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(9220 hits. Posted 2003/02/03)
Ok so I came home from school, being sick I logged into MUME and find out a *grim man* is Tharbad.
I lame around some, and then decide to rent, but Nitchi has an idea... 

Nitchi tells you 'i'll block if he goes south?'

* CSW Mana:Cold>t nitchi nods

* CSW Mana:Cold>whe
Players in your zone
Guido                - Rest Room
Nitchi               - Tharbad's Reception

* CSW Mana:Cold>whois nitchi
Nitchi the Elven Sage is an Elf.
Is playing.

* CSW Mana:Cold>yell ok im outta here       <---- just to make him think i rented...

* CSW Mana:Cold>Ok.

* CSW Mana:Cold>yell cu


* CSW Mana:Warm>
*a grim Man* has arrived from the north.

* CSW Mana:Warm>cd

* CSW Mana:Warm>
*a grim Man* BEGINS to cast!

* CSW Mana:Warm>
*a grim Man* utters the words 'braqt eaaf'       <--- oh how nice of him, fight to the death...
The exit north seems to blur for a while.


Nitchi slowly fades into existence.
Nitchi seems very confused.
Nitchi slowly regains his bearings.


You shoot *a grim Man*'s right hand extremely hard and shatter it.
You feel more experienced.
Congratulations! This is the first time you've killed it!
You gained some renown in this battle!
Your blood freezes as you hear *Stormblast the Black Númenórean*'s death cry.
*Stormblast the Black Númenórean* has drawn his last breath! R.I.P.
A shadow slowly rises above the corpse of *Stormblast the Black Númenórean*.

* CSW HP:Fine Mana:Warm>l in corpse

* CSW HP:Fine Mana:Warm>corpse (here) : 
four ash arrows
a brown pair of pants (worn out)
a butcher knife (dented)
a cup
a dark broadsword (dented)
a dark shield (brand new)
a forest green cloak (worn out)
a lantern
a pair of snowshoes (brand new)
a pile of coins
a plain hood (brand new)
a plain leather belt
a plain shirt (used)
a thin pair of leather gloves (worn out)
a thin pair of soft leather sleeves (worn out)
a water skin
a quiver
an ornate scabbard
a keyring with a key and a set of lock picks
a pair of smooth, black boots
a large sack

This is not a skillful log, its a log in tribute of Stormie, one of the bravest BN-s I have ever seen :-)

2003/02/03 11:37, Juss: 
It wasnt a planned trap and SORRY for the awful editing :-S

2003/02/03 12:09, Stormblast: 
Hehe :))). You might have just posted a text file with a big fat slogan 'I SUCK'! You cannot fight inside shady without pulling a teleport-trap, well, the good news is that you have a ton to evolve.

Somehow I don't feel honoured by the 'brave bn' asslicking, I hope it was sarcasm.

Have a nice day :).

2003/02/03 12:11, Stormblast: 
Wasn't a planned trap? Well, I have no means to prove you wrong, but Nitchi did nothing, but stand shady for about 15 mins that we danced around (not to mention your cowardly retreat when I charged you at hiddenportal). Then you yell, 'goodbye, was fun', go shady backroom, and stay silent and alert, and sec after I block Nitchi teleports in, dude, FUCK OFF :)))).

2003/02/03 12:47, Juss: 
I had no idea Nitchi was gonna portal, i was hoping for a 1-on-1 fight... and sorry for calling you brave, i guess compliments make you feel dirty or smth...

2003/02/03 13:26, Gray: 
Planned trap or not - who cares? You want no risk - you don't enter. You want wps - count on possible trap and be ready to lose wps as well. Keep up good work Juss! One day there will be no bns in Tharbad, and the city will belong us forever!

2003/02/03 13:33, Nitchi:   
Was an 'efficient' kill which I didn't ask or want to be posted for obivous reasons. Guido didn't know I was going to port in so the only person who should flame him is me or vice-versa. Feel free to post regular, 'thats lame,' 'pathetic,' comments as I won't visit this log again.

2003/02/03 13:40, Vaab:   
LAME!!!!!!!! Stormie could so kick ur arse in RL.

2003/02/03 13:56, Juss: 
3 years of karate, orange belt. No way beyaatch! *KIAI*

2003/02/03 14:43, Azazello: 
Wasnt orange belt the belt you get after 2-3 month of normal training ?
Basic physical trainings and one or two katos (kates ?) ...

2003/02/03 15:01, Juss: 

2003/02/03 15:03, Stormblast: 
*Hug* to all computernerd karate experts :))).

2003/02/03 15:06, Devastator: 
Laugh nod, ornage belt after 3 years :P I got brown after 2 years of training 4 times a week :P

2003/02/03 15:11, Téar: 
You hoped for a 1vs1 inside Shady? LAUGH man! That fight would've been sooooo fair;P
Serously juss, I thought your balls were bigger then this!

2003/02/03 17:00, Drakmar:   
Rofl, 3 years for Orange belt.. you'll die of old age before you're a blackbelt. Besides, it doesn't matter what you know as opposed to what your opponent knows.

2003/02/03 17:15, Juss: 
For fuck sakes... ok if this makes you happy, i trained karate for 1 year, 3 times a day, for 3 ours each time, i have white belt with 4 diagonal stripes and a black kimono, which is like the most 1337 thing there can be in karate.... it was a joke, dont you get it!? =/

2003/02/03 17:16, Stormblast: 
NO! And karate is gay!

2003/02/03 18:22, Cagim: 
Juss, you must be somewhat retarded if orange/red belt took you 3 years =p
4-5 years is normal to get the black one!
3 should give you atleast 2nd blue or the 1st brown =p

2003/02/03 19:23, Rayden:   
Chuckle.. what does that belt mean anyway :P Karate is not the competition of a la 'i have bigger than yours'. It's a training of your attitude towards others.. As a Sempai, deva, u should know that :P btw.. sucky fight, and one day, Stormblast, one day i will own you in tbad *daydream* mwahahaa.. *tickle* :)

2003/02/03 19:27, Hate: 
I dont know about karate. I know u need like 6 years to get brown belt in Hapkido.-*I dont think 5 years for a black belt makes it a good karateka anyway.-*Btw its brave enough to block self in shady to get overkilled.

2003/02/04 08:26, Mortis: 
Title of the log should be: Juss doesnt have any balls!

2003/02/04 09:36, Devastator: 
Depends on how hard you train and how often, if you train 4 times a week u can be blackbelt in 5 years if you study theory in your spare time...

And I know it's about attitude, it's about a lot more then that :P

2003/02/05 01:41, Xury: 
Stormblast is the best bn there is in my view

2003/02/06 12:18, Elrik: 
i was once going to do that trap

did not get far shady killed me in 4 failed flee attempts


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