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2022/01/17  Facelift:
Average men have once per month poker nights, great men have once per month MUME nights. Have your missus serve you some cold beer and sandwich and hack away with tha boys!
2022/01/17  Merarl:
lots of fun! I could do monthly.
2022/01/16  Lamia:
this was really fun, although the spam was a bit too much for me to be useful.

How about a regular pk-thunderdome every Saturday?
2022/01/16  Fieldy:
That was a fun birthday party yesterday :D Thanks all!
2022/01/16  Rael:
Yes! it has been super! let's make it as a regular appointment! i don't want to wait for other 30 years and play when i will be 80! Ah !
2022/01/16  Stoik:
Rent was too high anyways... He can pay the 16g per day. ;)
2022/01/16  Nelson:
Yeah, uh, I died like a damned _PIG_ in the open to the Malmo Lab, but if it makes you feel any better, the great and glorious Bogger ended up with it!

Hey guys, this was just an incredible day, and I'm really happy I got to see a ton of old names come back, and really enjoyed the throwback massive fights literally all day.

Anyone want to consider making this a monthly or quarterly thing? :)
2022/01/16  Stoik:
So puke has my shining... 😂 Good for him I guess.
2022/01/16  Kralizec:
If it's any consolation, the orc who looted the shining promptly died and was looted himself!

I haven't had large-scale pk like that in many years, that was great, even the deaths.
2022/01/16  Stoik:
Lost a full shining set today and yet, not really upset. Had fun doing it. Great to see so many on.
2022/01/16  Rael:
)( CSW HP:Bad Mana:Cold Move:Slow>cs
You muster all of your concentration...

*Doomguard the Orc* has arrived from the east riding a hungry warg.
*Ashnug the Orc* has arrived from the east riding a hungry warg.
*Theseus the Orc* has arrived from the east riding a hungry warg.
*Theseus the Orc* smites your left leg extremely hard and shatters it.
You are wracked with overwhelming PAIN!
*Doomguard the Orc* smites your right arm extremely hard and shatters it.
You feel a sharp pain there!
You are incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.

2022/01/15  Nazgum:
101 allies and visible Ainur on.
2022/01/15  Slit:
2022/01/15  Facelift:
ah yes, 'afk' dude who had np trying to track down expers across arda but insta runs to 'afk more in warrens' when a non-newbie mage starts to chase him. whatever lol
2022/01/15  Zillakami:
One session spent trying to bash-store call/quake trap a dude who's afking worth of frustration and you quit? One word for you, SAWFT.
2022/01/15  Snarp:

Maybe you’ll get the game you want at the 30th anniversary event.
2022/01/15  Facelift:
I ran away because i got bored and figured I go rent.

I was fighting you and 2 trolls inside warrens w/o lithe but nobody dared to follow me more than 3 rooms from cave lol so obviously I was not gonna stick around for 20 more minutes wasting my time with wimps.

A scout of your level would eat a level 35 mage in warrens all day every day, but instead you played super conservatively even when i was ready to fight you in any random closable to the death.

Why do you think I resort to lithe and call if there is literally fuck all to actually fight? What happened in warrens (inside, no call possible) just further proved my point. Anyway, what a fucking yawnfest, better games to play at this point.
2022/01/15  Snarp:
Alternatively you chased me all over arda when I had no interest and had to afk a lot. Then you lose your bashing lithe and run away to the lightning so you can call.

Organise a fight with your mates.
2022/01/15  Facelift:
You have revealed *Snarp the Orc*!
A swarm of blow-flies fails to hit you.

! [1.snarp]f cW HP:Hurt Mana:Warm Move:Tired a swarm of blow-flies:Healthy>
*Snarp the Orc* splinters: u pointless

Exits: NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST. - d:tendrils.
... You notice *Snarp the Orc*. ...
*Snarp the Orc* splinters: odds of u dying so low

! [1.snarp]f cW HP:Hurt Mana:Hot Move:Tired>z
*Snarp the Orc* leaves EAST sneaking.

### After spending 20 mins inside warrens trying to pick a fight with 2 ologs and Snarp they stopped hitting/chasing me even up tendrils because who cares about actual PK right... well this is why i quit :P bye
2022/01/11  Fieldy:
Hadn't previously looked into Discord. Looks cool, I'll move there now :D
2022/01/11  Nazgum:
MUMEs 30th birthday is this Sat Jan 15th, and we're hoping to hit triple digit players to wish MUME a proper birthday!

Login if you can around 2PM EST, come say hi to some old players and see what happens with lots on for the day! We have a discord event which will notify ya and help boost the event by letting others know people coming, so sign up! 🙂
2022/01/08  Eolo:
Maybe dead because they're trying on port 23? If I'm not wrong 2 months ago is when they changed the port.
2022/01/08  Facelift:

DEAD (2 months)

Go figure!
2022/01/07  Suslik:
link killed me there. Was fun thnx!
2022/01/04  Facelift:
power of discord premade vs random pug. same shit in every game ;P
2022/01/04  Nockurzh:
Yeah, wasn't much we could do :)
Was fun playing together again after a long time anyway :D
2022/01/03  Breaux:
Reading the log there was not much you could do Nock, but nevertheless entertaining with a slaughter in bbt
2022/01/03  Nockurzh:
We saw 4 pukes enter bbt.
Then checking the tracks again, also saw 5 torc tracks in.
Then 1 torc entered BBT again. We sent Nockmurlig in as he had nothing to lose but I jumped in anyway and told Nockral and Nockrip to enter :D

We should've entered earlier or not at all. Whenever we got someone bad he was healed up insta. Nockrip and Nockmurlig were with two handed swords and we were kinda rusty I guess.

I do have a log but I guess it's not as good as Arq's will be.
2022/01/03  Nirlin:
I can post the log later tonight when I get back from work :D
2022/01/03  Nazgum:
I posted my view as a video here:

tho the norwegians posting their view would be cool, since they had 3 fights there, and curious to see what happened with the nocks
2022/01/03  Baratheon:
I was told Arq was posting and yet we wait. Djengis? anyone?
2022/01/03  Arcanum:
There was blood all over BBT and no log ... *twi*
2022/01/02  Enforcer:
Happy New Year yall!
2022/01/01  Zaram:
Late christmas presents
Enjoy :D
2021/12/31  Faine:
Happy ending and best wishes for new year!!
2021/12/26  Cuantar:
I have always liked that MUME has a heavy mobdeath penalty. It really forces one to be careful and punishes recklessness by making the game *dangerous*. I don't know that I'd still be into MUME as much without the mobdeath penalty.
2021/12/24  Eolo:
Merry Christmas, everyone! :)
2021/12/21  Cyndane:
But I thought the only reason people quit was because of mobdeaths?
2021/12/20  Zulgur:
Hah, thnx for remindin me why i quited. Dispel/bob/quakes/stores/charms/nonstop manarege - GG!
2021/12/18  Nero:
Haha, I don't believe for one second that a level 80 rage quit because of a mob death. Come on. Mob death is irrelevant, you're literally the only person I've ever heard complaining about it. Mob death is good how it is. Don't like it? Then don't mob die.

This is a PK mud. The majority of active players have always been pkers. If you want to retain people make changes that help PK. The only possible thing to care about with mob death is bring back 'void flag = pk death always'. I know as a lowby BN I got charged by some legend puke and I spammed the door shut until they died. I felt a bit bad about it because under the current rules that was almost certainly a mob death even though I caused it purely via PK action.
2021/12/16  Stoik:
@Volcam Torwe got your staff I believe.
2021/12/16  Volcam:
Thanks for the obvious linkless-kill, Zee. Disgusting stuff. Dont give me that shit that you had no clue, I was not fleeing at all while you hit me down. Enjoy the loot, douchebag
2021/12/15  Bardock:
just got back from Colombia! Beautiful place, had a nice time with my new girlfriend , Bogota sure is lovely.
2021/12/13  Cyndane:
But you posted, so it's saved in your browser. You can pull it up through there and see what it is
2021/12/13  Terash:
Is there a way to reset my password seem I forgot it
2021/12/10  Durbtrak:
Snakr, the last time you died in DT and blamed your groupmates for that and then ragequit. I thought I'd never tell you, because you would probably die of embarrassment (because for some reason it really means a lot for you) - the BN that was sitting Karash room. Was afk the whole time. No doors were blocked. You could have just walked out.
2021/12/10  Lamia:
damn, had to go afk in the worst place. Enjoy the kill, Switch!
2021/12/10  Facelift:
Durbtrak got confused? What's new...that's his natural state in PK and irl :D
2021/12/10  Durbtrak:
Yeah, you would have. I ate too many quakes, got confused what was happening, scrolled all I had.

Funny though - we couldn't find your staff later...
2021/12/09  Fea:
Thanks :)

I wish I wasn't on 452ms link... I'd definitely have won if so!

I didn't bother going back for any gear, I hope you got yourself a wormhide for the staff!
2021/12/09  Durbtrak:
Hats off for you, Fea. Nice charge.
2021/12/09  Uryu:
Any mudlet-wizards who could help a new client-user out with my settings? Contact me on Discord: Sarge#2541 :)
2021/12/08  Cyndane:
@Walo - 'Someone agreed with me, so clearly my point is the only truth'

We also have crazies completely refuting the truly terrifying and insidious nature of Covid, so does the fact that two morons agree make that point more valid?

Not calling you a moron, but what you said is kinda silly.

I do miss you though <3
2021/12/08  Walo:
@apa I had other players ingame agree with me. Infact 1 day when I logged on a guy instantly agreed with me and in so many words said 'go do what your doing its better than this.' However I was only on 5 or 10 minutes. Logged off soon after.

@Eolo anything else beyond nothing eolo? And hello.
2021/12/08  Lingura:
@Apalonia: No one denying that mobdeath sure as heck sucks, but its a way to prevent people from going full on retarded when playing the game. There are consequences if you do dumb stuff, mobdeath being one of them. I do agree that there are a few scenarios though, where mobdeath should not happen at all, but it happens due to poor coding (i.e.: pk mobdeath). In those cases, there should be reinbursment, on a case to case basis. I would maybe also grant a 'get out of jail free' card, redeemable once/character, to revert a mobdeath.
Now, more then ever, exping is as easy as it gets, so a few mobdeaths should not be a hindrance to most people.
2021/12/08  Apalonia:
@cyndane sure they've made a lot of changes because active builders and immos who develop it but when it comes to growth and retention how many of these changes actually affect that. ... sure covid helped bring people back but I know plenty of ppl who have quit in the last few months. Most of them rage quit after mob dying a lvl 80+ char. The punishment for mob death is ridiculously cruel. Rogon hates wasting players time yet mob death is the largest insult to a players time. You yourself said you're finding other muds. There's logs all over ER and RR of ppl trying to find a replacement albeit wotmud albion etc. Mume is already a time consuming game, I've never logged and only played for 30 minutes. Sessions are normally a few hours long. It's a commitment and it's down right demoralizing when you mob die and lose a couple weeks worth of work. I think if enough people posted to idea board about it maybe it'll get considered.

2021/12/07  Ulvian:
There is definitely a point about some members of management who don't play the game and just act as a barrier to progress.
2021/12/07  Cyndane:
People have been saying the game is dying since 2003. In the past year, we've had more changes than from 2005-2010 basically.
2021/12/07  Apalonia:
@Walo that is exactly what the game is. Not just the players but the game in it's entirety does it too. Not everyone of course is a Debbie-downer. Some have morals, standards, honor (in a text game), and are actually enjoyable to play with and talk to. I'm just here to point out that the game itself is pun intended because we all enjoy a good 'ol text base game but there's plenty of outdated mechanics to it and things that should be changed but they can't be. It's sad because there are good Vs like Jahara and Imago who I know work really hard to improve the game and then you have other, older, higher immos (won't mention names) who don't even play anymore, never log mortal, and they have all the power to make changes but don't. It's a shame because the game is dying.
2021/12/05  Zud:
@Cyndane hasn't for quite some time now. You are permanently affixed :)
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