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2019/07/20  Caureondil:
Yeah I was massively outplayed and won. You played that very well into making me feel safe and I think you would have won with a faster bash after you scrolled. I needed a win after the last few weeks so I'll take it. Hope to see you back prowling soon. Would be a 4-5 star log if you won it too.
2019/07/20  Padan:
Nice Caureondil, thanks for not gaccing. If I had started at more than low hurt, you'd definitely have ripped!
2019/07/20  Rogon:
What about me? No love??
2019/07/20  Bardock:
roflmao, seriously tho lets get this bet going and use a third party pool based on the variables. what do they call that escrow? I hereby declare this is my final post on this website ever and Sarkazein owes me 50 bucks lol, <3 seriously tho love you all mume was a great thing to grow up with and it will never be the same as it used to be <3 <3 <3 il miss yall so much. <3 Matt, Gene, Ted, Kim Love you all see you in the next life.
2019/07/20  Gene:
True mumers die, but they never quit.
2019/07/19  Zutror:
I don't understand why you even talk to him anymore.

He will never stop playing Mume and seemingly never stop writing shit on Elvenrunes. And the reason are YOU ... Just stop writing with him and just ignore him even if he replies directly to your message.

Never argue with an idiot. He pulls you down to his level and defeats you because of his years of experience...
2019/07/19  Koala:
You just lost it. Here you are, back on ER posting. fail.
2019/07/19  Bardock:
Ok whats the time frame, il take that il bet the dollar, when do I get my 50? 2 years sound fair? Il give you my cash app tag bro :D im done with mume im done with elvenrunes. the era has ended for me. Its just not the same, its a pretty empty place, nothing like when I first played, never a dull moment in those days. Now its just clicks and xp groups and darkies that play like pukes. My account is gone, I wont be playing ever. Let me know where can put this bet.
2019/07/19  Samurai:
Lol, not even Mithfalen himself would take those odds. The lotto has a better expected value.
2019/07/18  Sarkazein:
I'll give anyone 50 to 1 odds that this is bullshit. Your dollar vs. my fifty! Any takers?
2019/07/18  Bardock:
dead serious lol, I am gonna try to get my ER account wiped as well, wont post here anymore enjoy :)
2019/07/18  Auron:
![ cW HP:Awful>e

You hear some apparently very close noise from the east.

![ cW HP:Awful>Red Avenue
Exits: north, south, west.
*Svarten the Mountain Troll* has arrived from the south.
*a Troll* has arrived from the south.
*Put the Mountain Troll* has arrived from the south.

![ cW HP:Awful>s

2019/07/18  Sarkazein:
You've been saying that since 2012.
2019/07/18  Bardock:
ya no worries im never coming back to this game ever.
2019/07/17  Samurai:
Just xped a lowbie some, it was fun!

Really nice to not see Mithfalen or Snakr on.
2019/07/15  Xraxus:
Nice nod there @Jahara from Ubuntu =-D
2019/07/15  Bardock:
lol w/e this is like the 4th times hes done this to me. P Aragom thinks hes funny
2019/07/15  Baratheon:
Just a heads up. Nobody believes that, Bardock. And it's ok. But you don't have to lie
2019/07/14  Bardock:
sorry fellas, had my friends over to drink last night and they decided to post on my ER account , they used to play mume with me lol... waow
2019/07/14  Rogon:
Rael, or maybe it's no-narrate.
2019/07/14  Slit:
I will do everything in my power to ruin your fun.
2019/07/13  Bardock:
2019/07/13  Gene:
elf who died in amon i got your eq.
2019/07/11  Rael:
To me as well ....or maybe when they narrated i was sleeping..*shrug*
2019/07/11  Svarten:
Why the other ppl that got hit/died 5 zones away didnt inform you that trolls roam right where you are is beyond me...
2019/07/11  Rael:
@Svarten ...damn being charged by you while doing ghagul is something too nasty to be imagined... also because probably you arrived there by Chance because my tracks were long gone. i hope my sapphire was tasty .
2019/07/11  Glaurog:
Hell yeah @Ubuntu
2019/07/10  Sarkazein:
Oh my god that's awesome
2019/07/10  Zutror:

Ubuntu WHAT
2019/07/10  Bardock:
hewl ya nuking my account was a huge accomplishment.
2019/07/07  Linenthel:
A boar tries to hit you, but you keep him at bay.
You stab a boar's right hindfoot EXTREMELY HARD and >>SHATTER<< it.
* [my]f CRW HP:Fine Mana:Burning a boar:Fine># {repl} now aliases {tell Pride}.
Pride tells you 'come in ep now'
* [my]f CRW HP:Fine Mana:Burning a boar:Fine># {repl} now aliases {tell Pride}.
Pride tells you 'come in ep now'
* [my]f CRW HP:Fine Mana:Burning a boar:Fine>s
No way! You are FIGHTING for your life!

I had no idea whats going on, entered and front got blocked and then I just saw 1 bn with charmies...
2019/07/07  Khelak:
Right on Asmodean. I would also like to apologize. I'm sorry for all the pukes I've killed and rekilled recently. I'm sorry for all the shiny legend eq I've looted from their corpses. And sorry for all the foci I've given to sage in the past few weeks. I'm sorry for every last level, wp, and piece of eq that I've gained. Would you guys forgive me if I give all my eq away and mob my characters to level 1? Pretty pretty please?
2019/07/07  Asmodean:
Sorry Baca for the rekill, we thought you actually had looted some valuables from us. And sorry world, for Elestir existing in it. 'Oh I didnt loot this' and dont come with poor excuses with credits, easy as shit as a Zaugs to get. You really have no soul dude and have been ruining this game ever since you set your foot in it. Knowing you are a sadistic fuck that lack what-so-ever maturity you will cherish this post, which is even sadder. If I was a religious man I would pray for you. But the realist in me knows that its already too late. Take a page from Mithfalans book and just nuke your account, everyone but your redshirts would be happy <8
2019/07/07  Josie:
I'm failing to understand your whine. I have seen pukes constantly the last couple days, but they are all in groups of 5+. I have been running around trying to stay alive. Salty much?Just play and do your thing with your 2 charmies.

2019/07/06  Boltok:
Your overkilling attempts are pathetic tho Jolen.
I guess you are only good at whining with your Ainur after being looted and killing clueless new players.

2019/07/06  Josie:
and Mulgrim the brave strikes again. Guess you failed to check ford for the focus. And p.s. thanks for getting the shadow low for us considering sortie was out. Grumpy Old Georgia Man :p
2019/07/06  Shaukr:
You don't need foci to play the game.
2019/07/06  Moonglum:
The hypocrite strikes again ...
*Sm˙lk the Orc* gets a sapphire ring [focus] from the corpse of *a Man*.
2019/07/02  Xraxus:
On the 26th Solmath in 2936 of the Third Age, you were killed in the Rough Passageway by Eleven the Man (while feeling less in control of yourself than usual.)

Retrieved sword and gloves from Halflung. Period.

Well played dude.
2019/07/02  Sarkazein:
Does anyone know how to make highlights in PowTTY?
2019/07/02  Kut:
Agreed with Lyr about greed. I had 2 Hero lvl trolls, Seule was lvl 21 and Baskets couple lvls higher, coming when sun down but I didn't expect that my plan to burn of casters mana and buy myself enough time and separate you worked that well that you people will be moveless/manaless. PS I never droped below 400 hps.
2019/07/02  Zutror:
someone could tell me how to get in touch with the admin of this site.

SignUp does not work
2019/07/02  Lyr:
It's called kill-horny for a 'suntrapped' Kut! He ran me moveless 2-3 times while chasing you Kut. So in the end he ran himself moveless as the sun set and ended up with 3 *trolls* and 2 demon wolves in his room. I kept getting hit and couldn't bob him. I was also armourless, nearly moveless and almost manaless from all of the chase-bobbing and bolting.
2019/07/02  Bardock:
btw friends, my entire account is in mandos perma :) enjoy mume.
2019/07/02  Royce:
Seriously Drazan? A smart boy like you can't figure out how someone goes moveless in that situation? I'll spell it out for you then:

1. Depending on other 'pukes' in general.
2. Grouping with people you don't typically play with.
3. Spammy mobs hitting/fleeing you all over when you are low hps/mps already in a place such as trollshaws.
3. Leading(babysitting) a few legends around that are worse than 'Bree Legends' like a nice fella that Reich is.
4. Not having the best link.
5. Sometimes shit happens? Duh?
2019/07/02  Brundeor:
Thanks for leaving as much as you did darkies <8 Comfs on sunning Seule, hope you werent too high a level.
2019/07/01  Drazan:
*Agarwaen the Half-Elf* utters the words 'breath of briskness'

! [*dwarf*]. W HP:Hurt *Reich the Dwarf* (my):Awful a demon wolf:Hurt>
A demon wolf lightly hits *Reich the Dwarf* (my)'s left arm and >>SHATTERS<< it.

! [*dwarf*]. W HP:Hurt *Reich the Dwarf* (my):Awful a demon wolf:Hurt>
Seule raises her hand.
*Lyr the Noldorin Elf* has ARRIVED from the NORTH riding a pack horse.
You hit *Reich the Dwarf* (my)'s body very hard and >>SHATTER<< it.
*Reich the Dwarf* (my) is incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.

Too late with that, but idk how you go moveless with 3 casters and just 2, I assume morskius is warrior, anyways when chasing sun trapped metal troll, sometimes blinded, around in shaws...
2019/07/01  Sudo:
Wierd, like Ebon death...
2019/06/29  Marok:
Did you PK recently prior to that? Could be the cause. Counted as a PK death.
2019/06/29  Drazan:
Since when you loose xp when you die to fall damage?
On the 28th Afterlithe in the year of 2935 of the Third Age, you fell to your death on the Pile of Debris.
Lost 200k xp and just xp nothing else.
2019/06/26  Kaos:
Was nice to see 3 doing such damage to bree.
2019/06/26  Slit:
Nowhere is safe! Nothing is sacred! If I could get into Rivendell, I'd kill everything there too! CACKLE
2019/06/25  Gagni:
I did and found neither. My troll ate some of them.
2019/06/24  Kabysh:
it's a road to wps and fame, you should take it!
2019/06/24  Gagni:
What is up with all the pennies lying around?
2019/06/24  Beoern:
Rogon is bat shit down in a psychosis these days. Must be the Swedish after night sun.
2019/06/23  Khelak:
How cute <3
2019/06/23  Rogon:
Zant you should play more Beorning. So you could be a real carebear!
2019/06/23  FionwŰ:
2019/06/23  Zant:
@FionwŰ Sorry. There were some ppl who needed that metal. I can help you some with reeq later on puke.
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