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Launching the new section of "Player Interviews" on Elvenrunes, nine months after the idea was 

Did you all know that ElvenRunes has been around now for 20 years? Imagine 20 years of this site,
providing MUME resources, entertainment (oh yes, you all are amusing for sure), shared knowledge
between the players, helpful reading materials, and a community of great people with their own
unique personalities, from different cultures and backgrounds, all playing their little or big 
roles in our cherished "MUME Community". 

Let's face it, MUME can be rough in a competitive manner of many ways. The Interviews are an
attempt at giving the community a chance to see the people they fight, argue with, fear, admire,
or even respect outside of the harsh moments of the game. 

This was a cool feature years ago, but I felt if I could lengthen the interview it could possibly
help newer players, teach older players something new, and even help the community to better 
understand one another.

As to the first interview I did...Well? Would you expect anything besides an "EPIC" entrance by
Dong and Elízalde? 

Axel and I hope you all enjoy what we put together so far. This new section has been set up in a
manner that allows me to continually add new interviews going forward. Thank you all for your
patience and dedication to ElvenRunes! Enjoy! 





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