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Nice uberlag (Kuler)comments   back
(4789 hits. Posted 2003/03/05)
! CW>w  <----- here I wanted to go west

A squirrel leaves east.

! CW>
Darand narrates 'zigrakh, poukramm, shrimp'

! CW>
Mirmelon narrates 'we know...'

! CW>
Darand narrates 'very near to fornost it'self'

! CW>
Khuznar narrates 'any darkies breeish??'

! CW>
A cute, bouncing rabbit has arrived from the west.

! CW>
Mirmelon narrates '*stare*'

! CW>
Urrik narrates 'Wow am I supdased to re-iquip when corpsa is gone?...'
A butterfly has arrived from the south.

! CW>
Ithril narrates 'going s now'
Farli narrates 'damn pstealers'

! CW>
Hendorf narrates 'can i rent in forlond'

! CW>
A butterfly has arrived from the south.

! CW>
Zenius narrates 'yeh'

! CW>
Farli narrates 'some fucker just stole a pack full of some elf's eq'

! CW>
A butterfly leaves west.

! CW>
Farli narrates 'from my inv'

! CW>
Guido narrates 'crystal , bakery shop key and ticket for rohirrim at lorien
rentplace, in the table'

! CW>
A cute, bouncing rabbit leaves west.

! CW>
Eäríon narrates 'that's what re-equip means Urrik'

! CW>
Stealth narrates 'cant happen farli'

! CW>
Seldáran narrates 'they ate quake, roar'

! CW>
Eäríon narrates 'get new stuff'

! CW>
A butterfly leaves west.

! CW>The East Road     <------- wow and now i actually went west
Tree-covered hills lie to your southeast, Tuckborough and Tookbank nestled
among them. Grassy plains lie to your north, and Michel Delving is somewhere
to your west. The road continues to the east and west.
A rabbit is here eyeing your presence warily.
A sparrow is flapping around on the ground.
A colourful butterfly is fluttering around here.
A colourful butterfly is fluttering around here.
Exits: =east=, south, =west=.
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2003/03/05 10:19, Sardotjen:   
Post it in the other log section?

2003/03/05 10:55, Hobur: 
He did?

2003/03/05 13:45, Sardotjen:   
No...The other log section, this log is far to great to be in this section.

2003/03/05 13:48, Ilwin:   
room descriptions on !! HO ! HO !
try to pk with that link ! ;) *winkS*

2003/03/05 15:38, Tendor: 
*boggle* Didya have like 40 butterflies following you ? :P

2003/03/05 17:50, Vaab:   
Get a cable modem? Or move near the city?

2003/03/05 17:59, Rothom: 
Moving somewhere for better MUME connection, true addiction :)

2003/03/05 20:30, Uriond: 
The squirrel really rocked in this log.

2003/03/05 22:01, Zimdul: 
That was a got your ass whipped by butterfly's!!!

2003/03/06 03:43, Oscarmeyer: 
Actually, this lag was probably caused by the 8 pukes in Tbad seeing me and narrating. All 50 of the online Breelegends trying to board coach at the same time must have darn near crashed the game!

2003/03/06 08:41, Trample: 
How about posting a log where you type a series of commands and LAG and quickflash scroll - u die cause Zabergroup comes and instawhacks you. That's more interesting than this!


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