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For Svin: I'm sure you were afk. (Finduilas)comments   back
(4495 hits. Posted 2008/07/16)
!O cSW HP:Fine Mana:Warm>backstab svin
You begin to move silently to the back of your victim...

*Svin the Orc* gives a forest green cloak to Kormock the orkish armourer for mending.
*Svin the Orc* gives a steel claymore to Kormock the orkish armourer for mending.
*Svin the Orc* gives a bejewelled shield to Kormock the orkish armourer for mending.
*Svin the Orc* gives a great helm to Kormock the orkish armourer for mending.
*Svin the Orc* gives a fine metal breastplate to Kormock the orkish armourer for mending.
*Svin the Orc* gives a fine pair of metal gauntlets to Kormock the orkish armourer for mending.
*Svin the Orc* gives a fine pair of metal boots to Kormock the orkish armourer for mending.

*Svin the Orc* sits down and rests.

*Svin the Orc* makes a strange sound, as you place a black runed dagger in his back.
*Svin the Orc* is mortally wounded and will die soon if not aided.
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2008/07/16 01:37, Curt: 
not calling you a liar, but this could have been edited very easy.

2008/07/16 01:43, Svin: 
And you're proud of this because? You killed a guy who wasn't even watching his screen. It's like a winning a specials olympics - you're still a retard. Or actually it's more like competing in a specials olympics when you're not even a retard, which could actually be considered worse. Either way, I rest my case, stabbers are all retards.


2008/07/16 01:44, Fieldy:   
And you actually did post this? :D

2008/07/16 01:55, Curt: 
ole, anytime someone kills you it should be posted. you are one hard bastard to kill. and with changes to scout, travelling thru noc is rather sucky atm.

2008/07/16 02:03, Finduilas: 
Even with the new changes to scouts... and all the work i went through to get you low.. draughts/scrolls/etc. all the way from amanrandil... you have the nerve to go and say stuff like that... HA.

2008/07/16 02:24, Shanks:   
lolbomb :(

2008/07/16 02:24, Fezz: 
anyone ever drink bawls? i luv bawls

2008/07/16 03:43, Steoadsawoeifn:   
hopefully you fled and waited for kormock to give him the eq back while incap and then looted :D

2008/07/16 06:01, Naralón:   
Please Svin, you are above whining over this!

2008/07/16 06:17, Staub: 
Stablogs are cool, they're short and to the point. And you get to see a whining moron die. Keep 'em coming!

2008/07/16 06:26, Noxious:   
Why is Svin even bothering whinging? Oh wait so your instantly afk if you not looking at screen?..... yeah right. Grow up please your not immortal.

I espcially like the change of attitude, on RR its 'whinge whinge you killed me afk and post the log i dare you.' So he posts the log and svins looks like a arrogant prick so he changes his attitude straight up to 'your proud of this?' Lol gotta love your work, keep stabbing him i say just for the humor

2008/07/16 06:54, Faint: 
Khazdul: 'It's like a winning a specials olympics - you're still a retard.'

Yeah, HE'S the retard!! =P

Fucking prick thinking your untouchable, i thought you were good enough player to admit that you made a mistake etc, not whine over made up 'afk' kills...

2008/07/16 07:13, Faine: 
It would be worth whining if theres some crossrace info involved, otherwise just accept fact, that noc has never been 100% safe.

2008/07/16 07:55, Deimus: 
I cut my hair off!!! :)

2008/07/16 07:56, Deimus: 

...I felt like posting a comment as pointless AS THIS LOG!!!!!!!

Hah pwnd.

2008/07/16 08:19, Dred:   
No point if he was afk or not, he stabed him incap. He is dead either way.

2008/07/16 10:34, Guido: 
Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section!

2008/07/16 11:21, Naron: 
Ah that comment never dies Guido.......... !!!!!!

2008/07/16 13:12, Guido: 
I have nothing against Khazdul but I love seeing good players die when they can't do shit about it. Swedish link won't help against backstab in NOC!

2008/07/16 18:41, Edvard: 
'2008/07/16 13:12, Guido:
I have nothing against Khazdul but I love seeing good players die when they can't do shit about it. Swedish link won't help against backstab in NOC!'

Why do you love that? What is there to love about that? I could understand loving to see lame players die that way, but good players? That is like loving to see a good tennis player lose because he's injured.

2008/07/16 18:51, Zita:   
Nice comparings guys!

2008/07/16 20:02, Oppkast: 
Why tennis?

2008/07/16 20:05, Britney: 
Because Kournikova is sexy and Hingis used to be cute. Ofcourse.

2008/07/16 20:15, Ravager:   
its interesting to see how edvard uses tennis to compare to this...could you use a gayer sport? :P but nice kill anyways fin, stabbing svin in kormock with new changes = superb if i could

2008/07/16 20:38, Edvard: 
Oppkast and Ravager: See Britneys post above.

2008/07/16 20:51, Edvard: 
Oh and Tennis is gay?

[submitted link]

[submitted link]
American sports are gay ;)

2008/07/16 21:11, Telessar:   
*Cough* well it was the British and the Americans who brought the sport to popularity (mainly the former but still)

2008/07/16 22:07, Ravager:   
:P im just messin with ya edvard. you know that! and i have no idea what britney just said cause i dont watch or associate with tennis :P. sorry

2008/07/16 23:23, Noxious:   
I think its great to see 'good' players die this way Edvard, gives hope to those on a 300+ link, but it makes it so much better when they whinge about it, espcially how they think how lame it is. Wonder why RR gets so many whinges? There a lot more lamer ways to die so grow up. Svin just came down a peg from self percieved God to just another player to die.

2008/07/17 00:04, Peapend: 
offensive (sexual, racist, personal, ...) remarks will be punished

I wish this was true, considering in every log/thread people are hyper homophobic and everything is 'faggish' or better yet they are a retard!

Good job all, you guys are super smart/not gay!

Oh and not american!

2008/07/17 00:39, Telessar:   
Peapend give Edvard a break, I mean, Venus and Serena Williams are Swedes of course

2008/07/17 14:58, Britney: 

Anna Kournikova: [submitted link]
Martina Hingis: [submitted link]

2008/07/17 17:29, Ravager:   
I still dont understand? How do they have anything to do with this? Help me! And they are both hot, so this makes no sense! Explain !

2008/07/17 17:34, Edvard: 
They're HOT! how can that not make sense!

2008/07/17 17:36, Telessar:   
Sharapova is a lot better than both :(

2008/07/17 20:45, Ravager:   
of course they are hot! WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS COMPARISON?! or are they just simply there cause they are hotties.

2008/07/17 22:05, Edvard: 
What is it that you don't understand? You wondered why I compared tennis with Guido loving to see good people die without beeing able to help it, and Britney gave you a crystal clear answer. Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis are FRIGGIN HOT! You not understanding that is like a golfer putting with a 5 iron.....

2008/07/17 22:34, Ortansia:   
If this might comfort Ravager .I also didn't get the analogy between Hingis/Kounikova and the actual log :p . I recall Hingis was a very good tennis player and kournikova was'nt good player but was more popular because she was good looking . As far as I know they don't play anymore :p

2008/07/18 12:36, Guido: 
Edvard, you're totally gay. You compared Khazdul to Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis :D

2008/07/18 22:02, Edvard: 
but khazdul is FRIGGIN HOT!

2008/07/19 23:21, Deimus: 
Coincidentally there is a 'Where Are They Now?' article on Anna Kournikova in this week's Sports Illustrated. In that article they also mention Martina Hingis.

2008/07/20 03:15, Ravager:   
I like how these comments just completely turned from pk into tennis into hotties and now into sports illustrated. us mumers are a unique brand.

2008/07/20 17:33, Caesar: 
True, most forums usually decay into Nazi and Hitler comparisons. I much prefer the arguments turn to hot female athletes.

2008/07/22 18:12, Titanium:edited 1x   

I truly hope noone takes this seriously and maybe by chance notice the ironi.

later fags.


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