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2020/01/23  Vidgri:
........ DK unlocks in 17m33s at 01:19 01:44 CEST
2020/01/21  Shaukr:
That's 'cause we killed pukes and died to the huge stone giant overkill squad!
2020/01/21  Cyndane:
The log that is inevitably incoming is clearly fake, because view war never lies!

!< cW>view war
*** War status ***

The forces of the Dark Lord prevail over the armies of the West.
Fighting has been limited to a few skirmishes.
A few soldiers of the Dark Lord were boldly slain, latest kill being 16 days ago.
A few soldiers of the West were boldly slain, latest kill being 2 days ago.
2020/01/21  Shaukr:
Note: when there are 4 angry mobs in FOY, don't be 1. Or even 2.!
2020/01/20  Vidgri:
@Spatzle welcome to new zone
2020/01/20  Sudo:
Is mume down?
2020/01/20  Spatzle:
saw today wierd mobs central anduin, easterling sentinel, anything good there?
2020/01/19  Khorga:
Bad luck begins Suddenly a brushman stabs you in the back.
You die !!
2020/01/18  Allie:
I tried to take your corpse to loremaster, Narugil, but that and all of your shit was heavy. I barely made it out of Mormaeg before I had to drop it before I died moveless. Crazy
2020/01/18  Baratheon:
That feeling when you're wounded vs bad and slow moves but it's ok they'll die. Then fail 5 flees and eat a quake to wbad but it's ok you'll win. And then hit them awful to awful and flee but can't go back and hit because now your exhausted but it's ok they're low. So you go down and hit but yet again they eat awful to awful and flee up. Then you bleed to stunned. LOL that was fucking awesome
2020/01/17  Vidgri:
4454/4458 argle-bargle discussions ignored
2020/01/15  Ptui:
telnet rocks :) with normal settings and eq you both died there :)
2020/01/15  Jahara:
PSA: You need to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10
2020/01/14  Cyndane:
I really am awful at this game. Fun fight though!
2020/01/05  Maling:
that's fine, i died 5 sec before reboot
2020/01/05  Ptui:
The corpse of *an Elf* is lying here.
The corpse of a pack horse is lying here.
The corpse of a hillman-warrior is lying here.
A hillman warrior is here, ready to fight.
The shadow of *an Elf* is floating here.

So your eq went with reboot .. sorry
2020/01/04  Maling:
Yeah that worked smoothly
2020/01/04  Namir:
GJ on that 3rd kill... was nice plan there. Im too noob to play a BN it seems.
2020/01/03  Eorlynn:
I have no idea how to play this char. Thanks for leaving what you did, it's much appreciated! If I had any idea of what I was doing, you were in trouble! :)
2020/01/02  Aztar˘th:
Pukes these days are so weak...
2020/01/01  Fieldy:
Oh yes, please Dent, post that log. I bet I have atleast 10 kills of my chars in your trophy.
2020/01/01  Slordor:
Lol Theshark, that just made my day.
2019/12/31  Theshark:
Well done Dent!
255, 99% Agrajag?
2019/12/31  Baratheon:
Clap Dent!
2019/12/31  Cyndane:
God, the poor wolf population may never recover from Dent's unbearable slaughter... oh god, the humanity.
2019/12/31  Seade:
Mr Dent will post a log with stats and eq and skills and pracs and kills etc?
2019/12/31  Gagni:
Cheers, mate! Great job, Dent!
2019/12/31  Fieldy:
Noice! Gratz to Dent!
2019/12/31  Slayah:
CONGRATS Dent on 100!!
2019/12/30  Ciltor:
Seems so. Thanks!
2019/12/30  Zintilden:
Gagni: It should be fixed now.
2019/12/29  Dubhain:
Funny is, you wrote this before we even finished the fight :)
In the heath of the moment - yes we gacced to sort it when we were done raping your sorry arses. But considering the yelling and the insults, maybe we should just sell it the next time.
2019/12/29  Michio:
I'm not about to sit down and sort your eq while resin runs around moria on awful. If that makes me a piece of shit, I can live with that. Most of your stuff is dropped now, you should be able to find it :)
2019/12/29  Cyndane:
Good job Norwegians, it isn't enough to get a free wizkill, but you have to go ahead and gac clean? People like you make this game incredibly un-fun. At least Fain has the decency to be a piece of shit who only xps and kills you accidently, you go out of your way to do the same thing.
2019/12/29  Gagni:
I think I finally figured out why I can't post to RR or comment in Arglebargle with any of my other chars. I get this message when I post to Arglebargle: 'Comment saved, but due to abuse _you_ can only comment with your account name!' No idea what I have ever abused, so I think it's an error. Anyone know Axel who can ask him to unban me or whatever?
2019/12/29  Shaukr:
Dammit Merilder, you'd have died if I didn't topple that bash :)
2019/12/28  Seade:
new mmapper out again?
2019/12/26  Gagni:
2019/12/26  Cyndane:
Standard Fain, gac and burn for no reason.
2019/12/26  Gagni:
What happened, bro?
2019/12/26  Cyndane:
Well that sucks. Merry Christmas I guess. Session: 4 mins.

2019/12/25  Koala:
Merry Christmas
2019/12/24  Gagni:
Same to you, sir. Thanks for the lesson. Sorry the warg-rider stole your xp. :-(
2019/12/24  Cyndane:
Merry Christmas Eve, ya bunch of savages!
2019/12/21  Michio:
Obviously you're the salty one in this matter :D
2019/12/20  Shrew:
I don't care about dying. I was prepared to die in OOC and I'll die again. And no it's not a concern to you, Mr Salty Pants. <3
2019/12/20  Shaukr:
Hey, no hard feelings! When I die next, you can loot my focus, I don't care ;)
2019/12/20  Michio:
I never looted your staff, ever :P And the fact that you came back to get re-killed is somehow a concern of mine? Let's tally up at the end of 2020 and see how many times you've died to me and vice versa ;)
2019/12/20  Shrew:
No double standards here. As you once said, I only takes staves from people I don't like. I don't forget being killed and rekilled. It's funny how fast you forgot that. I don't have to like that style of playing. And in this case it was within a week. I know you refuse to remember, I'm here to remind you :P
2019/12/20  Michio:
You seem to be under the impression that I'm sad, or angry or something. I'm giggling at the fact that that he's petty and has more of a double standard than the scummiest of politicians :D
2019/12/20  Shaukr:
I'm sure you charged him 4v1 for fairness and weren't going to loot at all! Sorry you and your rescue crew got bonked, y'all will bounce back I'm sure.

PS foci are for nerds
2019/12/20  Michio:
No idea what you're on about, but it's hilarious to me that he's actually this petty :D Preaches to me about how looting staves is the worst you can do. Then he loots my staff the next day :D (and btw I never looted any staff his ;))
2019/12/20  Shaukr:
Pretty sure from what I know of Peter, 'kill and loot people who overkill+rekill+gac groupmates' is a pretty consistent viewpoint. Anything to not admit defeat, eh? :)
2019/12/20  Michio:
Peter, the master of double standards :D Catch you on the flippity flip ;)
2019/12/19  Seade:
ouh. had a typo there, i meant shouldn't it be occuRRing instead of occuRing
2019/12/19  Toigan:
it IS 'most occuring' just fix your shit resolution
2019/12/19  Seade:
on the main page of ER we have 'most occurin' box, shouldn't it be 'most occurring' ?
2019/12/19  Shaukr:
I was burning Lenu to try to get his armor down, and he called my spell spam by quaking me. He just missed in the spam that his eagles were with him :)
2019/12/19  Smulk:
Well he panicked and did the same I guess, I ended with 4 hps at the end. I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep after that rush. It was a blast, but we all made some mistakes there. Thanks!
2019/12/19  Kasdur:
Thanks for taking that fight Smulk/Shaukr. Leave it to me to panic and screw up a 100% win for me. Lenu said he quaked eagles like first thing. I asked how he died so fast lol
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