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(43 ratings and 4859 hits. Posted 2001/11/18)
Is everyone afraid to post a log right after Draaz's? Heheheh

2001/11/18 22:47, Edvard: 
hehehe, rocking, 5 stars for this! =)))

2001/11/18 22:59, David: 
nod... gave it 5 stars aswell.. top notch log! =)

2001/11/18 23:06, Rasta: 

2001/11/19 00:08, Muhv:   
Nah! It's just that when all of us died there was no brave pukies left to fight the darkies - no fun logs!

2001/11/19 00:18, Sung:   
Clap Deor! This log demonstrates rather well how people rate logs based not on what they really think, but on how the previous commenters rated it. And how N people make the same comment...'Nice job! Rocking log! 5 stars!' It's not as obvious in other logs, but hey it happens.

Anyways, 5 starz!

2001/11/19 04:27, Ethar: 
just to be different! i gave it a thumbs down rating!

2001/11/19 08:22, Singleton: 
Hey, Axel, implement a rating for comments as well...I give
Ethars comment 4 stars.

2001/11/19 08:45, Daz:   
Downtown Frank's population is booming but there's a big bad virus in town causing trouble for everyone! Warner Bros.' latest feature, Osmosis Jones, starring BILL MURRAY and the voice of CHRIS ROCK, among others, blends animation with live action - and ET has the pics!


2001/11/19 11:46, Aldares:   
5 Starz :P

2001/11/19 14:09, Devastator: 

2001/11/19 14:29, Durcano: 
just a quiet time it seems :p

2001/11/19 16:48, Massacre:   
5 starz


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