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We really that scary ?? =) (Smasha)comments   back
(5062 hits. Posted 2002/11/02)
## Story goes : Cootafides, Waught & me went west to do, well, whatever
## We go Necro but Cootefides got separated, blocked out from necro & killed
## So me & waught are left inside, Waught has wound on leg & no fgc so we
## stay around and wait for pukes to enter ... just a small snippet ...

o W HP:Wounded>
Bend in the Long Tunnel
*Kaldae the Sindarin Elf* is standing here. -1 lvl 71
A great dark-grey horse stamps restively.   
*a Dwarf* is standing here.		    -2
*a Dwarf* is standing here.		    -3
*an Elf* is standing here.		    -4
*Ôstu the Silvan Elf* is standing here.	    -5 lvl 56
A sturdy trained horse is standing here.
Exits: east, south, west.

## My question is this, does it really take 5 pukes to kill 2 trolls ?
## Btw, this log sucks, I know that, no reason to tell me that
## and no this is not a whine log, just wanted to know are two sub level 30 
## trolls really this scary ?? =)
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2002/11/02 18:21, Juss: 
Yes because you have 500+ hp and do massive damage up contact :)

2002/11/02 18:56, Kaool:   
I still think I hold the record ... 12 entered for me BBT ... and no, they were not doing BBT since 7 of the named players saw me tics earlier Stone Stair >)

2002/11/02 20:05, Zanetha:   
I remember vividly a eastpriest trap where Mocho was sleeping mana and I died 1 tick before he got it to port out. I died after 17 whities entered. But it started a little better off, ofcourse... maybe quite even :P But orcs always leave *pout* Oh, another similar time was Dark Tower.. I was awful, last one to live (other 10+ trolls had taken the fast way to Warrens), 15+ whities spamming around in the DT rooms and I'm trying to get out of there.. So on last 20 Hp I get 1) blinded 2)bashed and you can guess the rest :P But trolls ARE and GOTTA be scary.. otherwise we should call us furry hobbitballs who ate too much :/

2002/11/02 20:16, Kaool:   
LOL -- damn Zanetha, with 17 people it should be possible to walk out untouched because of melee and no space left to fight ;b

I chuckle in real-life when I picture 17 real life people sitting behind a computer spamming down another PC...

2002/11/03 04:17, Fëagil:   
Well did you ever think that maybe it was one of the lowbies who found you? Or even all three, they surely couldn't have handled you both. So maybe they narrated for help and Ostu/Kaldae came... Generally when you narrate for help you can't really send people back when they come.

2002/11/03 08:04, Smasha: 
We ran into Kaldae & elf on the way, and had little skirmishes with them, they knew how many we were, they knew where we were.
I would easily understand if we had ran into lowbies or so and they ask for backup, what I dont understand that two high level players feel the need to call help, we were in necro/barbaras area for 2 - 3 mume days after Coota died until they charged :-P Waught & me kept laughing our asses off the whole time =) I would hazard a bet that all those who were noname to me were hero+ (??) good to know that I am feared :-P

2002/11/03 08:30, Grimwold: 
Good good so next time i meet 5 spamsmiting poisonwhoring harming orcs when im out solo i bet 4 of them will just let me battle it out with one of them?? yeah right!

2002/11/03 10:56, Waught:   
rofl wanna add something....first i was reeqing so was using branch as me weapon..second i was wasted of my face irl as i had 20 beers and half bottle of vodka(yes i had a party in my place) also it was 2:30 am here so gues my condition...and btw when we were walking east kaldae called us labies...*wink kaldae* btw coot nearly got sunned when kaldae blocked hole and he was mvless with 1 tick to burn

and yeah sorry for long post

2002/11/03 12:11, Smasha: 
Infact Grimwold I have time and time again yelled for a duel, still waiting for one :) I can promise that I will go head to head, without anyone to help, just name the place & time and I'll be there ...

2002/11/03 14:45, Kaldae: 
You were 3, we were 4, dont complain!

2002/11/03 16:53, Grimwold: 
Nice, Smasha! I'll take you up on that if i see you! :)

2002/11/03 20:54, Kaool:   
Here is a good one ... poor Kalárn at priest...

Ibrahim says 'hehe i thought port=teleport'
Ibrahim apologizes to everyone. What a weakling!
Billabong Rumbles: dude
Dominic says 'no u siad portal'

* HP:Hurt>look
Underground Crypt
The butchered corpse of *an Elf* is lying here.
Ibrahim the Black Númenórean is standing here.
Lkuzk the Mountain Troll is standing here.
Puzzle the Black Númenórean is standing here.
Snowball the Black Númenórean is standing here.
Dominic the Black Númenórean is standing here.
A sturdy pack horse is standing here.
Venal the Mountain Troll is standing here.
Billabong the Tarkhnarb Orc is standing here.
Azule the Tarkhnarb Orc is standing here.
Sunrock the Tarkhnarb Orc is standing here.
Egoolps the Tarkhnarb Orc is standing here.
A hungry warg stands here, sniffing around for flesh.
Kebo is standing here.
and me

2002/11/04 07:28, Smasha: 
*wink* Kaool =)
And Kaldae, am _not_ complaining or whining, just wanted to know are we really _that_ scary =) I said that already ! !

2002/11/04 09:49, Rayden:   
well.. generally, it's *whinewhinewhinewhinewhinewhinewhine*

2002/11/04 17:42, Zanetha:   
Int 5 wis 6 on me! But that was OLD days, OLD flee.. everything was old :) *Daydream!*

2002/11/04 19:03, Edvard: 
## Btw, this log sucks, I know that, no reason to tell me that
## and no this is not a whine log, just wanted to know are two sub level 30
## trolls really this scary ?? =)

hahahhaa stop it! why are you doing this to me½'!? muhahhahaha... thats too much fun

2002/11/04 19:34, Smasha: 
I am really trying to get a 'feel' here how many pukes vs. a troll do pukes consider 'safe' if some of you want to take it as a whine, go ahead, I cant do shit about it =)

I just personally found it funny that high level players feel the need to call backup, then again I might play my pukes rather darkie style since I rush almost anywhere against almost anyone, I do sometimes participate in 'overkill' but I dont call backup when even numbers or so ...

So tell me all you who play mostly pukes, how many hero+ char is needed vs. a hero+ troll, and I mean really, not some bullshit answers, how many players do you need to charge a troll ??

2002/11/05 18:31, Stolb: 
my dwarf needs: a hammer, mw shield, some plate metals vs 1 troll

2003/11/29 05:59, Marillion: 
and to think this guy don't like whiners:|


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