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2017/12/15  Cocktail:
well that wasnt fun :) good i dint had nothin i dint afford to lose :D
2017/12/15  Bombi:
3 people had to charge gilded? I didn't know that I was that scary, lol, I'll take it as a compliment.
2017/12/14  Fastegg:
Ah, old good piss orcs off and die stuff, any time again dread couple :)
2017/12/12  Eldaril:
Pretty sure that's a weird thread sorting issue. I've seen it before.
2017/12/12  Fieldy:
Naga: yup
2017/12/12  Naga:
Whole bunch of discussions gone for anyone else?
2017/12/11  Staub:
Stupid bn in brush :D Can't even do a proper afk-kill.
2017/12/09  Covonon:
Cthulhu, I have your staff.
2017/12/09  Kabysh:
Khulhu log i got your gear tho?
2017/12/08  Bruenar:
You feel sleepy.
You are wracked with overwhelming PAIN!
You sit down and rest your tired bones.
You stop trying to pick the lock.

14/439 hits, 0/58 mana, and 41/143 moves.

after a handful of cure lights
2017/12/08  Merarl:
2017/12/07  Bardock:
have you tried playing my little pony hello kitty island adventures? No gaccing in that game.
2017/12/07  Arbon:
good job, elestir and braindead followers (dent, misdur, voiinskreiz!) gaccing even hunting knifes keeps the playerbase motivated! mume needs more heroes like you!
2017/12/06  Eyn:
2017/12/06  Khazdul:
Aye! Quite slippery yes.
2017/12/06  Dong:
I'm too slimy to get a good grip on Khazdul!
2017/12/03  Auron:
Appreciate the afk kill Lefeut. Although I deserved it and you probably couldn't tell. I mean you did stab me and I never move out of the room and let you stab me again dead. Good thing I shadowed and you were slower than Glasya on the GAC.
2017/12/02  Morwath:
Sure hope you got stuff back. took goblets and 85% of gold.
2017/12/02  Frostwolf:
I appreciate the no-loot after the LD-kill Daerandir ;)
2017/12/02  Shaml:
Breaux, since when u backstab ? :)
2017/12/02  Fieldy:
MUME random - its awesome.
2017/12/02  Niesya:
this is impossible, i got wil 18
a dreadful Orc (Mu) leaves his hiding place.
As you call upon Elbereth, a dreadful Orc (Mu) shivers in pain.
a dreadful Orc (Mu) taps a black candle three times on the ground.
You feel very sleepy... zzzzzz
2017/12/02  Dritz:
wow that is one of the best posts I have read on this blog in 10 years.
2017/12/01  Aranaeth:
You can all tell me your sad stories, ill shed a tear to commiserate!

Because you know...i know how internet game should be played.

Everyone always seems to be so selfcentric here, you are doing it MY WAY or you are doing it wrong, how dare you to have something else on mind.

Entitled to fun, entitled to fair fights, spared eq, easy life, fast success, compliance of others, to always be right or to always be one of the good guys.

Because you know its YOUR way or no ones.
2017/12/01  Drazan:
slayah stop the whine, no matter if I'm on orc or on troll people just see me in area the fucking run rd. REfuse to fight even in greater numbers, like elf with eagle and hobbit stabber mage staffed etc fear to charge solo orc in undeads. or others just spamming aman/bree just to be safe. And even if pukes manage to get bit bigger numbers up that means trap.
2017/12/01  Erkhonk:
Max, I did spare you. Perhaps it was the venom then. I saw you reconnect and then lose link so I left.
2017/12/01  Maxwell:
n the 13th of Cerveth in 3027, you were killed among the Barren Hills by Erkhonk the Orc (while feeling less in control of yourself than usual).

Awesome to come back to after a fire in my apt building. Thanks, Erk.
2017/12/01  Slayah:
Darkies, on a serious level, that was just so depressing to see. 5 + 2 eagles vs 4 and you still wouldn't enter. I have no issue with 5 entering vs 4 and overkilling, or entering 4v4 or any number combination you choose. Whether we died horribly and pulled out an epic win, i would have been happy. But when one team refuses to play, refuses to even show up... Seriously... what is the point of playing a game where the other players don't want to compete with you. Imagine playing League of Legends or Baseball and the opposing team just chills in the fountain/dug out for the entire game. What the hell is the point. If there is no one who wants to step up to the plate, then why the hell am I playing?
2017/11/28  Shurik:
dont flatter yourself, depressed as you know, mobs + you + that man in hillside. Nice pouch use tho must admit. Still cant understand why Meza slept that man, pure waste of mana, he shoulda nuked instead and block right as he entered- i was like wtf, change of plan or what. And that cost me life second time!!
2017/11/28  Slayah:
Major probs to Meza and Shurik for taking that 2v2. Even if my partner was sub hero level. Still a nice ballsy charge! Respect
2017/11/27  Bardock:
perfect reason to play Bear madox :) you do not need EQ
2017/11/27  Madox:
if you douche bags didn't gac everytime you won a fight there would ALOT more fights in noc....
2017/11/27  Erkhonk:
In my opinion, bears never needed fixing. They are meant to play in aggressive hit / bash mode. It's been nice to have fights at NOC lately, and the bears win it for their charging :)
2017/11/27  Xoone:
I love fighting bears! Had fun last night Bardock, just wish you guys were on a bit longer!
2017/11/27  Bardock:
They are fixed, fixed to destroy orcs in a single bash :) we have had alot of luck woth bears lately.
2017/11/27  Auron:
Whats wrong with bears?
2017/11/27  Jessy:
Bears need to be fixed first
2017/11/27  Bardock:
Nadster and I could use some more Bear pals, lets bring back bears for a little run?
2017/11/24  Ton:
meh thats one way to kill any1 thats willing to fight you boys... lame
2017/11/23  Shurik:
thnx for overkill, next time loot coz if you die there will be nothing in your corpses
2017/11/23  Ghanic:
Thanks for sparing. Power outage knocked out my laptop and my router. The timing couldn't have been worse
2017/11/21  Nazril:
Fun fight eldest/taramikir! The TRUE bn way of getting kills:
The earth trembles beneath your feet!
*Taramikir the Half-Elf* is mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.
A trained horse is incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.
A huge stone giant cleaves your right foot very hard and shatters it.
You are incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.
You feel a sharp pain there!
o[ CW HP:Dying Mana:Warm Move:Tired a huge stone giant:Wounded>
You feel more experienced.
Congratulations! This is the first time you've killed it!
You gain a level!
o[ CW HP:Dying Mana:Warm Move:Tired a huge stone giant:Wounded>
Ouch! You lose a level!
You are dead! Sorry...
2017/11/20  Frostwolf:
Hehe thanks. Nice going guys! Thanks for leaving stuff =)
2017/11/20  Slayah:
That was a damn nice try Frostwolf. Rawr!
2017/11/20  Ghanic:
Tempos log back on. have your eq
2017/11/20  Ton:
corpses unlooted for what its worth...
2017/11/19  Estan:
FYI We left all Tortugas
2017/11/16  Algroth:
Afk = a free kill! Congrats half and man in VT
2017/11/16  Rael:
congrats Faine ! :-)
2017/11/16  Toigan:
Vivir mi vida, lalalalaaa!
2017/11/16  Drazan:
hahaahhaa imagineing the look on that dwarf when he realized he warlorded cause two trolls died to bree mobs :D
2017/11/15  Fieldy:
Faine, do a LVL100 log in man and bear form? :D Would be interesting, really!
2017/11/15  Narsel:
First level 100 bear!
2017/11/14  Avenir:
Cheers, Faine!
2017/11/14  Slayah:
Congrats faine!
2017/11/14  Ton:
Stylish location as well! suitable with your character :)
summoned mobs to it or smth to get it?
2017/11/14  Dakota:
That's awesome Faine! Congrats!
2017/11/14  Fieldy:
Wohoo! Gratz Faine!
2017/11/14  Bombi:
Congrats Faine.
2017/11/14  Blades:
crashed again ???
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