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Anyone got water? (Stealthy)back

2021/10/05 16:35, Ohtacaron: 
I could not believe you were dodging all .. wtf ! i realized you died as well only when i looted my corpse and i saw yours. BTW nice job . next time bring water !

2021/10/05 18:11, Facelift:   
You had water. You can drink those priest vials.

2021/10/05 22:52, Torkild: 
Shoulda been a walk in the park for the elf. The 2nd room is probably easiest to kill. They don't do any damage

2021/10/06 07:50, Singleton: 
*ROTFL* I'ld say 50% of the rooms around there are 'drink-water'-able.

Anyway: Congratz to reaching spot 2 on Top Log Posters, Ert ;-)

2021/10/06 08:43, Stealthy: 
Ok, so vials blood is drinkable, and the first 2 rooms have water (I just checked...sigh :))

2021/10/06 16:15, Fitzcarraldo: 
Goddamnit I miss playing MUME

2021/10/07 19:28, Nazgum: 
... so come play more fitz? =)

2021/10/08 08:17, Fitzcarraldo: 
I did for 2 days and you had just retired!

You son of a bitch!

Was bummed I had missed you. Hope your game is coming along well!


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