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(6331 hits. Posted 2013/04/03)
* 03-Apr-2013, Antti
 * April Fools 2013: Below are some 20-25% of the narrates / prays spammed during
 * the day. On the average there was one narrate per 30 secs rl time throughout
 * the 24h window.
News 2423 : Freedom of information (Anúmenónymous)
Written on Mon Apr  1 00:00:01 2013

For years the Valar have had a monopoly on "reserved" information about
all of us. This is going to change RIGHT NOW!

We found out that MUME is still using the original encryption system set up
by Eru Iluvatar (128 rounds of ROT13) instead of upgrading to the current
standard of 512 rounds. Thanks to this, we were able to crack into the
extensive network of Palantír stones that the Valar are using to keep track
of our whereabouts, and make it available to anyone for free use!!!!!

Type "scry" or "aerial" and enjoy unfettered access to the Palantir network.

Brought to you by Anúmenónymous, standing for transparency and freedom of
information in all of Arda!

Mohegan narrates 'love the April fools!'
Reddas narrates 'What is going on.........'
Reddas narrates 'ROFL'
Reddas narrates 'Scry An *ELF* is here'
Frappucino narrates 'i keep seeing a man in old forest'
Sarkazein narrates 'i'm so glad they're doing something for this april fools'
Sarkazein narrates 'last year was so sad'
Deloitte narrates 'ROGON!'
Deloitte narrates 'stop scryig me!'
Mohegan narrates 'rogon stop that!'
Deloitte narrates 'Rogon is stalking like a stalker'
Murai prays 'i am getting messages that an orc/troll etc ... has just scried you. What's up with that?'
Brainiac narrates 'laff'
Brainiac narrates 'pukes willow!'
Frappucino narrates 'no range limit i guess...i just saw BM'
Cigs narrates 'i just scryed the void @_@'
Brainiac narrates 'Palantir network overheated - please try later.'
Brainiac narrates 'hooray!'
Toxophilus narrates 'what is this news?'
Sarkazein narrates 'you broke it!'
Sarkazein narrates 'lol pukes in DK'
Toxophilus narrates 'oh right its april fools! i almost forgot! what happens if i use this news thing :p'
Frappucino narrates 'elf just scried me in cave'
Frappucino narrates 'this may put a serious hamper on my tp spamming'
Brainiac prays 'i trade the scalp of dain for 1 million golds, any taker?'
Hashnak narrates 'where is Tunnel End pls? :)'
Cigs narrates 'idk busy scrying'
Rypadlo narrates 'where is the Hidden Room with shade? pukes doing it'
Hashnak narrates '3 zorcs there atm'
Kagen narrates 'why is a troll scrying me?'
Maddy narrates 'so this scry thing is an april fools thing?'
Aranome narrates 'nods'
Moonstrike narrates 'aye'
Maddy narrates 'zakzta is on it appears'
Rypadlo narrates 'stupid bree herb shop Im scrying it 1000 times'
Maddy narrates 'as he somehow just scryed me'
Blacktoe narrates 'is server lag an april's fool also?'
Aranome narrates 'lol'
Blacktoe narrates 'Be informed that *Korgath the Orc* has just scried you.'
Zorzagar narrates 'this scry thing is broken. i scryed Trample and saw sarkazein instead'
Sarkazein narrates 'you can't choose who to scry'
Rypadlo narrates 'yeah'
Reddas narrates 'you can scry'
Brainiac narrates 'it was for the best'
Sarkazein narrates 'wtf??'
Frappucino narrates 'what was the other command with scry?'
Zorzagar narrates 'i just scryed myself. haha'
Brainiac narrates 'no bad language now, the kids are watching your every action'
Caitlyn narrates 'this is weird'
Sarkazein narrates 'i don't understand how this is possible'
Caitlyn narrates 'wow aerial is pretty crazy'
Brainiac narrates 'i dunno, next thing the narrates will go crossrace'
Brainiac narrates 'dont say i said it first'
Korgath narrates 'razghash zakzta mohegan sw of nagash, killing a horse-fly!'
Caitlyn narrates 'lol'
Wontyou narrates 'am i missing something?'
Frappucino narrates 'santa claus scried me'
Trample narrates 'hehe'
Caitlyn narrates 'im naughty'
Sarkazein narrates 'news 2423'
Caitlyn narrates ':P'
Twinx narrates 'uhhm'
Kagen narrates 'wtf?'
Trample narrates '*santa claus* is my enemy?'
Trample narrates ':/'
Cigs narrates 'did everyone get santa claus scry?'
Sarkazein narrates 'elf is sleeping ! wielding a sabre, in a lush, green meadow!'
Sarkazein narrates 'that actually seems pretty nice'
Hersen narrates 'Orcs and Trolls scrying me at Ingrove "This service is proudly brought to you by Anumenonymous!'
Trample narrates 'moonstrike - In the Crypt'
Tired narrates 'of i saw 3 zorcs with my first scry!'
Reddas narrates ':D:D'
Reddas narrates 'OMG'
Sarkazein narrates 'lol that sounds like a song, trample'
Trample narrates 'fighting snakes'
Brainiac narrates 'go reddas. boo spiders'
Kagen narrates 'Mommy, I'm scared!'
Reddas narrates 'CIGS SCRY ME'
Cigs narrates 'reddas removed his sign sobs'
Reddas narrates 'I may need BAckup'
Hashnak narrates 'they not old forest anymore'
Reddas narrates 'Trample this is gonna be a long day....'
Reddas narrates 'Cigs SCRY me Slag'
Reddas narrates 'Ooooh boy.....'
Tired narrates 'some orc sitting kormack spamming scry i wager'
Sarkazein narrates 'what does aerial do?'
Korgath narrates 'shows you where you are'
Sarkazein narrates 'would it show other players near you?'
Hashnak narrates 'dwarf with mattock OER'
Korgath narrates 'on a map from above'
Kelton narrates 'FUNNY'
Vaalo narrates 'Palantir network overheated - please try later. lol'
Magdalena narrates 'even as part of april 1 joke'
Cigs narrates 'should be noquit to'
Wontyou narrates 'noble on high moors'
Korgath narrates 'elf sleeping near gh!'
Brainiac narrates 'there's too damn many newbies confusing the palantir, please remove all of them.'
Gahal narrates 'how long is this going to be going on I wonder'
Moonstrike narrates 'I know you all are jealous of my skills. but quit it with the scries'
Tired narrates 'sweet i scried The Void!'
Cigs narrates 'Morgoth Bauglir is here, trapped forever in the eternal void'
Brainiac narrates 'haha an aerial view of warrens. what were they thinking'
Korgath narrates 'elf , half-elf, morgoth and testbot in void!'
Brainiac narrates 'oh btw where's our sunblock'
Korgath narrates 'rogon in purgatory!'
Reddas narrates 'ROFL'
Reddas narrates 'BIG FAKKIN PIG'
Higdush narrates 'same man who was doing OW'
Korgath narrates 'saw that too :P'
Reddas narrates 'Look, silken tights on fair maiden:'
Reddas narrates 'Then a picture of a pig.'
Reddas narrates 'BAHAHAHAH'
Sarkazein narrates 'LOL!!!'
Sarkazein narrates 'kalev, rogon, elf, and a helf are in that room!'
Reddas narrates 'Kalev the Ainu Rogon the Ainu Elf Helf :D:D'
Kelton narrates 'when i scryd i saw a big fakking pig'
Reddas narrates 'Poor trolsl that wanted to sit BBT :D'
Brainiac narrates 'oh man there's a newbie stuck in the bushes s of bree, someone help him!'
Sarkazein prays 'thanks for the april fools business btw:) it's clever, well done, and enjoyable! much respect!'
Brainiac narrates '*Aranómé the Dúnadan Man*, wielding the Hammer of Belegost, is standing here grinning.'
Looloo narrates 'what up?'
Sarkazein narrates 'lol that elf that was fighting cows, has moved on to tiny spiders!'
Sarkazein narrates 'news 2423!'
Looloo narrates 'without a 'key' what do i scry...and Tired just scried me'
Brainiac narrates 'i tried scrying but was too relaxed to do that.'
Brainiac narrates 'i don't think i can be too relaxed when i scry things, though.'
Brainiac narrates 'ok do i have a sign post on me'
Sarkazein narrates 'it says "Idiot" and there seems to be an arrow pointing at you...'
Sarkazein narrates 'why would you carry that around?!'
Bruja narrates 'was that global?'
Bruja narrates 'anumenoymous?'
Looloo narrates 'finally a dwarf scrys me fishing ford'
Aranome narrates 'Cringe!'
Jormungandr narrates 'so... this april fools joke... is this legit? is this really scrying?'
Aranome narrates 'yes'
Valir narrates 'It actually is.'
Jormungandr narrates 'so wow, pvp should get interesting'
Valir narrates 'We verified if by tracking where someone scried an orc, and there were fresh tracks there from it.'
Looloo narrates 'i fishing ford, lemme know if anything scried nearby'
Looloo narrates 'Elrong has scried you ..hehe'
Toxophilus narrates 'I wish I could xp in fangorn as a teenlevel warscout :p'
Reddas narrates 'what if elrond left RD'
Reddas narrates 'And fought grinder Who wins'
Brainiac narrates 'then you dead meat!'
Looloo narrates 'Grinder'
Looloo narrates 'cause we'd cheat '
Looloo narrates ' vs one.... we won't assist'
Brainiac narrates 'ye considering elrond may not have so much backup in grinder...'
Mowgli narrates 'Is this scry/aerial thing just an april fools gimmick? '
Aranome narrates 'bn and troll sitting guardian'
Joven narrates 'i mean its annoying right?'
Brainiac narrates 'lol, scried a bear at a regular orc patrol, then i scried it in mandos a minute later'
Mbasshkin narrates 'i see korgath building an army'
Reddas narrates 'NO'
Reddas narrates 'The black buckler crumbles in your hand.'
Reddas narrates 'God damnit!'
Bruja narrates 'muahahahah'
Mbasshkin narrates 'comf'
Peradoc narrates 'April fools... lol'
Joven narrates 'i hate this its getting old joke over now k?'
Radcliffe narrates 'it would be nice if it was coded so that it just did it to you once when you signed in'
Olido narrates 'I liked the palantir defense alert earlier more than this scrying business'
Aranome narrates 'They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!'
Brainiac narrates 'oh 2 hobbits in the pipeweed-smugglers'
Brainiac narrates 'or it was one hobbit and a tiny human'
Moonstrike narrates 'BN in slag'
Moonstrike narrates 'on large bat'
Magdalena narrates 'you can ride a large bat?'
Moonstrike narrates 'if you're a small enough BN only'
Olido narrates 'april fools hah'
Reddas narrates 'Josie elodin cronus joven aranome (Hedge-Trail)'
Blaching narrates 'looks like we might get raided'
Moonstrike narrates 'brainiac +2 grinder, korgath +2 "Grassland in front of a hill"'
Cadriel narrates 'Be informed that *a dreadful Orc* has just scried you.'
Cadriel narrates 'This service is proudly brought to you by Anúmenónymous!'
Alya narrates 'Be informed that *Reddas the Mountain Troll* has just scried you.'
Cadriel narrates 'mume get hacked?'
Brainiac narrates 'yes'
Olido narrates 'april fools'
Reddas narrates 'ah nm they doing like 6 wight nobles atm :D'
Cadriel narrates 'sooo what's up with the free scrying?'
Cronus narrates 'its part of april fools'
Aranome narrates '2 trolls suntrapped in stoneswivel'
Reddas narrates 'Cronus - Khazad-dum Barazinkheled O.O'
Damocles narrates 'BM!'
Damocles narrates 'GET HIM'
Brainiac narrates 'ye but they dont scry in order to see whether it is safe to enter, i think...'
Damocles narrates 'Scrying getting fucking annoying.'
Lyanna prays 'YOU SUCK! I logged on for the april fools and YET STILL GOT FOOLED'
Soart narrates 'elodin scried on me! hope they come now!'
Bharr narrates 'this shit is addictive'
Lyanna narrates 'Okay so besides the scrying...what else is fools?'
Bharr narrates 'Zorzagar rips.'
Bharr narrates 'thanks to new palantir shit'
Lyanna narrates 'BHARR KEEPS LOOKING AT ME!'
Bharr narrates 'not my fault!'
Soart narrates 'Palantir network overheated - please try later. lol'
Lyanna narrates 'Seriously Bharr. Looking at me again?!'
Bharr narrates 'Lyanna is doing some bad bad things.'
Lyanna narrates 'Dirty things.'
Bharr narrates 'orc w/ brd behind wolfgate :)'
Lyanna narrates 'O M G BHARR I thought you were like killing orcs! Nooooo you're just watching me. Totes a creeper.'
Bharr narrates 'I just killed a bn, but meanwhile...'
Hemi narrates 'bn at hidden island :P'
Bharr narrates 'Zorzagar, I bet :P'
Soart narrates 'brass hound is at palantiri quest rooms right?'
Jotne narrates 'aranome and elodin seen brush'
Jotne narrates 'via scry'
Agandaur narrates 'aranome fighting with cow :D'
Jotne narrates 'milking gone wrong :)'
Ryalnos narrates 'it's scryday scryday'
Ryalnos narrates 'gotta get down on scryday'
Agandaur narrates 'ahha'
Agandaur narrates 'this scry is joke right?'
Agandaur narrates 'The Testbot is here, makin everyone happy.'
Canina narrates 'now scryed zakzirak,still show me genka now hitting heap of rooting stems'
Canina narrates 'so,everybody lets go fangorn to spank genka :D'
Canina narrates 'hehe,scryed shaml and show me toxophilus,there u hiding self u hobbit:P'
Heracles narrates 'I feel voyuered :/'
Canina narrates 'Tired scried me,im doomed'
Glurnakh narrates 'dude. me and Toxo got scryed like 5 times while near fnost tping'
Glurnakh narrates 'got scried like once before that when we were down south'
Glurnakh narrates 'made me nervous as fuck'
Tired narrates 'serpentine trail is where?'
Glurnakh narrates 'fucking tired. keeps scrying me'
Anumenonymous narrates 'MUHAHAHAHA! The Valar will never catch me! Soon all of their secrets will be made public!'
Marcel narrates 'whats going on?'
Marcel narrates 'havnt logged in days'
Marcel narrates 'wtf is that:P?'
Marcel narrates 'why ppl scried me:P'
Marcel narrates 'this a joke?'
Marcel narrates 'april fools:P?'
Tavares prays 'fror that's many many mithrils. too many to carry without a banking system implemented ;)'
Marcel narrates 'yawn'
Marcel narrates 'why the fuck does tired kept scrying me'
Tired narrates 'cause your so sexy!'
Marcel narrates 'cuz u gay'
Heracles narrates 'I know the suspect!'
Marcel narrates 'im gettin annoyed'
Heracles narrates 'were to I report!'
Fror prays 'news 2423 - we are working on it but so far we haven't found out how he did it. Either a root kit, or he got access to the original score of the Ain
ulindalë and added a few notes.'
Genka prays 'any Ainu who going to scry me one more time will be suffer in pain and reported!'
Genka narrates 'any Ainu who going to scry me one more time will be suffer in pain and reported!'
Marcel narrates 'by the way how did an orc scry me?'
Marcel narrates 'how did he know i was on'
Glurnakh narrates 'cant keep that guy off this thing'
Marcel narrates 'fucking cheaters'
Doomstrike narrates 'its scry without command'
Marcel narrates 'i know where 3 orcs r:P'
Genka narrates 'seems only brave ainu left is Tavares, everyone else tuned into shadow shroud.'
Marcel narrates 'how is this fair:P? i just scried 3 orcs :P'
Tavares narrates 'at the least, this should increase pk for the day'
Arkadij narrates 'Be informed that *something* has just scried you.'
Tavares narrates 'alright, i think it's time to log a pk whore and take advantage of this'
Tired narrates 'anyone seen nergoth and co on scry recently'
Marcel narrates 'yes starcase'
Tired narrates 'need to know for some pk reasons'
Heeh narrates 'stop scraiing me trample'
Trample narrates 'hehe'
Heeh narrates 'you dont even know magicks'
Trample narrates 'today I do!'
Toxophilus narrates 'anumenonymous is online! kill it!'
Heeh narrates 'barman in nasty mewlips in is pretty indifferent of his patrons'
Marcel narrates 'i rent i dont like this scrys'
Tired narrates 'troll at nasty mewlips inn'
Heracles prays 'I pray for Anúmenónymous to rig the blackjack games!'
Genka narrates 'scry is buged I tryeds cry Antti it not working... usless scry'
Marcel narrates 'night mume'
Marcel narrates 'prob log next day until this scry bs leaves'
Genka narrates 'lol trying scry antti and scrying canina in GG'
Canina narrates '-Trample the Mountain Troll- is standing here holding a sign: 'Come and Get some! :D'

News 2424 : Re: Freedom of information (Frór)
Written on Mon Apr  1 08:29:43 2013

MUME management apologizes for the security breach. We assure you that we
are taking all possible measures to restore the safety of your confidential
information. We have dispatched our agents across all of Arda to search for
the culprit - we request your full cooperation in delivering this criminal
to justice.

Trample narrates 'what the heck is this:'
Trample narrates 'A shapeless cloud, glowing with sparks of lightning, is hovering here.'
Trample narrates 'do you get are you mad?'
Heeh narrates 'too bad im low level, i'd like to taste it'
Heeh narrates 'yes but im lvl 2'
Heeh narrates 'no, ofc i get You ARE MAd'
Trample narrates 'i hit it and '
Trample narrates 'An amorphous cloud vanishes in a puff of smoke.'
Heeh narrates 'haha same'
Trample narrates 'Maybe that's supposed to be Anumenonymous'
Tired narrates 'an amorphous cloud appears in a puff of smoke!'
Heeh narrates 'it said it's looking for anumenonosnuamoys'
Jupiter narrates 'so what all is different right now?'
Trample narrates 'type scry'
Jupiter narrates 'I know about that and aerial (though I don't get what that one does). Is anything else different?'
Jupiter narrates 'well sometimes when they do these april 1 things they reset it the next day'
Jupiter narrates 'oh great! I didn't agereset before coming out of retire and now I'm 157 years old. :('
Heeh narrates 'that s a good thing, right'
Heeh narrates 'you're basically stone already'
Jupiter narrates 'no, 157 is 6th age'
Jupiter narrates 'haha'
Tired prays 'hmm these clouds mean they found him in my room?'
Jupiter narrates 'don't suppose there's any interest in a foy trip?'
Jupiter narrates 'with an old fart?'
Trample narrates 'probly not best day for it'
Jupiter narrates 'lol, right, didn't think about that'
Jupiter narrates 'of course you could just help me do mobs, I don't care if I get ripped aftewards, '
Genka narrates '*Lincoln the Zaugurz Orc*, wielding a heavy morningstar, is sleeping here.'
Jupiter narrates 'guess no bn wants to be on when they can be scryed at any moment'
Genka narrates 'Bulgotha, the Captain of the Zaugurz outpost, is standing here.'
Ethne narrates 'where :p'
Genka narrates ':)'
Ethne narrates 'ah :/'
Genka narrates 'at broghha'
Jupiter narrates 'wow what a moron I am. I've been away for 6 years or so so I always agereset when looking at my chars. But I decide to pull one from retire an
d forget to do it. :('
Tired narrates 'anumenonymous in the crypt!'
Tired prays 'anumenonymous bn halls'
Heeh narrates 'Anúmenónymous the Black Númenórean is standing here.'
Tired narrates 'lincoln frozen north!'
Lincoln narrates 'jesus, a troll scries me and comes and instant kills me. This game makes sense atm'
Lincoln narrates 'what a terrible joke this :D'
Ethne narrates 'the Void, is that all ppl who are dead?'
Jupiter narrates 'great. I need help foying'
Agandaur narrates 'i can come darken so u can foy ?'
Jupiter narrates 'I just need help with mobs, I'm nearly 7th age (stupidly came out of retire without reset)'
Jupiter narrates 'I'd appreciate that. If you could help me do mobs, then you can leave'
Agandaur narrates 'u are i mean ?'
Jupiter narrates 'I'm the forest north of foy'
Jupiter narrates 'great, looks like someone setting up storm near zoc'
Jupiter narrates 'sturdy dwarf with axe of durin is in ingrove watch tower'
Agandaur narrates 'genka prolly'
Jupiter narrates 'what is this areal thing?'
Jupiter narrates 'aerial'
Canina narrates 'hihi,trample and elf friendly in void :D'
Agandaur narrates 'i just typed scry alotofvagina and it showed to me cudhel the elf in main street!'
Agandaur narrates ':D'
Jupiter narrates 'haha nice'
Agandaur narrates 'so it dosent matter what u wanna scry'
Agandaur narrates 'or u type scry whatever u want it shows randomness'
Gorgom prays 'what this scry thing all about?'
Gorgom narrates 'Palantir network overheated - please try later.'
Canina narrates 'one helf in west hold sign that stop scrying me'
Heeh narrates 'when scrying, we wont see people who are fighting?'
Heeh narrates 'or is everyone else just standing there spamming scry?'
Heeh narrates 'elf cave'
Loundja narrates 'omw'
Sarkazein narrates 'how's everyone?'
Jupiter narrates 'good'
Canina narrates 'well ripped and gacced and still positive'
Heeh narrates 'hurt'
Sarkazein narrates 'that's good, the positive thing'
Jupiter narrates 'got foyed so I'm back to being a killing machine!'
Canina narrates 'all i need is brd,pampararara'
Jupiter narrates 'there is also aerial but my troll brain can't work out what it does'
Jupiter narrates 'a map of some kind'
Sarkazein narrates 'it shows a top-down view'
Heeh narrates 'of what?'
Jupiter narrates 'yea but what am I seeing? I see f, presumably forest, but where da pukes?'
Loundja narrates 'I think is a good faeture for troll to pass time :p'
Jupiter narrates 'I like the terror the pukes must feel when a troll scouts them'
Jupiter narrates 'safe xping in bm? OH BUT I SEE YOU MUAHHHAHAHAHAHAH'
Sarkazein narrates 'can i get a round of applause for the gods? this is a well done april fool's joke'
Jupiter narrates 'it's nice, clap'
Sarkazein narrates '*clap*'
Cocktail narrates 'god damn palantir show me pewks'
Cocktail narrates '*a Man*, wielding an engraved broadsword, ///// SLEEPING ///// ATTENTION !!! here.'
Sarkazein narrates 'A shapeless cloud, glowing with sparks of lightning, is hovering here.'
Sarkazein narrates 'where does that load again?'
Sarkazein narrates 'it's not the CA ones'
Heeh narrates 'hit it'
Heeh narrates 'itll go away'
Sarkazein narrates 'Your fireball completely envelops an amorphous cloud in flames.'
Sarkazein narrates 'An amorphous cloud vanishes in a puff of smoke.'
Sarkazein narrates 'i tried to charm it first :P no luck!'
Sarkazein narrates 'lol i scried razghash, and immediately after he scried me:P'
Loundja narrates 'hope this new feature wont make game crash'
Brainiac narrates 'has someone seen where razghash sits?'
Heeh narrates 'An amorphous cloud says 'IOO! Heeh! Yuu wall die before your tame.' in Westron.'
Heeh narrates 'its agro :S'
Sarkazein narrates 'who's the inco bn?'
Heeh narrates 'what about scries with no people ?'
Heeh narrates 'shroud or something?'
Sarkazein narrates 'who's the inco bn? :('
Brainiac narrates 'you are!'
Brainiac narrates 'i hear they give a million gold for the location and cell phone of anumenonymous'
Heeh narrates 'i scried him earlier'
Heeh narrates 'he's in bn crypt'
Brainiac narrates 'argh'
Brainiac narrates 'is that sunny?'
Heeh narrates 'hidden isle'
Loundja narrates 'I just scried the other inco bn :)'
Sarkazein narrates 'i'll give a piece of eq to whoever finds me socerer'
Sarkazein narrates 'sorcerer too! :P'
Brainiac narrates 'would you like it delivered alive?'
Sarkazein narrates 'lol yes'
Myshkin narrates 'So has anyone gotten kills due to palantiri?'
Agandaur narrates 'i killed some elf ferny :P'
Myshkin narrates 'nice D:'
Loundja narrates 'lie u were moria just scried u :p'
Agandaur narrates 'it was earlier when i was playing'
Psyduck narrates 'this scry thing only confirms the fact that there are no pukes nowadays :('
Myshkin narrates 'hobbit xping fangorn!'
Sarkazein narrates 'i might go fangorn and see this hobbit'
Myshkin narrates 'im already here'
Sarkazein narrates 'oh ok'
Myshkin narrates 'but he will run away most likely'
Sarkazein narrates 'do you have a charmie?'
Sarkazein narrates 'if not, get oe, let jim get a bit deeper into fangorn'
Sarkazein narrates 'and spend your mana on bobs. he'll die'
Myshkin narrates 'i know how to mume, thanks!'
Sarkazein narrates 'sheesh'
Myshkin narrates ':D relax, he's gonna die!'
Cocktail narrates 'i still think that trolls vs wobbits 2 years ag was better action'
Jinx narrates 'whats up with the message? april fools ?'
Brainiac narrates 'can someone break bree gates so i can get inside?'
Myshkin narrates 'Cudhel in bree'
Brainiac narrates 'okay which room?'
Myshkin narrates 'Main Street. He has "The shadow of Barliman'
Orbelethilen narrates 'Agandaur @ Road out of Bree-land'
Orbelethilen narrates 'according to scrying at least'
Orbelethilen narrates 'riding a trained.'
Loundja narrates 'valir ginseng spot'
Psyduck narrates '-Setting up connection to Palantir network... *a Zaugurz Orc* is -<MORTALLY WOUNDED>-
Myshkin narrates 'lol'
Myshkin narrates 'i want xp, where!'
Soart narrates 'An amorphous cloud appears in a puff of smoke. <-- the fuck?'
Agandaur narrates 'kill it!.'
Soart narrates 'insta vanished when i hit it once'
Soart narrates 'i thought its vala and im caught in cheating but alas'
Myshkin narrates 'scry doesn't show description anymore. lol i bet the coder saw my narrates and removed it?'
Sarkazein narrates 'it shows from mine'
Heeh narrates 'first time i found a fighting person with scry'
Heeh narrates 'in 4 hours'
Cudhel narrates '*troll in bree!!*'
Sarkazein narrates 'there's a dwarf in prison!'
Sarkazein narrates 'get ready to come tall orc'
Sarkazein narrates 'COME TALL ORC'
Arkadij narrates 'coming'
Sarkazein narrates 'come NOW'
Brainiac narrates 'hehehe'
Brainiac narrates 'not later?'
Brainiac narrates 'i guess i come later'
Sarkazein narrates 'elf in'
Sarkazein narrates 'i quaked mobs'
Sarkazein narrates 'so mobs aggro to me..'
Anumenonymous narrates 'MUAHAHA those valar can run all they want, they can never catch me!'
Sharra narrates 'sarkazein might be near to... (killed sarkazein just to see yhre 3 other jump&overkill me...)'
Vinther narrates 'this is the best aprils thing ever, too bad i dont have a char to pk with :S'
Cudhel narrates 'a troll got lost in middle bree about 45 min ago he was yelling 'citizen''
Faine narrates 'happy sailing Valir'
Vinther narrates 'BN STILL sleeping in Brolg room'
Benedictus narrates 'that sleeping bn in brolg might be trap'
Vinther narrates 'ok this feature NEEDS to become permanent, a bit changed, but neverthless!'
Vinther narrates 'Example, make it cost 100 gold, like you pay Erestor 100gold for intel from his elves or you pay 100gold to Great Goblin for intel'
Vinther narrates 'and cooldown is 1h'
Vinther narrates 'would be awesome'
Benedictus narrates 'That's not a good idea tbh :P'
Benedictus narrates 'It will favor hoarders for pk'
Heeh narrates 'so sarkazein told me there's great xp for lowbie trolls in lorien'
Heeh narrates 'so i was halfway there resting for night'
Heeh narrates 'and some fucking wargs kill me'
Doomstrike narrates 'brainiac + loundja fighting elite bree guard :p'
Urui narrates 'ok whats the joke?'
Urui narrates 'so we see great hall, what do they see?'
Pewpew narrates 'anyone help with foy?'
Soart prays 'dafuq you're scrying?'
Belegur narrates 'Morgoth Bauglir is here, trapped forever in the eternal void.'
Joven narrates 'i scried this like level 900 dwarf'
Joven narrates 'it was scary'
Ravi narrates 'agreed. Genka is scary'
Kagen narrates 'what the pig?!?'
Kagen narrates 'lol'
Eolo narrates 'cocktail is doing moria.'
Eolo narrates 'Yavanna's avenue atm.'
Orini narrates 'hmm, stupid to enter ow at night when I could be scried there?'
Belamir narrates 'Hah, I just scried morgoth, the testbot, and idle Hersen in the Void :P'
Soart narrates 'everyone sitting gh :S belamir sitting seagull's reception :p'
Soart narrates 'erm.. whos messing with pigeons?'
Soart narrates 'whats up with this security breach?'
Soart narrates 'who the fuck keeps looting boots!'
Benedictus narrates 'Rogontesthobbit the Hobbit, wielding a black runed dagger, is standing here.'
Benedictus narrates 'Lol!'
Benedictus narrates 'he was at Halls of Mandos'
Benedictus narrates 'Elodin don't tell anyone where i am, easy to trap me here'
Eolo narrates 'orc is vale, ha'
Brainiac narrates '1 oldwight'
Eolo narrates 'this shit is more addicting than mume itself'
Soart narrates 'OMW'
Eolo narrates 'noc is full of orcs'
Soart narrates 'fucking scout elf ruined mountless bad elf tracks :('
Belegur narrates 'Behold! I am the first BN to bear witness of the Hidden Island without being dead!'
Patience narrates 'What is up with this scry shit? Am I actually being scried, or is it just lulz?'
Tired narrates '2 trolls in priest'
Arkadij narrates 'you are, being scried.'
Tired narrates 'soart and reddas'
Patience narrates 'Also, any bn eq for a recently kicked-from-the-island BN?'
Arkadij narrates 'so pretty much you can't do anything :p'
Patience narrates 'So I was being scried on the island. How the fuck did they know I was on?'
Hooligan narrates 'cocktail's getting overkilled somewhere'
Soart narrates 'pukes doing reddas shadow in ep tunnel'
Arkadij narrates 'who gets themselves suntrapped priest as 2 trolls when a gazillion pukes on'
Soart narrates 'they came with 6 :P'
Soart narrates 'im off for beer! good luck!'
Patience narrates 'Orcs, did you slay any of those pukes?'
Tired narrates 'reddas died?'
Benedictus narrates 'yes'
Moonstrike narrates 'aye'
Eolo narrates 'yep'
Moonstrike narrates 'reddas, soart, cocktail'
Benedictus narrates 'Eolo you took brd which i specifically told you not to take?'
Eolo narrates 'don't acuse me if you don't know. I suggest you shut up.'
Benedictus narrates 'ah sry, was marok'
Eolo narrates '*wink*'
Tired narrates 'oh brainiac is trying to solo eblees'
Eolo narrates 'where' is 'A Narrow Crawlspace' ?'
Kelton narrates 'warrens i think'
Benedictus narrates '2s cask warrens'
Patience narrates 'helf sleeping in stoor village'
Elodin narrates 'warrior come dt'
Elodin narrates 'out'
Elodin narrates 'this is dumb im leaving'
Maddy narrates 'why we keep hitting leader'
Maddy narrates 'after I sleep it is beyondme'
Maddy narrates 'I go west too I guess'
Elodin narrates 'its blind'
Patience narrates 'Helf corpse at rattlesnake in tall orc...'
Valjean narrates 'kagen/cudhel/kelton in void with morgoth'
Valjean narrates 'what have i done? sweet jesus, what have i done?'
Valjean narrates 'orc sleeping in damp passage'
Benedictus narrates 'where's that'
Valjean narrates 'hell if i know'
Benedictus narrates 'did u see description? can u paste 1st sentnce?'
Valjean narrates 'this passage is low, its earthy walls are filled with rocks jutting out and tearing your clothes and skin.'
Benedictus narrates 'thanks'
Benedictus narrates 'its near rd'
Benedictus narrates 'that orc died :D'
Valjean narrates 'keep seeing people in the void :p morgoth scares me'
Benedictus narrates 'Congratulations! This is the first time you've killed it!'
Benedictus narrates 'my favourite line in mume'
Eolo narrates 'Hooligan is ZOC and whole front is all dead.'
Benedictus narrates 'nice brt'
Benedictus narrates 'need help zoc please'
Hooligan narrates 'he there?'
Benedictus narrates 'was 2 zorcs near gate'
Zakzta narrates 'he worded where is'
Barzo narrates 'what gate is this?'
Benedictus narrates 'take 3 guesses'
Zakzta narrates 'do eagle'
Tired narrates 'zoc gate!'
Benedictus narrates 'BINGO'
Eolo narrates 'anyone got the point of the aerial thing?'
Valjean narrates 'will it show enemies in your local area?'
Ravi narrates 'way cooler looking map?'
Eolo narrates 'really? how are enemies shown?'
Benedictus narrates 'Bali from the hobbit is stalking me'
Eolo narrates 'the one from hobbit is Balin'
Benedictus narrates 'Ah i see'
Benedictus narrates 'i like whois balin'
Tired narrates 'oh some orc just killed loremaster! i hope diam logs on and kills him'
Benedictus narrates 'Daniel Radcliffe with his personal Doktor around bree'
Doktor narrates 'correct!'
Benedictus narrates 'ORC EP'
Bali narrates 'troll is at eblees, fighting eblees. Corpses to - looks like he's doing.'
Benedictus narrates 'he left ep'
Benedictus narrates 'going warrens'
Ravi narrates 'dreadful orc in Shady Place'
Benedictus narrates 'where's taht'
Eolo narrates 'I know it is around noc, but really can't remember.'
Eolo narrates 'What sucks is that most descs are all familiar.'
Khurin narrates 'entrance to wnoc?'
Benedictus narrates 'exactly khurin'
Benedictus narrates 'khurin wins the prize'
Khurin narrates ':P'
Benedictus narrates 'collectible at Benedictus'
Moonstrike narrates 'hooligan is sitting Grobb just watching for PKs if someone is looking'
Benedictus narrates 'i can break zoc front if u want charge'
Moonstrike narrates 'was via scry i'm far'
Lebanen narrates 'Be informed that Tired has just scried you.This service is proudly brought to you by Anúmenónymous!----what is that?'
Ravi narrates 'read news'
Bali narrates 'Why on earth don't people read the news??'
Lebanen narrates 'why on earth does people botter to complain about people not reading news instead of just answering the question?'
Bali narrates 'I find it more satisfying.'
Benedictus narrates 'lol i died!'
Zonzal narrates 'dammit athey saw me'
Zonzal narrates 'D:'
Maugli narrates 'Be informed that *an Elf* has just scried you.'
Maugli narrates 'is that related to last changes ?'
Radcliffe narrates 'lost newb bear somewhere between bree and fnost could really use a light, remp, and remd if theres anyone hansy'
Radcliffe narrates 'handy'
Marok narrates 'trolls foying fyi'
Marok narrates 'bn too'
Marok narrates '4 in total'
Lysithea narrates 'might be 3'
Marok narrates 'brainiac dquared noname'
Marok narrates 'or luring tactic'
Jupiter narrates 'does this scry provide anything useful ever? Mostly I get things like void, inside rd and other info I can't really do anything with'
Brainiac narrates 'yeah it can provoke pukes into attacking you if you show yourself at your weakest'
Eolo narrates 'orc going awful dt'
Eater narrates 'now i got a dwarf with anarwen in lorien?'
Toxophilus narrates 'I like MUME :=)'
Toxophilus narrates 'fuck i get scried at the worst times'
Genka narrates 'Hooligan got notrackes seems'
Genka narrates 'everyone scry and tell me wehre is Hooligan'
Lebanen narrates 'moonstrike and doomstrike dont like spiders'
Moonstrike narrates 'we just got like 4x scry :) hey all'
Ravi narrates 'Hi!'
Dsquared narrates 'was this 1st april to facilitate pk or what?'
Dsquared narrates 'all i get is tons of ppl w BWB and in fangorn'
Dsquared narrates 'no one dares to do shit'
Dsquared narrates 'GJ!'
Toxophilus narrates 'no, but lowbies tping around get hunted :p'
Zamorak narrates 'I get stabbed afk and overkilled : ( !'
Toxophilus narrates 'comf!'
Zamorak narrates 'Although its cool to use it ! : )'
Dsquared narrates 'nod, im really having a hard time to see the benefits of it'
Korgath narrates 'dont whine, it will be gone soon'
Zamorak narrates 'i think its over in 2 hours anywhays : )'
Trample narrates 'cant seem to scry the gods :P'
Trample narrates 'not TOTAL information freedom'
Kenzu narrates 'So, which dwarf should I reroll, level 63, 65 or other 63? :)'
Ravi narrates 'rofl. Sauron just scryed me :D'
Zippo narrates 'korgath and alhazred spotted on scry'
Heeh narrates 'Be informed that Elrond has just scried you.'
Heeh narrates ':S'
Canina narrates 'i read which wife should i reroll'
Brunbrum narrates 'LOL the void morgoth bauglir is here trapped forever in the eternal void, datura the elf wielding a shortbow is resting here(idle) nice scry'

Cadriel narrates 'an *American* is at work, hoping his boss dosn't walk in.'
Ravi narrates '*fearsome Boss* walks in'
Sneeky narrates 'The Testbot is here, making everyone happy.The Void'
Anumenonymous narrates 'HELP!'
Anumenonymous narrates 'THEY GOT ME!'
Loundja narrates 'flee '
Anumenonymous narrates 'FAILED FLEES!'
Loundja narrates 'escape'
Ravi narrates 'fearsome and dreadful Guardian'
Loundja narrates 'rock door'
Anumenonymous narrates 'NO PRACS IN ESCAPE!'
Loundja narrates 'u have rocks?'
Joven narrates 'its loundja and zamorak :P'
Anumenonymous narrates 'AAARRGH!'
Loundja narrates 'dont die'
Sneeky narrates 'An amorphous cloud makes a strange sound, as you place a slender dagger in its back.'
Bali narrates 'Did it die?'
Sneeky narrates 'nope '
Sneeky narrates 'An amorphous cloud vanishes in a puff of smoke.'
an amorphous clounarrates 'I've found him! Bring in the enforcers!'
Bali narrates 'Tell us where, amorphous cloud!'
an amorphous clounarrates 'HURRY! I've got him blocked!'
Bali narrates 'Yeah, you're going to have to be more specific..'
the Balrog narrates 'Coming!'
Anumenonymous narrates 'you will never get me alive!'
Bali narrates 'Nice. I just scried Fuedwik in the Stat Selection Area.'

News 2426 : Re: Freedom of information (Frór)
Written on Mon Apr  1 20:49:12 2013

The criminal known as Anúmenónymous has been captured and has paid the
ultimate price for his treachery. Our team of security experts is busily
fixing the rest of the damage he caused.

Many thanks to the hundreds of amorphous clouds who scoured Arda in search
of the culprit.

Eolo narrates 'dafuq is a tree doing at rd ford?'
Trample narrates 'interesting at ford'
Eolo narrates 'all darkies are scrying me atm'
Joven narrates 'lol they took the scrying away?'
Zori narrates 'lol'
Decimus narrates 'finally'
Zori narrates 'fearsome ford'
Eolo narrates 'I wanna know how that tree ended up at ford.'
Zori narrates 'still working, only for ford though'
Eolo narrates 'w/ a corpse hanging.'
Decimus narrates 'the tree is obviously the bn guy'
Eolo narrates 'I guess it's the anonymorfous whatever '
Sneeky narrates 'now we could use this in washington lol'
Eolo narrates 'I burned his corpse :P'
Belamir narrates 'Why is there a tree at Ford?'
Decimus narrates 'the dude was hanged'
Eolo narrates 'the anonymous guy was killed and his corpse was hanged there'
Decimus narrates 'the anoneneneneneymous guy'
Belamir narrates 'Ah.'
Eolo narrates 'Anonymyassnumenoreananus'
Sneeky narrates '*Trample the Mountain Troll* is standing here with a sign ' B E N D O V E R '.lol'
Eolo narrates '*Trample the Mountain Troll* is standing here hanging on a meathook at a crazy angle.'
Korgath narrates 'so who got anumenonymous?'
Eolo narrates 'rofl'
Eolo narrates 'first Anumenonymous corpse was hanging, I cut it down and burnt'
Eolo narrates 'now they put a fake corpse that you can't burn there.'
Eolo narrates 'haahah'
Belamir narrates 'Bad Eolo.. breaking things!'
Yants narrates 'Other than myself has anyone here actually been on a mud that was hacked ?'
Zori narrates 'i was on tradewars once when it was hacked'
Zori narrates 'guess im dating myself :p'
Belamir narrates 'The Secretary says 'For you, Belámir, it will be 4960 lauren.''
Shazta prays 'so scry thing was for april fools or someone bugged a code?'
Yants prays 'i think it was buggy code'
Yants prays 'rumour is someone broke into mume and hacked the source'
Shazta prays 'u having me on yants?'
Loundja narrates 'The disfigured corpse of Anúmenónymous hangs here. A sign was posted "B E L O W "'
Loundja narrates 'well he died :('
Heeh narrates 'nice sign trample'
Loundja narrates 'game no fun anymore without him'
Korgath prays 'aerial service is still brought by now dead Anumenonymous btw'
Mandor prays 'Our best wizards are trying to scrub the code as we speak'
Eolo narrates 'Trample, Kolbasjenish and Zomb are ford.'
Rochben narrates 'not nice to eat bash from them'
Draupner narrates 'who killed Anumenonymous?'
Belamir narrates 'Those amorphous clouds or whatever'
Zomb narrates 'anti just wants some pk action'
Yants narrates 'ok the next person who causes lag gets a month in morgul vale'
Trample narrates 'how come gods can scry US but we cant scry THEM?'
Alhazred narrates '*causes lag*'
Trample narrates 'that was server backup lag'
Belamir narrates 'It was Zomb!'
Alhazred narrates 'oops, sorry yants'
Trample narrates 'put the server in vale'
Sneeky narrates '*Trample the Mountain Troll* is standing here with a sign: COME FIGHT!!.at the ford'
Sneeky narrates '*Trample the Mountain Troll* is here, fighting Rochben'
Yants narrates 'i could use his scalp if you wouldn't mind'
Trample narrates 'hehe'
Trample narrates 'now, now Yants'
Trample narrates 'well sun!'
Trample narrates 'sigh'
Sneeky narrates '*Trample the Mountain Troll* is standing here with a sign: YANTS IS A GOON.'
Yants narrates 'where the freak did he get a sign ?'
Trample narrates 'haha!!'
Decimus narrates 'he build one with 1 stick and 6 planks'
Sneeky narrates 'he got a colossal tree also lol'
Sarkazein prays 'oooh, i found a typo!'
Ryalnos prays 'You're a typo.'
Caldan prays 'If only we had a way for people to report things like that.'
Sarkazein prays 'i know, like, a typo board.. too bad one doesn't exist, amirite?!'
Caldan prays 'You should 'idea' that.'

News 2427 : Re: Freedom of information (Antti)
Written on Tue Apr  2 14:47:16 2013

During this year, our almost traditional April Fools was built around the theme
of hacker Anumenonymous (A) taking over MUME, at least partially. A. provided
two commands available to any characters: 'scry' - showing random player's room
on your screen, and sending a message to the scried person about this, and
'aerial', showing an aerial illustration of terrain around player's location.

Main purpose of April Fools is to provide some sillyness for one day, as a
unique refresher that takes place only on that one day.

In addition to that, we actually wanted to see what happens when players become
suddenly much more aware of each other. Would they spam to scry location like
heatseeking missiles, or would they start avoiding all places E of BWB, would
big hunting squads be established, would someone use scry as an false alarms to
draw attention to somewhere else?

We thank specifically Frór of Erebor, and also the rest of the involved ainur
for making it happen.

 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2013/04/03 18:21, Antti: 
Linked discussion: [submitted link]

2013/04/03 18:32, Belamir: 
Some amusing narrates in there.

Sarkazein narrates 'elf is sleeping ! wielding a sabre, in a lush, green meadow!'
Sarkazein narrates 'that actually seems pretty nice'

2013/04/03 20:32, Telessar:   
I read more descriptions on 4/1/13 than I ever have since discovering brief mode back in '04 :X

2013/04/03 22:53, Ryalnos:   
I suppose actions could help with that roflgragrwbl.

2013/04/04 06:40, Morkai: 
It's funny how many people didn't immediately realize the cause of this feature.
I love the April fools day in MUME.
Looking forward to it next year.

However, it wouldn't hurt if immos found the time to implement more such special one-day-features, maybe even events that could be called quests?

2013/04/04 07:21, Cocktail:   
Hooligan narrates 'cocktail's getting overkilled somewhere'
mwahahaahaa ..

2013/04/04 15:22, Hana: 
best narrate :D
Sneeky narrates '*Trample the Mountain Troll* is standing here with a sign ' B E N D O V E R '

2013/04/10 06:36, Trample: 

2016/02/24 02:54, Atalantë:   


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