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Warrior vs Warmage (Himnir)back

2021/10/26 11:22, Facelift:   
yea pukecombos ho

2021/10/26 14:15, Chomik:   
I'm not sure if I'm more impressed by the nineteen bashes you ate, or whatever elven spellfuckery lets you eat 1dmg smites while bashed.

Unfortunately for Nelson, 101ob pound > smitedef!

2021/10/26 14:30, Enforcer: 
Colter is the hero in this story! :P knocks the puke down a peg :P

2021/10/26 16:05, Jen:   
I thought you were a scout mage, I must be confusing you with someone else. Nice log.

2021/10/26 17:13, Nelson: 
!# cW HP:Bad Mana:Icy *Nelson the Orc*:Bad>
*Nelson the Orc* admirals 'if you post this'

!# cW HP:Bad Mana:Icy *Nelson the Orc*:Bad>
*Nelson the Orc* admirals 'i'ma be pissed'

Great fight, good night! I started in Halls, killed a bunch of pukes naked but for a weapon, got all that shit, and lost it in the same day. Success if you ask me!

The whole thing was a rollercoaster.. I thought I'd win as soon as I'd picked both doors, then I thought I'd DEFINITELY win after the first bluescroll, then I grew concerned on the second, then finally I was just irked.

People kept shooting me tells, and my responses were 'I'm killing Himnir, give me a minute' 'I'm winning, busy' 'BUSY' and finally 'shit, guess I'm gonna die'


2021/10/26 17:31, Himnir:  edited 1x   
Yeah, sorry Nelson I probably should not have posted it. I hardly remember doing it to be honest. Was a fun fight indeed.

2021/10/26 17:55, Colter: 
I was literally going to check Nelson's corpse and you entered room, I stay there a second because I didn't want you to see my mount move and to see if you move and you didn't, so I went for the stab. :)

2021/10/26 18:50, Ohm:   
Yeah, don't post logs where Nelson dies.
Only post logs where Nelson performs well.

Ahw, come on! You're an awesome guy, Nelson. Just let it go, buddy.

2021/10/26 19:21, Chomik:   
Nonsense Himnir, of course you should post the log! Character power aside, it was a committed fight to the end! Even if it wasn't, just post. ER deserves to see more of the battles happening.

2021/10/27 01:55, Phae:   
if you kill him get my shaukr scalp back, k thanks.

2021/10/27 04:24, Grennif: 
How do you get that damage script?

2021/10/27 18:01, Osilin: 
Those damage numbers can be even humble substitudes, no scripts needed.
Damn how powerful metal and magic armour combination is...

2021/10/27 18:18, Himnir:   
They are just subs. I made them a long time ago using information from Gray. They really aren't that accurate anymore I believe, but I'm used to them so I never got around to changing them.

2021/10/27 19:56, Neamir: 
Feels like gnarled touch was perhaps the secret hero of this log?

2021/10/27 20:10, Emi: 
one of the better logs i've read in a long time! good fighting. Colter Wins

2021/10/27 21:13, Nelson: 
Oh that wasn't the reason I said I'd be pissed!

Pissed might have been an overstatement, I was more referring to the fact that an orc warrior got his ass kicked, even using _THREE_ blue scrolls!

It's embarassing, really. :P

I should've used my at-bay more, but to be honest I don't play warrior and didn't really have much of a clue!

R E M A T C H ! :)

2021/10/28 14:28, Ares: 
Another log to show how retarded stacking armour spell + metal abs is. No changes needed ofcourse .. fuck us all.

2021/10/30 13:36, Elestir:   
Btw, all those damage substitutions like (12-14hp) etc. are outdated. Several years ago there was a change (based on my idea btw) that tweaked the intervals (they have been scaled up a bit).


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