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This section is for logs, which are not suitable for the main log page.
Please still keep in mind, logs should be interesting for the community.
For you and anyone - now and later.
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Today's random log: Operation 'zabrahpdjatz' (Bhurm) 2009/12/23
Yesterday's random log: I was just hanging around in slag looking for... (Agonor) 2002/02/03
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Avoiding a Purging  (Dawnborn) 2019/09/13, 11:30 GMT
  3,201 bytes
Viewed 118 times, last comment 1 day ago by Dawnborn.5 comments
How we (sometimes) treat these... (Shaukr)2019/09/10,  3:53 GMT
  6,645 bytes
Viewed 184 times, last comment 5 days ago by Aganir.3 comments
How I 'treat' these charmers (Boaz)2019/08/31, 16:14 GMT
  25,679 bytes
Viewed 318 times, last comment 9 days ago by Zant.9 comments
PK dead or mob dead (Mirasantika)2019/08/26,  8:55 GMT
  40,508 bytes
Viewed 381 times, last comment 15 days ago by One.13 comments
Sent to Arda to sow Sorrows (Soronto) 2019/08/23, 21:27 GMT
  7,074 bytes
Viewed 353 times, last comment 18 days ago by Elestir.7 comments
Candle light party (Thiwzan)2019/08/11,  7:28 GMT
  89,206 bytes
Viewed 445 times, last comment one month ago by Rendtner.5 comments
F for effort? (Tyrion) 2019/08/08, 22:15 GMT
  14,063 bytes
Viewed 400 times, last comment one month ago by Tyrion.11 comments
Bash/Charm/Quake vs ... Luck? (Golfinbūl) 2019/08/05, 19:22 GMT
  51,433 bytes
Viewed 409 times, last comment one month ago by Shaukr.3 comments
Purging the unfaithful at Old ... (Gimilzagar) 2019/07/24,  5:18 GMT
  59,224 bytes
Viewed 522 times, last comment one month ago by Bardock.7 comments
And I was just saving up for a... (Xap)2019/07/08, 20:37 GMT
  57,811 bytes
Viewed 653 times, last comment 2 months ago by Asmodean.8 comments
 Random Runes
 Ninjzork: Damn straight, enough with the overkills and t...
 Erkrgul: Robal, Fain and all your redshirts, truly path...
 Gimilzagar: Thanks for AFK kill Robal. I thought more ...
 Earlran: Ahaha yes that was me. I thought I was being a...
 Brundeor: I've heard you DT:ed the other day Elceser t...
 Shaukr: It's a lot of xp to level too, Brundeor please ...
 Aganir: Oh, Brundeor, you sweet summer child... who do ...
 Brundeor: Lmao. I didnt realize ppl would actually repo...
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