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2018/03/22  Arsenio:
2018/03/22  Magog:
Haha, now thats funnny! I would have sworn its 'unbar exit' :) Enjoy the eq, well deserved death :D
2018/03/22  Winny:
I fully Agree Mommik.
2018/03/21  Mõmmik:
around 70hps hit that last one, well ok maybe trolls dont need nerf but bears needs some boost, fuckin bear warrior is much more underdog than a orc scout ! Fact !
2018/03/21  Carl:
Good fight
2018/03/21  Mõmmik:
one thing is sure, trolls need nerf !!
2018/03/21  Raudo:
Carl have you ever heard of role playing ? Raudo is an elf whose family have been eat alive by trolls , so now is taking his personal revenge. That is Trolls are the strongest fighters in Mume, and for my personal opinion the easiest class to play, but obvioulsy they have their the weak point . Nothing personal.
2018/03/21  Carl:
No, Raudo was earlier than the DT fight. Blatant as well with 1 tick until dawn.
2018/03/20  Ghanic:
Wasn't Raudo. It was me. And I slept you so I could finish dt front mobs for key without you pestering me
2018/03/20  Carl:
Lol Raudo trying to sun trolls via sleep spell. Autistic players are the best.
2018/03/19  Mõmmik:
Frostwolf why you whine here when you are exact same lowlife :D
2018/03/18  Roadkill:
@Frostwolf: Gi' us a log and I will.
2018/03/18  Nero:
What did it do?
2018/03/18  Frostwolf:
Someone tell me what are the alt-chars of this low-life Mirasantika so I know whom to repay this sort of gameplay? :)
2018/03/16  Praska:
Well there is instructions for lacin logs: log to 4242, play your favorite char, log your session, kill smth and most important POST A FREAKIN LOG :D I sometimes manage to kill shit but shame on me, i dont log that :D and ofc those kills never notables ( just because i suck)
2018/03/16  Koala:
there should be some kind of event when 1 year passes by without a new log in the notables section. RIP
2018/03/15  Fieldy:
Ahh, TMC link has been fixed. The joy!
2018/03/15  Trample:
2018/03/15  Blades:
did it crash?
2018/03/15  Sadur:
We definitely suck in voting for MUME in TMC nowadays.
2018/03/15  Nero:
Oh man, is this 'fair fight' whining still a thing? This isn't your personal dual server, it's a 3 way war. The goal is to kill the enemy, however you need to do that. And before you talk some nonsense about 'driving away an already small player base', remember when this game had the most people on their were constant huge fights, poison whoring, portal trapping, hide trapping, overkilling, road killing. The player base started declining once this stupid 'fair fights' dual crap started.
2018/03/14  Saai:
Bardock - yes that was a fun fight, I thought you had me when I was low wound and you were still only at hurt, somehow I lived through 2 bashes and got the last 3 hits in a row LOL
2018/03/14  Fieldy:
Yesyes, we are the wimps.
2018/03/14  Mõmmik:
and oh shit, you forget to mention Trample Carl Vlkodlak and some moment i saw noname troll allso around there. Classy biatch, very classy. But hey GG :D
2018/03/14  Fieldy:
Yes, we are the wimps.
2018/03/14  Mõmmik:
only way to get your wimpy arse out of safe spot is to go low enought that you feel yourself 100% safe to kill smth. For the record died 7 times and dont care. First chargin vt with jen in it, now to think about it it was 8 times. Well was good lesson not to poke shitwimps :) And Jen next time keep your wimpshouts toyourself clearly you are the wimp not the others.
2018/03/14  Fieldy:
Was on as Durbtrak, was the other one sitting inside vt with Jen. We could not take a fight against 2 bears and a nuker. With others running around. But in the end Merica, Mommik (died thrice) and some people also died.
2018/03/14  Bardock:
damn what time, every time I log in its just Jen sitting in VT until the overkill squad and or trap. Maybe its time to stay up and play with .Eu peeps who actually fight!
2018/03/14  Fieldy:
Dunno, I mopped the floor with puke blood yesterday. I pick my battles when I am the only uruk online.
2018/03/14  Bardock:
Jen its very apparent on the puke side how much of a complete coward and wimp you are. You would not even take a fight with you two charmies and Saai vs me in hunter. You hardly ever leave VT. No clue why you even play darkie, you pretty much play like one of them xpers that does not leave east past BWB lol. I really hope the trend stops soon, the sessions as of late when you are on ate utterly boring, you wont fight without double the numbers or even when you have troll help.

Any how, where are all the real darkie Pkers? Come back for a bit! Show these wanabee pukes how to spill blood for sauron.

btw Saai, thanks for redeeming yourself, Jen was bleeding out on you but the fight you gave me later even tho I got rocked was MUCH APPRECIATED , fights are so rare these days, please don't let Jen corrupt your fighting spirit.
2018/03/14  Jen:
LOL Bardock! Such a baby. Next time take the naked bn+charmie vs solo warrior in a 5 room closable. Its an easy win for any warrior with a clue. Love how your idea of a fair fight is a naked bn vs a hit fleeing bear in 3 rooms. Ill get u for that rambler! Twice now! My wife gets me killed more than anything.
2018/03/14  Bardock:
Saai, you have no room to talk, I am begging for a fight, offering me vs the 2 of you and you guys wimp out like nothing I have seen before, I give you my head on a platter for a fight I will surely lose and you guys still insist on a trap with no intention of a fight. What happened to you? used to be fun to fight, now you got players like Jen who are just another puke on the darkside. really sucks how wimpy and pathetic darkies have become lol. Jen is 100 percent the biggest pussy I have ever seen on darkside, I used to think it was Glasya but Jen has them all beat now. I hope you go back to your old playstyle saai, you used to be fun.
2018/03/14  Saai:
I like how Nimmeth has no clue any orc is nearby and I'm the only orc online, yet when he enters my room he hits me before my client even registers he arrives...
2018/03/13  Nero:
Fastolph: are you bored? Following around my little bn killing all the stuff I might charm and xp with? If you let me get bigger you'd get more xp for me you know? ;)
2018/03/13  Koala:
Jen, Trample has your EQ
2018/03/13  Fieldy:
2018/03/13  Koala:
Troll board posts show that yes, people tried to mob trample.
2018/03/12  Nero:
Is there any truth to this rumour that some pukes were trying to mob trolls yesterday?
2018/03/09  Arcanum:
I remember creating my first orc. There were proud uruk-hais in worse gear than what was sold in the shop. When told there is better gear sold, the proud answer was: I only wear what i loot from a dead enemy!
Can't recall much whining from that mindset...
2018/03/08  Fieldy:
Yeah, gac is the #1 problem of people not playing MUME.
2018/03/08  Bardock:
all you had to do was not rage quit and you would have almost all your gear, your friends walked right over it a few times. Srsly theres no winning in this community or game, just fking play and if you dont like it dont play?
2018/03/08  Ton:
Not the smartest behaviour for our ever decreasing playerbase..
2018/03/08  Fieldy:
Quoting Aza - 'Your corpse, my loot'.
2018/03/08  Bardock:
a bear that needed gleaming and coins and fgc and had time to react being at bad hps and an enemy still alive...... sorry you logged off before checking for equip, I dont loot stuff I dont need but in situations where enemies have friends and i need something, I will gac momentarily.
2018/03/08  Ton:
well, it gets tiring to restart from scratch after every death, specially when I seldom loot stuff myself. If i have to gac to sort you will find most items in 20 secs, not 20 ticks. Went from 0 to 31 wps yday and looted -zero- items yday, so understand the frustration of getting gacced by a bear.
2018/03/08  Bardock:
whats with the shitty whines? two of you charged me on wounded one of you died, yea im just gonna sit there naked and let your buddy loot you clean. This is fucking mume, I dropped your shit, literally almost everything but gleaming. Go play fucking ponies bro.
2018/03/08  Ton:
Dont wanna sound sore but did you expect me to sit 15t waiting for you to drop? I checked corpse and quit. You shall be treated as such tho
2018/03/08  Bardock:
logged in naked from quitting in foreman, dropped most in slag.
2018/03/08  Shorgarath:
well, i insta died cos i hit numlock turning my numpad useless and not being able to flee :P
nice gaccing skills by a bear tho
2018/03/08  Bombi:
Game over dawned for me when I started to quake my wood elf, lulz. Was so sure it was engaged to mobs down. Now to work on that align...
2018/03/08  Ton:
thank you man, i was sure you had it. No return hits saved me, 20/30hps left...
2018/03/08  Bombi:
Was a rush, Shorgarat, thanks for entering.
2018/03/06  Tyrion:
Where did I catch you, thought you got away?
2018/03/06  Ghanic:
@Tyrion lol router dying was the only way you caught me. Wait til i get some levels and next time things will be different
2018/03/05  Fastolph:
Granzu: Logg that please - musta been like a wet dream! :)
2018/03/05  Rashnak:
'Asumisoikeus' is basically a purchase of right to live in the apartment indefinitely long, without actually owning it.
2018/03/04  Sadur:
Omistus means you own the apartment, it is your property. Asumisoikeus is kind of in between of rental and own apartment so it is cheaper to buy but monthly uptake is going to be higher.
2018/03/04  Vlkodlak:
Offtopic question to .fi players , what a different in real estate websites between 'asumistyypi- omistus' and 'asumistyypi - asumisoikeus' ? :)
2018/03/04  Bombi:
That was actually an amazing trap by the pukes. My nipples are really hard right now.
2018/03/04  Zaghnar:
When you do amon as zaugs and run into a late night episode of glowing Nimmeth after dark on the way out. Braavo. I would say justice will be swift but you're all too hard to kill so. Maybe one day!
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