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cha whois in the right way (Tantal)comments   back
(5002 hits. Posted 2003/08/22)
% was sleeping in khuzur back room , sleeped , then i thought :
% why not change my whois, tantal was created with that name with one idea -
% repeat over and over the rip :P
% then this happends

o@ C>

o@ C>cha whois
You can't do that right now.

o@ C>sc
63/63 hits, 125/125 mana, and 92/108 moves.

o@ C>wak
You wake, and sit up.
Yuent narrates 'clap'

!@ C>
You stand up.

!@ C>cha whois
Enter new whois
MUME editor. Type %h for help
icq N 83132783                             %here i started editing the whois info

: and also tantal is person from greek mythology
: was doomed from the gods to pull a boulder towards one peek
: over and over , and always boulder fall back
: this forever
: guess why this in a bn :P
: %e                                       %here it ends ... and look what happends after %e
*an Elf* has arrived from the west.
*an Elf* leaves west.
*an Elf* has arrived from the west.
A renegade uruk tries to slash *an Elf*, but he parries successfully.
*an Elf* panics, and attempts to flee.
*an Elf* leaves west.
*an Elf* has arrived from the west.
*an Elf* swiftly dodges a dirty uruk's attempt to slash him.
*an Elf* swiftly dodges a dirty uruk's attempt to slash him.
A dirty uruk strongly slashes *an Elf*'s body.
*an Elf* panics, and attempts to flee.
*an Elf* leaves west.
*an Elf* has arrived from the west.
*an Elf* begins some strange incantations...
A dirty uruk tries to slash *an Elf*, but he parries successfully.
*an Elf* utters the word 'yufzbarr'
You feel less protected.
*an Elf*'s fireball completely envelops you, causing infernal pain.
You are incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.

You are dead! Sorry...

Alas, you realize that yet again the mighty knowledge of drowned Numenor has
been lost... Despair settles on you.

% as you can see my cha whois info directly refers to what happends with bns :P
%but tantal will pull his boulder AGAIN!

 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2003/08/22 14:44, Narlah: 
bah pls change it to other logs , didt saw the option :-(

2003/08/22 14:49, Narlah: 
btw this happends while i was editing the whois , not after it
so i was unable to do anything couse cha whois dont allow anything to reach you until you end the editing

2003/08/22 15:23, Shalani: 
sorry old chap but you are confusing Tantal and Sysiph (English orthograph ?)
Tantal was doomed to be in some water towards the neck and close to the branch of a fruit-tree, but each time he wanted to drink/eat, water/branch got away... he was doomed for perpetual thirst/hunger sufferinf...
apart from that, comf for death, lowbie bn die so quick ANYWAY...

2003/08/22 15:27, Ragnus: 
Sysiphus, wasn't it? Or whatever :)

2003/08/22 15:30, Ragnus: 
Um, Narlah, it is one thing if you couldn't spell/build correct grammatical structures... Punctuation, however, is kind of similar in all languages. Just a hint...

2003/08/22 16:02, Vecna:   
Silly that the fireball only incapped you.

2003/08/22 16:12, Liliah: 
Sisyphos, and btw, hitting return and typing %q will cancel editor *WINK*!

2003/08/22 16:50, Sogard:   
He had armour up vecna, so that could've explained it.

btw, when doing stuff liek whois, arent you flagged (writing)?

2003/08/22 17:13, Damaster:   
Killing lowbie bns is like raping women rl!

2003/08/22 18:07, Smasha: 
What Damaster ? like killer has to have a really tiny thingy between his legs and be drunk as an dwarf who visits his uncle who has a brewery ? =)

2003/08/22 19:52, Marre: 
You have a message like (typing a message) if i dont remember wrong.

2003/08/22 21:45, Durandir:   
Yes you have Marre. But some ppl...

2003/08/22 22:35, Edvard: 
Ofcourse you saw the option, since the first option is Other logs, you've had to have changed it into this

2003/08/23 04:36, Narlah: 
hrmpf yes it was Sisyphos, it was so long ago when i read mythology
i guess it is time for refresh , but from so much muming how to get time:)
and Liliah while you are writing anything happening around you is spamed after you end editing , so i could not know that i am attacked

2003/08/23 13:34, Vaire: 
Considering you do get (Typing a Message) and since he had not been chasing you and just stumbled upon you, any decent person would have waited till you popped out of the editor to attack.

2003/08/25 01:04, Kaool:   
We have seen what those mobs can do when they simply Nibble on a puke ... doubt he had time to stick around for the new whois *heh*

2003/08/25 10:50, Andróg:   
This is why you should use powtty!


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