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Zud Proposes to Smiles Shit Log (Smiles)comments   back
(613 hits. Posted 2021/08/24)
Logged a few minutes to spam around, have a little fun and get the material for
a shit log. Turns out though, I got a crazy fight that went on a few nights.

I'll spare the details there. First pukes found me near Shire, and lost hella
moves trying to get away from them. Get to SD, and Elizalde tells me backup
is on the way. I pray to Sauron that I can hold out until then.

Spoiler alert. I didn't. Two bashers and one caster and it was lights out for
poor Smiles. But that's ok. Next night, Zud brings me my gear and we fight
around LBF and such. I spend day BBT, and the rest of the group kills an elf.

Next night, go Ohurk Chief and fight around more. Elf dies again. Much drama
ensues. But that's not the important part! No, Smiles has found true love!

Zd tells the group 'elizalde if I give you a golden necklace will you marry me?'


Zd tells the group 'or smiles is my backup plan'


)f CW>tg smiles progressive troll, think orc/troll wedding work out

Zd tells the group 'ok you get the necklace'

Zd tells the group 'and a str ring and ruby ring as a combo for being cool'

)f CW>tg smiles in love

)f CW>tg zud speak words that make smiles happy

Zd tells the group 'where is smiles?'

(Smiles sitting Moors, dreaming of happy Orc/Troll home.)

Zd tells the group 'ok I come deliver the goods'

): CW>rq
reveal quick
You begin to search...

You have revealed *Eolo the Silvan Elf*!

(Rude elf! Try to break up happy home before it starts!)

You suddenly notice *Eolo the Silvan Elf*.
*Eolo the Silvan Elf* farts loudly. How rude!

(Stinky elf! He does this several times)

Zd has arrived from the west riding a hungry warg.

(Awww Zud!)

Zd gives you a ruby ring.
Zd gives you a golden topaz ring.
Zd gives you a golden necklace.

(Smiles happy Troll!)

Zd tells the group 'I gave one away yesterday, figured bright shiny things would work for our marriage, Elizalde was my pick but she ignored me'

Zd tells the group 'hehe was offering who to give my golden necklace to, and you didn't respond so Smiles won'

Zd tells the group 'gave him a ruby ring and str ring from that BBT blud on the walls'

tell group smiles going to marry zud in beautiful cermony. Make cake from wobbit. Smiles wear pretty dress because smiles secure in masculinity 

Elzalde tells you 'lol

Zd tells the group 'hahaha'

Now only question, where to have wedding and how many wobbits needed for cake? 

2021/08/24 04:27, Dawnborn:   
Since the PK drama was just the usual drama and not terribly interesting from my POV (died once, and the most interesting stuff happened during the day when I was away from it) I decided to extract the stupid shit and shit log before somebody else decided to post the PK drama side of it.

2021/08/24 23:21, Eolo:   
I'm laughing loud. Hahahaha! Excellent <3

2021/08/29 04:09, Gomi:   
> fart eolo



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