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Shit Log, Elfie Dies (Smiles)comments   back
(430 hits. Posted 2021/09/22)
Smiles bring another log of shit. No. Wait. *sniff sniff* that log of shit elf
I ate earlier. Time for elfies to dig grave for troll shit and give stinky pile
a proper burial cuz it all that left of elfie scout.

No! Smiles bring shit log of shit encounter!

First found rude elf Eolo. Eolo stab poor trollie in back. Sometimes kill.
Usually just make troll very mad. Then troll smash, and stupid elf run away
because afraid of troll unless stabbing in back like wobbit. 

Mmmm... Wobbit. Wobbit brave. Fight troll even though tiny and delcious. Elf
chicken, stab troll and run. But if elf chicken, does chicken taste like elf?
Smiles must study. But! Back to dead elfie...

Not find Eolo. No, Eolo hide around and sneak, maybe give more stip to troll to
give to BN friend, orc friend? Smiles hope so. So Smiles spamming around
trying to flush stabbie murder elf. Get warlord corpse too! Learn to climb.

Instead, Smiles get slow stupid elf that should have known better than to
to moors second time after seeing smart trollie fighting stupid elf.

High Moors
*an Elf* is here, riding a pack horse.
Exits: ^north^, ^east^, ^south^, ^west^.

!: CW HP:Hurt>fq
flush quick
You begin to search...

You didn't find anyone.

!: CW HP:Hurt>ke
kill *elf*
You hit *an Elf*'s right foot extremely hard and shatter it.
Your victim is shocked by your hit!
*an Elf* dismounts from a pack horse, and stops riding him.
*an Elf* is mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.

!: CW HP:Hurt *an Elf*:Dying>b

*an Elf* doesn't recover from your bash; she is dead.
You feel more experienced.
Congratulations! This is the first time you've killed it!
You hear *an Elf*'s death cry as she collapses.
*an Elf* has drawn her last breath! R.I.P.

Smiles look at trophy. See baby elf not able to take care of it itself alone.
Think maybe Eolo should take better care of little elfies.
Troll take coins, leave rest so elfie can grow up big and strong and give scalp,
more than 2 WP. 

Now Smiles go leave another log of shit... 

2021/09/22 07:42, Ain: 
Short and right to the point. i like.

2021/09/22 15:11, Eolo:   
Don't be bad at me, we had fun earlier and I did not fart this time.
Awesome log, should be on notables

2021/09/23 08:18, Antrax: 
Did the 'I wanna see this on notables' get removed?


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