to it when I die. I get over it. I don't see how it's 'personal'. It's a freakin game. I commented to Rato because it was false what he said.

Move on and I hope you get well soon.


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