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2019/08/19  Elestir:
No problem. No idea what you mean by that inco char tho...
2019/08/19  Baratheon:
Nod unfortunate post after some birthday drinking. Sorry Elestir, you didn't deserve that and I apologize. Posting on an incog name is cute though. At least everyone knows who I am.
2019/08/19  Yawn:
find it funny that Baratheon is critical of pElestir considering he became a huge arrogant wimp in the last year.

2019/08/18  Vra:
I make it a point not to pk with pElestir. If you don’t like his play style then don’t enable him by following him around. I would love to see him try to pk solo, but I doubt he would risk his eq for that.
2019/08/18  Shaukr:
You missed his second sentence Elestir: your logic is not inconsistent, but it's abhorrent for others playing the game and expecting people to be fine with it is somewhat preachy. There are a lot of players who actively try to avoid rekilling.

PS: I've never gotten so much as a pair of pants back from dying anywhere in the same zone as you, so how long can 'sorting eq' take that someone checking their corpse is a threat?
2019/08/18  Elestir:
@Baratheon How am I pretentious? I assure you I am expecting the same treatment when I die. If I spam back to corpse asap and end up rekilled, I won't blame my foe, because then I simply deserved it (trying to deny him his hardly earned loot, etc.). And I am not telling ppl how to die. They are free to die as they like. I am just explaining the simple logic I am applying. I do not actively seek rekills, but if you come too quickly, you are asking for it, ok? Just take your time, regen fully and come loot what is left when I am gone, or rush it in hope I didn't manage to kill shadow fast, and risk rekill. Sounds fair to me, not pretentious.
2019/08/18  Ptui:
thnx fo fight Dwarfie, was fun and close fo both :)
2019/08/18  Baratheon:
I can't help but say that you sound pretentious when you tell people how to die to you properly. Not that your logic is wrong but, I am not sure you can put yourself in their shoes.
2019/08/17  Elestir:
@Umm If you are who I think you are, you should know Kim didn't want to loot and she even got so disgusted by our looting that she rented. So if you want to bark at someone for being looting asshole, you picked the worst possible target. You may blame me, for I took the most in this case.

Btw you should know, there are also ppl who think it's the charmies that kill the game. And if you xp (and pk) with 2 eagles, the only effective threat to you is group like ours and only when we surprise you like we did. In open, you would be perfectly safe. And if you die once per 2 years to group like ours, I am sure you can handle 1 lost set of legend eq more graciously. I dropped the staff in the end btw, even after you earned a rekill by yelling insults. (didn't drop it earlier because I wasn't done sorting eq)
(hint for others: If you do not want to be rekilled by me, better do not come before I have time to sort through loot. And if you rush your return in hope you shadowed to prevent me looting, count with possible consequences. I am not as nice to my foes as Kim in this regard.)
2019/08/17  Umm:
And there goes his dollar!
2019/08/17  Bardock:
the butt hurt is strong in this one.
2019/08/17  Umm:
Good to know your comment made zero sense. I figured i was talking with a child. Your game isn't dying cause lack of wanting to play. Your game is dying because if you aren't in a large group you will get steamrolled. Not worth the the end game to casual players. I'll check back in 2 years cause that is how long it takes for Kim's huge groups to kill me.
2019/08/17  Plz:
No defense, but a damn shame to know who you are now. Bye?
2019/08/17  Umm:
And here comes the defense, because she is the first and only female that gave you attention?
2019/08/17  Plz:
2019/08/17  Umm:
Kim, you are a special kind of retard.
2019/08/16  Padan:
Time for a break fellas, I'm gonna maybe try out WoTmud. Peace easy!
2019/08/14  Ryalnos:
Wow Elestir is playing incog dwarf I see.
2019/08/13  Elizalde:
Havent seen something like this in awhile!

You get a twisted rock fragment from a sable pouch.

!O cSW HP:Fine>As you throw a twisted rock fragment at the irondoor, there is an explosion.
Zûd staggers as a twisted rock fragment explodes in his hands!
*a Dwarf* staggers as a twisted rock fragment explodes in his hands!
*a Dwarf* staggers as a twisted rock fragment explodes in his hands!
*a Dwarf* staggers as a twisted rock fragment explodes in his hands!
*a Dwarf* staggers as a twisted rock fragment explodes in his hands!
*Throgg the Dwarf* staggers as a twisted rock fragment explodes in his hands!
The irondoor seems to blur for a while.

See you stinky Dwarves at Unqa I guess :P
2019/08/11  Ghanic:
Id be willing to invest some time to do it if someone hasnt already
2019/08/10  Toigan:
It could be tested on the same race. If it makes you effective vs light then the puke dispel to puke dispel damage should also be less, same as with spray.

The only issue is that dispel damage has a really big range, making it rather random and at least several attempts would be needed to verify.
2019/08/09  Ghanic:
Has anyone ever done an experiment to see how much spell damage you save with amulet? Im guessing youd have to crossrace in order to do conduct it (puke cleric dispelling an amulet wearing orc and the orc keeps track of how much damage each dispel does then do the same but with orc not wearing amulet then averaging the results) but then again if they didnt want us to break rules they'd try harder at enforcing them.
2019/08/09  Toigan:
Are you sure that black amulet works vs dispel? In my personal experience, I never noticed any reduction when using it.
2019/08/09  Brundeor:
Thanks for all the exciting (and non-exciting) fights lately. Funny how the most thrilling ones were the ones where people almost died in them!
2019/08/08  Shaukr:
Dwarves are fat, one takes up the room of three!
2019/08/08  Brundeor:
*Agânir the Black Númenórean* issues the order 'hit 3.brundeor'. The world cannot handle one of me, let alone three!
2019/08/08  Elestir:
@Zutror If it is consistent with weapon eff vs bonuses, then it probably means -25% damage from those spells. But since orcs and trolls are ineff vs LIGHT by default, they probably suffer +25% damage from those spells normally, and black amulet (or defiled shield) will only negate this malus so they end up on 0% damage modifier. On trolls, spellsave may be more important to resist blinds, on orcs it's probably worth wearing, as dispels are scary and sprays aren't fun to orcs either.
2019/08/07  Zutror:
No problem ;) thanks for the answer.
Then it would be good to know much protection it really offers against light spells.
Should be a lot, otherwise this item is absolutely stupid.
2019/08/06  Elestir:
Correction: When I wrote +10 attack spell, I meant +10 save spell. Noticed the typo insta, as I sent the message, but ER doesn't allow two comments in row here, so had to wait...
2019/08/06  Zud:
thanks for the fight Breundor, at least you play more gutsy than most, congrats on the kill, looking forward to a rematch =)
2019/08/03  Elestir:
@Zutror Afaik LIGHT spells are only colour spray and dispel evil. So black amulet should in theory help vs those (not sure if that's the case though and how it works). And yes, +10 attack spell is basically a reduction to your magic resistence, so it applies to all spells (even to LIGHT spells and MENTAL spells).
2019/08/02  Zutror:
Hey buds,

can some1 explain me the black amulett.
Eff vs light, Saving Spell +10

I understood it that way:

I get less damage from Call Lightning /Colour Spray / Lightning Bolt.
But I get more damage from Eartquake / Fireball / (dispel?)

Right so far?

Now the question is the chance to eat a blind/sleep is also increased? Are there any percentages for that anywhere?
2019/08/01  Padan:
Shadow of death is the fricken worst.
2019/07/31  Cebol:
![ CW HP:Awful Mana:Warm>e
*Svarten the Mountain Troll* quickly approaches, trying to hit you.
You flee head over heels. === Y O U F L E E ===
You flee < < < E A S T > > >

!f CRW HP:Awful Mana:Cold>sc
2/189 hits, 28/132 mana, and 91/116 moves.
2019/07/30  Iminyë:
golden <gem> ring is a new name for jewelled ring forged in oie
2019/07/30  Loriel:
You wont believe what happened in cloakroom after you died Croax. Mana frozen, and a tick afterwards I lose charm on eagle so it starts hitting me. I had one stored quake, so that plus a bolt killed eagle. Problem was that my warhorse was still alive and kept hitting me. At bad hp I finally had mana to fball it dead. Would have been the perfect ending to an even fight one could argue. Had I been a BN I would've been dead for sure.
2019/07/29  Pilois:
Thanks Iminye, I was actually looking for some info on rings. Seen some new ones recently like golden Ruby ring. Also looking for the components of ancient jewelled helmet foci.
2019/07/29  Iminyë: has new info about embeddings
2019/07/28  Baratheon:
Some people have no empathy, don't join them.
2019/07/28  Gagni:
Well, I'm never gonna hesitate to rekill anyone again. I don't care who you are. I always get rekilled, so fuck it.
2019/07/28  Pilois:
Is there a more updated item/info site than
2019/07/28  Kili:
@Seule 36 hps. Should not try this ever again with all this gear and shit:)
2019/07/25  Sarkazein:
I killed myself with quakes. one quake took me from wounded to awful..
2019/07/24  Drazan:
Yeah that Nagash fight, I entered on 52 mana and used last mana to break exit but it resisted so it was just spam there. Beas were annoying cause they kept getting engaged with lithes at some point and they did some dmg to me when you were both. Later I cursed self that shoulda maybe nuked but I doubted I land any spells there cause of the spam there.
2019/07/24  Sarkazein:
Zud swore you weren't going to enter, so I charmed bears for xp, then you did enter and I slept them for 90% of the fight. I was 40 hps at the end, and no armour.. Great fight, very close.. Same with EP.

I can send you the log if you'd like!
2019/07/23  Morzhel:

2019/07/23  Kili:
Ghushúgh nice escape:P
2019/07/21  Baratheon:
I'm so mad I didn't get a chance to hit anything. that sounds hilarious
2019/07/21  Svarten:
cool bug... barehanded does 500 damage now?
2019/07/21  Seade:
haha.. nice bug. mobs went from healthy to incap in one hit
2019/07/21  Lolek:
Haha bardock quitting again? never logging into ER again? you barely lasted a month last time! : >

i bet you guys he is checking ER every single day, and i bet you he is regretting his posts already hehe. anyone wanna go against that bet? ; >
2019/07/20  Caureondil:
Yeah I was massively outplayed and won. You played that very well into making me feel safe and I think you would have won with a faster bash after you scrolled. I needed a win after the last few weeks so I'll take it. Hope to see you back prowling soon. Would be a 4-5 star log if you won it too.
2019/07/20  Padan:
Nice Caureondil, thanks for not gaccing. If I had started at more than low hurt, you'd definitely have ripped!
2019/07/20  Rogon:
What about me? No love??
2019/07/20  Bardock:
roflmao, seriously tho lets get this bet going and use a third party pool based on the variables. what do they call that escrow? I hereby declare this is my final post on this website ever and Sarkazein owes me 50 bucks lol, <3 seriously tho love you all mume was a great thing to grow up with and it will never be the same as it used to be <3 <3 <3 il miss yall so much. <3 Matt, Gene, Ted, Kim Love you all see you in the next life.
2019/07/20  Gene:
True mumers die, but they never quit.
2019/07/19  Zutror:
I don't understand why you even talk to him anymore.

He will never stop playing Mume and seemingly never stop writing shit on Elvenrunes. And the reason are YOU ... Just stop writing with him and just ignore him even if he replies directly to your message.

Never argue with an idiot. He pulls you down to his level and defeats you because of his years of experience...
2019/07/19  Koala:
You just lost it. Here you are, back on ER posting. fail.
2019/07/19  Bardock:
Ok whats the time frame, il take that il bet the dollar, when do I get my 50? 2 years sound fair? Il give you my cash app tag bro :D im done with mume im done with elvenrunes. the era has ended for me. Its just not the same, its a pretty empty place, nothing like when I first played, never a dull moment in those days. Now its just clicks and xp groups and darkies that play like pukes. My account is gone, I wont be playing ever. Let me know where can put this bet.
2019/07/19  Samurai:
Lol, not even Mithfalen himself would take those odds. The lotto has a better expected value.
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