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(6352 hits. Posted 2003/05/24)

If anyone see a player named Sass please be careful, he will kill any afk chars under the excuse
that he roleplay evil.

He did this to me, while sending a donation of a new machine, of a value of over $2000, to run mume on
(since the one it runs on now is old and tired and not quite fully stable), but I will draw this
offer back, I cannot see the use of playing when anyone can behave like that unpunished on mume.

Have fun!

2003/05/24 13:09, Lehto:   
Yeah, same thing happened to me when i was about to donate over 17k €

2003/05/24 13:21, Gena:   
Sass (how much i know) is same player as Juss and Guido and some more. Stupid, clueless teenager from estonia. He play some chars more but cant remember now whos.

2003/05/24 13:40, Sardotjen:   
hihii, tell us another joke!

2003/05/24 14:16, Dynamit: 
Dont think hell get away with it, if he does its insane. Fun with teenage pricks ruining the game tho

2003/05/24 15:54, Iomene: 
Yeah Lehto you must be on one hell of a machine that have euro-button! :P

2003/05/24 16:17, Kaldae: 
I was actually serious though, compared to Lehto :)

2003/05/24 22:10, Drakmar:   
RPing 'evil' on pukeside should be an auto-listing.. *nod self*

2003/05/24 22:49, Razoor: 
Only $2000? Good riddance!

2003/05/25 00:15, Seldaran: 
Idiotic reply, Lehto

2003/05/25 05:03, Vaire: 
Kaldae, I sure hope you mailed Staer, if you expect anything to be done. Or even feel free to mail me on MUME.

2003/05/25 07:13, Relim:   
He sees himself as being 'annoying and disrespectful' but fails to notice that it's the same 'annoying' as someone elses 3 year old can be in a supermarket rather than 'disrespectful' as if it was anarchy. It's not an 'attitude' or even a character trait that someone could look to and say, yes, the boy's just showing some personality.

Juss doesn't see it this way, of course. Juss thinks he's being cool - in an 'annoying and disrespectful' way. Juss will one day find out just how wrong he is. Oh, the shame!

Anyway, I take it that it's open season on his characters? Not that the challenge is really there but just think how many yew bows we can steal!

2003/05/25 11:36, Lomek:   
Anyone know who p(Sass)? I sure do.

2003/05/25 12:18, Sass:   
Good for you... :-)

2003/05/25 21:33, Mortis: 
Juss/Sass why you even bothered to write as incgonito?

2003/05/25 23:48, Grimwold: 
argh... hmm dont think i wanna play this game if players like Kaldae are replaced by ppl like juss..

2003/05/26 05:17, Drakmar:   
If you people think it's bad, imagine when these people have kids.. *shudder*

2003/05/26 13:05, Sass:   
Anyone who is willing to give 2000$ to a game must clearly be mad or becoming mad... I just helped him sober up!

2003/05/26 13:11, Gray: 
So, Sass, basically you want this game to lose players and eventually go down? That's even worse than afk/linkless-killing... you can expect some sameside deaths.

2003/05/26 18:39, Sass:   
You'll have to find me first :-(

2003/05/26 19:58, Naralón:   
Jesus FUCKING crist Sass! At least TRY to find yourself some lame excuse of a life!

2003/05/28 14:02, Narlah: 
such idiots can ruin our game , sass you are piece of dead meat :P
believe i dont care of puting any of my two chars in jail for even 1 week rl , to see you dead , nm are you afk or not
fear me

PS i want to play mume , and if such ppl ruin it - they must go away

2003/05/31 08:42, Zorfem: 
Juss is playing snukr atm, picked the name just to annoy Snakr.


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