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(2 ratings and 5130 hits. Posted 2002/10/21)
Killhorny me :)
Sardaukar * 2 zorcs entered rock near Khuzur, me and mob trolls beated Sardaukar to bad and other zorc wounded...

Naomi tells you 'names on zorcs?'

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>kill *zaugurz*
They aren't here.

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>east
The wooden seems to be closed.

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>open wooden

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>east
Trolls Sleeping Cave
A powerful young troll stares at you.
A grey-skinned mountain troll stands here.
Exits: (west), [down].

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>west
Entrance of the Cave
A powerful young troll stares at you.
A grey-skinned mountain troll stands here.
A grey-skinned mountain troll stands here.
Exits: (north), (east), ^(south)^.

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>exa s
The rock is open.

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>scout s
You quietly scout southwards...
You see *a Zaugurz Orc* scouting from the south!

A Little Trail through the Hills
*a Zaugurz Orc*, *a Zaugurz Orc*, and *a Zaugurz Orc* are here.

You stop scouting.

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>time
According to the Dúnadan calendar, it is:
7am on Mersday, the 18th of Foreyule, Year 2969 of the Third Age.   Should be day but hmm no sun.
The present Tan Istar, Lord of the Istari Council is Micke.
Real time is Mon Oct 21 18:58:31 2002 GMT.
Last reboot due to manual reboot at Sun Oct 20 07:47:22 2002 GMT.

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>exits                                            Really no sun up...
North - Trolls Sleeping Cave
East  - Trolls Sleeping Cave
South - A Little Trail through the Hills

o HP:Bad Move:Weak>south                                    One tick to go 2 Hits to go...
kill sardaukar
A Little Trail through the Hills
*Sardaukar the Zaugurz Orc* is standing here.
*a Zaugurz Orc* is resting here.
*a dreadful Zaugurz Orc* is standing here.
Exits: (north), ^south^.

* HP:Bad Move:Weak>
You hit *Sardaukar the Zaugurz Orc*'s body WITH MAXIMUM DMAGE and shatter it.
*Sardaukar the Zaugurz Orc* pounds your body WITH MAXIMUM DMAGE and shatters it.
You wish that your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!

* HP:Bad Move:Weak *Sardaukar the Zaugurz Orc*:Bad>f

*a Zaugurz Orc* stops resting, and clambers on his feet.
The day has begun.
*Sardaukar the Zaugurz Orc* bleeds from open wounds.
The sun burns you! You slowly turn into stone.

2002/10/21 19:14, Kent: 
Havent seen two years oo yellow of the yellowest :)

2002/10/21 19:28, Gamon:Rated: Average 

2002/10/21 19:50, Vaab:   

2002/10/21 20:09, Shun:   
Damn sunrip. *comf*

2002/10/21 20:29, Octay: 
Damn, bad luck. *Comf*

2002/10/21 22:00, Uldrak:   
Comf on sunrip but you know there is an 'other log' section right?

2002/10/22 00:38, Sogard:   
Ewww sucks to be you. :(

2002/10/22 03:44, Galad: 
doh *comf*.

2002/10/22 05:01, Rayden:   
awww :( must be painful :/ com :(

2002/10/22 17:34, Devastator: 
hehe :P shit happens :P

2002/10/22 19:50, Sarghul:   
I was the dreadful-zaugurz there, was a nice fight right up to the time where you sundied! We were ofcourse sad, never intended for you to sunrip! Comforts!

2002/10/22 21:46, Gilmándir: 

2002/10/22 23:45, Roadkill: 
Eek. Nice charge, horrible subs.

2002/10/23 10:27, Gonfor:   
Ouch. Comfort on the sunrip. A noble charge nonetheless.


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