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(5021 hits. Posted 2003/09/02)
///Was hiding above Hatch, bored, and tired, and was thinking about rent when///:

* CSW HP:Fine>
*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* has entered the game.

* CSW HP:Fine>back 1.*man*
You begin to move silently to the back of your victim...

draw bow

*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* starts to --> C A S T E <--.

shoot 1.*man*
shoot 1.*man*
*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* utters the word ''

Araina narrates 'hi eorlim!!!!  *gig*'

*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* starts to --> C A S T E <--.

*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* makes a strange sound, as you place a black runed dagger in her back.

* CSW HP:Fine *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*:Wounded>
You sheathe a black runed dagger into a pair of smooth, black boots.
You swiftly draw a black horn shortbow from across your back.

* CSW HP:Fine *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*:Wounded>shoot 1.*man*
shoot 1.*man*
You shoot *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*'s body extremely hard and shatter it.
*Astoreth the Black Númenórean*'s body turns numb as the poison speeds to her brain!

* CSW HP:Fine *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*:Bad>
*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* panics, but can't stop fighting to flee.

shoot 1.*man*
*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* panics, but can't stop fighting to flee.

You shoot *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*'s body very hard and shatter it.

* CSW HP:Fine *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*:Awful>shoot 1.*man*

*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* panics, but can't stop fighting to flee.

You shoot *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*'s right foot extremely hard and shatter it.
*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* is mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.

* CSW HP:Fine *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*:Dying>
You shoot *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*'s head extremely hard and shatter it.
You feel more experienced.
Yes! You're beginning to get the idea.
You gained some renown in this battle!
Your blood freezes as you hear *Astoreth the Black Númenórean*'s death cry.
*Astoreth the Black Númenórean* has drawn her last breath! R.I.P.

///Log was just to show how your boring session turns into sumtn cool in like the blink of an eye! Warlorded of Astoreth,
and posted on request///
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2003/09/02 23:33, Eolo: 
The power of high-linked-spam-shooters.

With my link, i can't even shoot the first time after the stab before the victim can flee... *sigh*

2003/09/02 23:33, Marillion: 
That's what you may call lucky flees(and stupid camprent spot)

2003/09/02 23:34, Eolo: 
And claps for #10 Warlord =)

2003/09/02 23:53, Fathra: 
Whats wrong with people? I kill asteroth, take sword, shield, ruby, sable and pack! And gold off course! Then I meet her ford some while later and then someone had looted her clean! And off course I get blamed cause of it! :( *Comfs* to Astoreth! Sucky to die this way, and i would Never make it harder by spamlooting you when im 100% safe!

2003/09/03 00:17, Wojtek: 
Its always that way on mume nowadays you dont loot other come and loot and u get blamed. Grats on Warlording .....

2003/09/03 00:19, Gamli: 
I don't get why people spam loot anyway... If you leave most/all of the eq they are encouraged to keep fighting = more exp and wps!

2003/09/03 00:46, Fathra: 
Nod Gamli :)...

2003/09/03 00:49, Loominor:   
Hmph. I had *a Man* entering the game right before my little fang in brush a few weeks ago. He went east before my stab finished, and he ran pretty fast pretty far east afterwards :(

2003/09/03 01:02, Brawl:   
I would'nt even dub that something 'cool'.

2003/09/03 02:04, Lochdale: 
Asteroth, the .au BN. Too bad he died.

2003/09/03 02:25, Adianc:   
Aye, I do beleive i sense some sarcasm there laddy :)

2003/09/03 02:27, Gamli: 
There's a few of the .au bns running around periodically:)

2003/09/03 02:44, Eolo: 
Note to all i kill: I only take my arrows back and cash. If you miss something else, someone greedy passed by right after i killed you.

2003/09/03 02:56, Lochdale: 
No sarcasm intended at all. I like Asteroth

2003/09/03 04:37, Guznah: 
speaking of looting, i remember the time when my dwarf was killed near high moors by a bunch of orcs, my friend went to check the corpse, it was unlooted except the gold, but he couldn't take anything - he had so much weight that he couldn't carry it. so, after 3 minutes, i went and checked the corpse.. empty! yay! track.. pukes, 1 tick, orcs 8 ticks..go figure.

2003/09/03 06:03, Drakard: 
Astoreth is .au? Oh. Fakk you Fathra!

2003/09/03 06:06, Bhurm: 
if THAT is supposed to be cool then pukes arent overkillers,spamlooters,mass-samesiders etc.

2003/09/03 06:45, Astoreth: 
yay... grads on the cool kill! ;p

2003/09/03 07:48, Moortek: 
Claps on warlord Fathra. And of course comf bn for dying to stab! Sucky to fail that many flees hehe

2003/09/03 08:07, Valgard: 
If you kill something, you can claim the loot, you deserved it, loot comes with exp...

2003/09/03 08:08, Gray: 
Err I'm sorry... what does link have to do with spamshooting?

2003/09/03 08:12, Shalani: 
well it was good idea to put armour up at connecting, could have saved your life without the unlucky flees... (without armour you were dead with just the stab i guess)
but even before casting, after entering game, i suppose the first thing to do is search... damn stabbers (and lucky ones too)...
well the place chosen to camprent might have incidence too !

2003/09/03 09:56, Alantir: 
What are you talking about Eolo? Why would link have anything to do with shooting after a stab if you pretyped it?.. You can't blame everything on your link you know. :)

2003/09/03 10:06, Farok:   
Heh this link when spamming is just hillarious! So many times you hear 'no way to get through his doorspam on swedelink' Idiotz

And even Ajax says it's easier to spam hit someone with a good link... Sighz

2003/09/03 10:15, Rogon:   
There's too much eq in the game anyhow. When you kill someone, burn the corpse!

2003/09/03 10:20, Gamli: 
I always find it fascinating how those with links always think it doesn't matter *smiles sweetly* Any link worse than 250 is at a disadvantage in all areas. It just changes in magnitude depending on what your doing.

2003/09/03 10:23, Farok: 
I probably have MUME's worst link but Ok

2003/09/03 10:26, Gamli: 
Suuuuuuuuure Farok:)

2003/09/03 10:28, Farok:   
Yeah I have some wireless shit, it's ok sometimes (2 hours per day MAX!). Ok meaning 40ms with some 5-10% loss. Mostly its 500+ ms with up to 20% loss

2003/09/03 10:56, Damaster:   
The people who request you to post doesnt know the quality of the log. You do, so why post this crap?

I agree with rogon, to much eq in the game! So loot everything and receipt it, even if you dont need it!

2003/09/03 11:36, Marillion: 
And you ofcos mean scatter the receipts on mobs in lorien later.

2003/09/03 12:02, Alantir: 
Erm Gamli... if you pretype shoot after stab, link doesn't matter... you can have 1000ms, and the pretype will still be same same as for someone with 10ms. How hard is that to understand?

If you send two commands to Mume, with 2ms apart, they'll arrive to Mume 2ms apart. It doesn't matter what ping you have. They'll always arrive to Mume 2ms apart.

What does matter though, is if you didn't pretype, or if the stabbed person flees. Then you'll have to wait for your link to receive the information from Mume, and then react to it, which obviously takes alot longer with a slower link.

2003/09/03 12:02, Obbah: 
Nice :> warlord .. I like that.. Damaster why is this a 'bad' logg? i like it... not werry skilled but funny and fathra has a point when she sayes -boring session turns into sumtn cool in like the blink of an eye!- :> clap Fathra

and wojje i cant enter you homepage );

2003/09/03 13:52, Polly: 
eyh, atm, Ive got alink which in 40secs keeps 70ms.. then for 20sec it has 100% packet loss.. How frustrating and iritating is that I ask, I think it has something to do with my '3com wireless internet gateway', but nobody wants to help, or have any idea why it's the way it is.

2003/09/03 14:54, Damaster:   
Obbah why is this 'cool'? Stabbing someone to wounded and then poisoning it, then killing it. Wheres the excitement? I must've missed it...

2003/09/03 15:30, Fathrà: 
Well, not skilled etc! I know! How hard is it to push the backstab button, and prespam shoot like 3 times? Not hard at all! But still, I didnt warlord cause of Asteroth`s insane wps, but because i was So near from before! Any darkie with some renown would have done it! And you can judge me after seeing this one log, and then decide if I have skills or not! This wasnt a skill log, this was in my opinion a funny log!

2003/09/03 17:43, Bagger:   
Norwegian n00bs again :P

2003/09/03 17:53, Lochdale: 
Oh stop Alantir. Your link-defense is so pathetich it is almost Quisling like. Link matters, end of story. If you didn't have your link you would rarely warlord.

2003/09/03 18:07, Marillion: 
Lochdale stop your link-whining please? this kill HAD NOTHING todo with link,and if you claim that you're stupid. eod.

2003/09/03 19:19, Lochdale: 
I was responding directly to Alantir's comment Marillion and not to the log itself.

2003/09/03 19:32, Guido: 
Huh, Marillion, you have an e.OD? Cool!!!!1 I failed to get my p.HD, but im still trying. Wish me luck!

2003/09/03 23:41, Gamli: 
Yes, Alantir... if you prespam 2 commands at 1000ms, the second will follow at the MUME coded time... HOWEVER! The first one will be 1000ms, and the return trip of the second will be 500! So you won't see what has happened to your shoots till at least 1500ms plus the coded time after you sent the commands in! Whereas, if you prespam 2 commands at 100ms, the first one will take 100ms, and the return trip of the second will be 50ms! So you won't see whats happened until after 150ms plus the coded time! That's a 10 times advantage to the faster link! Comprehend?

2003/09/04 20:16, Obbah: 
Damaster i think its 'cool' because it was just So easy and funny.. and funny because it was so easy so.. i agree not very skilled but still funny

2003/09/04 20:17, Obbah: 
Damaster i think its 'cool' because it was just So easy and funny.. and funny because it was so easy so.. i agree not very skilled but still funny

2003/09/06 15:33, Marillion: 
Good luck guido


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