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(3278 hits. Posted 2007/10/06)
*[ W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>n
On a High Ledge
Zack the Dwarf is standing here.
Exits: south.

*< W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
Zack completes his singing and relaxes.

*< W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
Zack leaves VV SOUTH VV.
A Freezing Cave
Exits/emulated: south.

*[ W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
#   {rep} now aliases {t Zack} in [default] group 
Zack tells you 'i called '

*[ W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
Zack begins some strange incantations...

*[ W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
Zack utters the words 'breath of briskness'
The energy in your legs is refreshed.
A huge stone troll has arrived from the >>> EAST >>>.
A huge stone troll has arrived from the >>> EAST >>>.

*[ W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
Zack swiftly dodges a huge stone troll's attempt to hit him.

*[ W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
Zack panics, and attempts to flee.
Zack leaves || NORTH ||.

*[ W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>n
On a High Ledge
Zack the Dwarf is standing here.
Exits: south.
Zack leaves VV SOUTH VV.
A Freezing Cave
A huge stone troll looms overhead, ready to crush your body.
A huge stone troll looms overhead, ready to crush your body.
With a sickening feeling, you realize that the rock is crumbling beneath
your feet! Helplessly you plummet towards the distant ground...
Exits/emulated: north, east.

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>s
You cannot do that here.

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>e
You cannot do that here.

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
The Ainulindalė whispers to you 'Pray, Elįril, and you may get some help.'

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
#   {rep} now aliases {t Zack} in [default] group 
Zack tells you 'uhm'

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>l
Halls of Mandos
On the ground, there are three apples.
A large bulletin board, entitled "Starter's", is mounted here.
A large fountain, made from grey stone, pours water from its centre.
A loaf of bread has been left here.
On the ground, there are three pieces of cheese.
You see three torches on the ground.
A Warning Sign for new players is here.
Exits/emulated: north, east.

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>
#   {rep} now aliases {t Zack} in [default] group 
Zack tells you 'where you'

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>eq
You are using:
<wielded>            an engraved broadsword (flawless)
<used as shield>     a bejewelled oak staff; it has a soft glowing aura
<worn on body>       a plain shirt (flawless)
<worn about body>    a forest green cloak (flawless)
<worn on arms>       a shining pair of chain mail sleeves (flawless)
<worn on hands>      a pair of soft leather gloves (flawless)
<worn on legs>       a pair of cotton pants (flawless)
<worn on feet>       a pair of smooth, black boots
<worn around neck>   a pale blue stone    10:14
<worn on wrist>      a keyring with some sets of lock picks
<worn on finger>     a copper ring
<worn on back>       a leather backpack
<worn as belt>       a gleaming belt
<worn on belt>       a fragrant-smelling bag
<worn on belt>       a sable pouch
<worn on belt>       a sable pouch
<worn on belt>       a stone

!# W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>t Zack BUG! lol
Your voice doesn't reach from here!
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2007/10/06 10:51, Vardamir: 
Yes, it's a bug. The bug is that you should've died (It's a weight-dependant death trap) so now the gods will have to kill you and take your equipment. Was it worth posting the log when you could've just shut up and lived happily ever after, hehe...?

2007/10/06 10:52, Zhuk: 
Hehe :) Vardamir made a good point there !

2007/10/06 10:56, Elaril: 
No he didn't, but I'm not going to point out the obvious. I'll let someone who actually reads it carefully point it out.

2007/10/06 11:50, Elestir:   
He shouldn't have died imo. That mudlle should happen only in the northern room, and he triggered it on entry to southern one, which is not ment to happen. Probably the mudlle doesn't handle follow very well.

2007/10/06 11:52, Elaril: 
Elestir, you missed another point ;o)

2007/10/06 12:07, Elestir:   
I think I know what you mean (you believe the mudlle is delayed and that you left before the delay ended, but I doubt that), but I still think the mudlle got trigerred only because of these 2 huge stone trolls (that were in southern room). Doubt you and Zack is enough to trigger that mudlle.

2007/10/06 12:56, Elaril: 
We all know Zack is a fat dwarf. But it takes a couple of fat dwarves to get that rock tumbling.

2007/10/06 19:35, Vardamir:edited 1x   
No, it's always been in the western room and I'm pretty sure about that!

Edit: It could be in both rooms I don't know, but I don't think they'd reach the north room w/o dying :P

2007/10/07 05:51, Zmej: 
Always thought it triggers in northen/southern room only, if 4 persons are in. Like the Ceiling crumble some e e e northen/southern rooms from Cavern Crossroads 4-5 ppl + some mobs and.... 'Watch your heads please!'

2007/10/07 08:58, Zack: 
I thought it only triggered on the actual ledge, North. Always stood with my whole group s without any trouble.

As far as ruined avenue is concerned, which zmej pointed out, I've suffered ~200hp damage as solo scout while stabbing on one mob.

2007/10/07 11:14, Evan:   
My experience says 2 players can trigger the muddle. I have seen it happen.

I never seen it happen in south room.

If you try, im sure you can find logs where it happens in north room. I seen some posted over time

2007/10/07 13:07, Elestir:   
Now I don't know if there is an unstable ceiling in the southern room, but I am pretty sure you can fall off the ledge only when you are on the ledge.

2007/10/08 08:52, Fragir: 
I guess he triggered it in north room, but his move N and Zack's move S, were handled in same 'game tick', so was the muddle, thats why he got the message in south soom after following Zack there.
And because he was in wrong room for the muddle, he didn't die and loose eq, but was just transfered to mandos (kinda funny):P

It's kinda dificult to decide if he should have dted or not, because you can look at it from both sides. Anyway it's bug in the code/muddle.

There are more 'bugs/features' of this kind where it depends on event processing order (like already fixed 'escape bbt' or 'escape roots').


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