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2018/07/20  Vegas:
Dude Jimbo... do what you want but the gac of a bunch of completely worthless puke eq. Not even sellable by a bn. Whatever tho. Logged hughes as he was my last unretired character. Guess we fixed that! Have fun guys. Got a good rush vs xoone the night before at least. Won’t say “I’m never coming back” but it’ll be a good long time. See ya on ER!
2018/07/19  Razzâr:
Please don't fight, mom and dad :(
2018/07/19  Ghanic:
lol everyones incog nowadays
2018/07/19  Bardock:
lol Ugurz, such a sad little dude. I can only imagine the life you live. I should really post your psychotic 45 min rant to me over a death on a video game.... yes a death on a video game Ugurz. Move on dude, get some air outside lol. Enjoy your overkills, thats all a player like you will ever get.
2018/07/19  Yavanthir:
And others be warned, if you group with this fuckhead you will be treated the same - count on it. Just ask Hughes. :)
2018/07/19  Kruzgukk:
you are really too much. You have Yavanthir to blame for that, as I only take what I need. But I'm actually happy it happened considering you painted the whole picture differently than what happened. I'll be waiting for you too. Count on it :)
2018/07/19  Bardock:
lol I dont care who you play. Its hillarious how worked up and crazy you are that you died, literally logging on every char you had for 45 mins spamming me with messages. Go ahead and gac me, take everything when I die. I dont care, I am not a pathetic like you and take the game that serious and think you are some kind of god lol. I play to die every time I get on. Players like you cant get kills without portals and overkill groups. The only thing you achieved is having one of the only pkers on puke side not play for a bit. If you think you can get to me by gaccing me and trapping me lol. I constantly die, would be a normal session if I did not. Everyone knows your a coward with no honor, everyone knows I am a thrill seeker with no attachment to EQ. Sure many people hate me just as many people hate you but atleast I am not known for my giant cooter sandwich. Any how like I said before Ugurz, one day we will learn to love one another. Il be waiting for ya bud , arms wide open :)
2018/07/19  Yavanthir:
So you STILL haven't figured out that I play Ugurz? You fucking pathetic piece of shit. You had Kruzgukk 2v1 plus lithe charmie after yet another lameass sleep-trap and my counter-portal turned it around. You will die and be gacced every fucking chance I get you dumbass.
2018/07/19  Bardock:
dude you are a joke, Hughes will vouch for it. You guys were the most pathetic group of darkies I have encountered. You then portal and Gac us both when we gave you guys fights outnumbered. Pathetic, no reason to gac us, you just ensured nobody else gets fights on the dark side, I am generally the only PKer thats ever even on. Congrats on contributing to the further decay of mumes playerbase. Man if I posted the log of your pathetic display.............. w/e man you will have to suffer the consequences. Have fun you basically lost the only PK your gonna get for atleast 7 days. Hughes had just came back from a break and he said hes out as well. slow golf clap. Its fine cause I died with honor you have to live on being the pathetic wimp you are, not me :) gg i needed a break anyways.
2018/07/19  Kruzgukk:
@ Badock, you always have a twisted sense of reality. First off, my shadow already dissolved well before our fight. Second, as we have all night Bulaba and I asked the other two to leave. Notice you had no problem coming in the 1 roomer, and sleeping the TWO of us, and blocking out all exits. You killed one orc and I was left with you, another, and a lithe charmie. Since you like sleep as a weapon of choice, Yavanthir portaled in with his friend and we finished you. That is well deserved considering your attempted practices.
2018/07/19  Moonglum:
Fuck off u little fucktard. We had fun spreading your equipment around.
2018/07/19  Bardock:
congrats pathetic wimp darkies, 4v2 + shadow and full gacs and portal trap lol..... enjoy no PK for the next 7 days , how shameful and wimpy the darkside has become.
2018/07/19  Vegas:
Xoone, I should have grabbed ANY kind of new charmie when the boar died. Well played on your part tho! Grats
2018/07/18  Bardock:
Toigan is not Frostwolf, how is saying that wrong? Pls read. Obviously Toigan is Snakr. -Facepalm
2018/07/18  Lolek:
toigan is snakr, you tool...
2018/07/18  Bardock:
I doubt it, frostwolf only knows how to overkill and be a noob. Snakr doesent need to overkill, hes good. Def not Snakr.
2018/07/17  Toigan:
I heard Frostwolf is Snakr
2018/07/17  Xoone:
thanks for the fun fights last night Ryan! Maybe try using some of those pouches/scrolls next time for a better outcome!
2018/07/17  Bardock:
if anyone wants a shining breastplate, I will let go of it for , A corb, A mana ring and a copper ring . let me know :)
2018/07/16  Toigan:
hide yo wife
hide yo kidz
2018/07/16  Rashnak:
Reggardless of what the 'hiding eq' rule in MUME constitutes, the grey area starts already when hiding eq.

You are hiding the gear because you anticipate to die, in order for the killer not to loot it so easily.

If you do it solely for that reason (with no intent to ever come back to it), then it would be fine. But he did go back, and he did reveal.

If nothing more, it gave him information about the opponents behaviour that may nor may not be useful in similar situation in future. Perhaps next time he hides the eq with a backstabbing friend in area to stab the opponent as he reveals it, or whatever.

2018/07/14  Vra:
Yeah linkless death sucks. Just as bad as getting triple stabbed while afking in noc.
2018/07/14  Bardock:
I love it when I die from linkless killers X.X thanks Orc.
2018/07/13  Ghanic:
@Aranaeth i personally wish it worked that way. I'd have never caught that charge in 2010 if that was the case
2018/07/13  Toigan:
That was cheating. Shoulda been demote to level 1 and nuke the rest of the account.
2018/07/13  Aranaeth:
Well i still see it as crime that did not happened, and it personally rubs off my sense of justice. But i guess its kind of a grey area. And its about definitions that are agreed upon.
2018/07/13  Ghanic:
An attempt to commit a crime occurs if a criminal has an intent to commit a crime and takes a substantial step toward completing the crime, but for reasons not intended by the criminal, the final resulting crime does not occur.[1] Attempt to commit a particular crime is a crime, usually considered to be of the same or lesser gravity as the particular crime attempted.[1]:669–671 Attempt is a type of inchoate crime, a crime that is not fully developed. The crime of attempt has two elements, intent and some conduct toward completion of the crime.[2]

One group of theories in criminal law is that attempt to commit an act occurs when a person comes dangerously close to carrying out a criminal act, and intends to commit the act, but does not in fact commit it. The person may have carried out all the necessary steps (or thought they had) but still failed, or the attempt may have been abandoned or prevented at a late stage. The attempt must have gone beyond mere planning or preparation, and is distinct from other inchoate offenses such as conspiracy to commit a crime or solicitation of a crime.

Not as severe as an actual crime but still a criminal offense punishable by law.
2018/07/13  Bardock:
thanks for fights today Glasya, its rare to get them.
2018/07/12  Aranaeth:
And here come the mind crimes...

Because you know, you thought about it...

If he didnt get any equipment back he didnt, its utterly idiotic to punish for that. There is no murder, no case no felony, because nothing really happened in the first place.

IF thats how it was and there indeed was nothing recovered. Id hazard a guess any lawyer would easily up defending this case and win in all levels of court.
2018/07/12  Elízalde:
ohhhhhhhhhkaaayyyya! okokok! Sorry! 8(
2018/07/12  Odoinn:
C'mon *Elizalde*, if you've got The Shovel, give it to a *troll*!
2018/07/11  Elízalde:
Let me give you a shovel now, so you can dig yourself out of this crap later, since you insist to keep digging.
2018/07/11  Algroth:
Well, playing the devils advocate, I personally would love to see more demotions to people based on the interpreted intent. There's too much dicking around with semantics and arguing the exact wording of specific rules. People try to get away with shit all the time by pushing that 'grey area'. If you're drunk and sitting behind the wheel of a car with your keys but not driving, you can still be arrested. Running to a spot where you hid your eq and reveal a bunch but not 'recover it'.. intent enough for me! Also, funny fact, no one who has been in jail has ever done what they were charged with! Just just because Frostwolf said he didn't do anything illegal, i'm surely going to believe him on his word right? :P
2018/07/11  Cohen:
1) I would not bet my level on your interpretation and i would not advice anyone else :-)
2) from arguing point of view. You are building the defense of this case on very formal and literal approach, but none law is able describe all the cases, so it is normal that it is interpreted to follow its aim. And yes you can be imprisoned in normal world even for real preparations. My key point is that in scenario you described - you would make preparation (move there), you even would act (type the command which expected result is that you will get the equip) and just a thing you cannot influence (someone found it before) causes you will not have the equip in inventory. So you did all to recover it, so you are counted as you really recover (you were not just chating in Mandos what if ..), with all the consequences.
2018/07/11  Moonglum:
I simply disagree. The rule indicates RECOVER, not reveal. Until an item that you hid is RECOVERED, which means re-ACQUIRED, then no rule was broken. What if he had TALKED about recovering the item, or even THOUGHT about recovering the item, can he be demoted for that as well?
2018/07/11  Cohen:
I think you can read and think. Returning to room where you hide X and execute command to search for X means you cross the border and do the recover. Once you type command you had misused info that the X is/was hidden here and you have no control if it pops in your hand or not. Excuse i wanted to check and if it pops i will rehide is not valid excuse. A bit same as when you hold a gun and shoot on someone, the fact that you missed doesn't free you from the fact you shooted.
2018/07/11  Moonglum:
So, if you hid something in the room in which you died, you are not allowed to return to your corpse and check it for equipment Cohen? Just being in the vicinity of the room where you hid an item is now rule breaking, or guarding, according to 'what you heard'? I quoted the rule from Mume's own online help system .. it indicates that, so long as you do not RECOVER the item, you are good. Therefore, IF Frostwolf never RECOVERED an item that he hid before dying, he did not break that rule.
2018/07/11  Cohen:
It is still even for such case matter of interpreting the rule - i always heard the rule to be translated to -> you hide; you die; it is lost forever, you should behave as you have no clue something was hidden. So any attempt to return, guarding hidden equip and using command to reveal is breaking it. What if the equip is still hidden and it pops in your hands, what's the difference? You have no control over the result. And in case it pops, hidding it back will not safe you, you already revealed it.
2018/07/11  Kabysh:
i got demoted once fighting Amarant, i was mpless and he was manaless we were enganges but we chit-chatted, and we both got demoted -1 level😀
2018/07/11  Moonglum:
Per 'Rules Banking' .. Similarly, hiding equipment before you get pkilled is only allowed if you don't recover it (or tell anyone else about it). Until Waba indicates that Frostwolf is lying, I choose to believe that Frostwolf never RECOVERED the hidden item, and therefore, per the game-rules, had no reason to be demoted. He claims he recovered nothing, and therefore, broke no rule - unless he is lying of course, in which case, the demotion is just. Hofur I did not defend. I said that a PLAYER shouldn't have killed him and let his equipment and corpse decay.
2018/07/11  Glaurog:
Alright my last comment was emotional and rather pointless, I must admit :) But hey, lemme try again! 1. You are making way too much noise over one level demotion, which was proportional for warning.
2. By some unknown reason you are eagerly protecting cheaters (first Hofur, now Frostwolf & Co). 3. Conclusion is that you show no respect toward game rules and honorable players and thus it's you who is dumbass in my book. PS. I don't hate you but I don't like the way you think. Dying muds is sad phenomenon but dignity should remain (ironic, I know)! Population will never be so crowded again but there are still enough players who do want to enojoy the game.
2018/07/11  Trample:
I LOVE Moonglum! He's awesome as BN (AND as his many other chars too!). Love ya baby!
2018/07/10  Moonglum:
LOL .. thanks for adding NOTHING to the conversation Glaurog. Ouch my feelings are sooo hurt. Dumbass. :)
2018/07/10  Toigan:
Cheatz 4 lajf yo
2018/07/10  Glaurog:
MOONGLUM! I remeber Moonglum days back being awesome BN giving great fights... oh nevermind, it was Stormblast. Anyhoo, shall I? Ok, thanks, now, at this point I pull out three cards out my sleeve: 1. Fuck off Moonglum. 2. Why don't you fuck off, Moonglum. 3. Fuck you and fuck your cheating pals, Moonglum.
2018/07/10  Elízalde:
'IF what Frostwolf says.... '

Big 'IF' indeed, and that is what you have based your opinion on.

Touche, my pal. 8)
2018/07/10  Moonglum:
Completely disagree with you Eliz. IF what frosty says is true, he never revealed anything ... ONLY typed a reveal-item command and nothing was there. He also had stacked a hide-item command right after .. had NO intention of keeping the item ... was only curious if his killers were lucky enough to have found what he hid. IF this story is true, then demoting him for THAT is a FUCKING joke - in my humble opinion. :) If you actually reveal and possess an item you hid before dying, sure, maybe a demotion. But, according to him, nothing was revealed as the item was gone. If true, VERY, VERY heavy-handed justice.
2018/07/10  Elízalde:
Why the hell does it matter where they came from or if the game is dying? There are rules. They broke the rules. I know others who had a more severe action against them for something smaller. Letting it go is how things happen more and more often from the same players. That was not even a slap on the hand and certainly easy for them to get back, TOO EASY - my opinion. Again..people fuming when they know only one side of the story. Just because the game has less players these days, doesn't mean the new comers do as they please and break rules as they go. They should know better if they have experience from other MUD games. I don't know them at all and at least they fight, otherwise I have no experience with them myself. Rules are rules though, plain and simple.

SHAME!!!! (rings bell!) For the finger pointing at Waba who is only doing his job too!
2018/07/09  Fieldy:
I don't think that was it. In the last couple of weeks I have gotten info about my reports that I did about 6 months ago. Someone just took their time to get a closer look at those reports now I guess.
2018/07/09  Asmodean:
Thanks for the rush earlier Zaugs. I was casually exping, and didnt expect three of you in there, as the mud been too quiet lately. I had prespammed to block that exit you were guarding as I only saw Frostwolf at first. Luckily you were not hidden and I had the assistance from some goblin warriors to get out in one piece. Hope to see you on with the same ferocity later this week as its been way too quiet/safe since I started playing again.
2018/07/09  Madox:
They got demoted because they committed their violation against the all mighty nimeth and dent. Anything they whine about get taken care of 6-12 months later.

Next update trolls will have 1/2 moves and 1/8 their hit damage
2018/07/09  Fieldy:
He broke the rules and got demoted just one level? Is there a reason for fuzz?
2018/07/09  Moonglum:
I know Baratheon. These players migrated here from another dying mud and have done well. They are really good guys and always helpful on that side of the war. We may not know the whole story but this move by Waba feels targeted and vindictive. This is a complete bummer - considering how few players are left.
2018/07/09  Baratheon:
Those 3 players are all relatively new to MUME and good for the game. There may be things we don't know of course but if Frost only tried to recover eq... then that is really harsh when a verbal warning would do.
2018/07/08  Moonglum:
So let me get this straight. SIX months ago, Frostwolf went back to where he died and did this ... reveal item, hide item. No item found or re-hidden. He was demoted FOR THIS?
2018/07/08  Toigan:
purple sanc with low wis and no sanc % is extremely fucked. That's why I always laugh at idiots who purple sanc in fights vs warriors.

It's def. 50+ damg cap. Go test it out yourself.
2018/07/08  Ghanic:
I was wielding a war mattock too and he was wearing full fine metals. Mattock is eff vs metal. Does purple sanc (or even spell sanc for that matter) remove the eff vs bonuses from weapons? or does the weapon still do the %25 extra damage even on a sanc'd target?
2018/07/08  Aranaeth:
Perhaps it has soemthing to do with getting critted? Not sure in what order and how game subtracts hps. Maybe you lost part of those 50 hps due to loosing maxhps and then got added smite damage on top of it?

Like crit wound removed 25 maxhps leaving you at 25 and then added smite damage on top of it with some 24 gap because of sanc, which is probably close to realistic gap.
2018/07/08  Ghanic:
*blush* oh stop it, Marok
2018/07/08  Marok:
I thought the same, but that high damage smite was on par with a quake spell. Why it was odd to me.
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