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(7081 hits. Posted 2013/08/21)

![ CW HP:Awful>n
The Dimly-lit Sanctum
A meticulously carved fountain, made from the finest of marble stands here.
Exits: south.
Aleallyra has arrived from the south.
A mountain mule has arrived from the south.
Cernunnos has arrived from the south.
A warhorse has arrived from the south.

!# CW HP:Awful>sip fountain
You take a sip from the fountain.

!# CW HP:Awful>

!# CW HP:Awful>
A sudden pain strikes you in the chest, and you fall to the ground as you feel yourself drifting from this world.

![ CW HP:Bad>
The feeling of drifting away ascends and the pain inside reaches a point your mind cannot bear. Your eyes are filled with the eternal light of life itself as th
e awful pain slowly releases its grip around your heart.

![ CW HP:Bad>
Blinded you tumble around the world searching for the location in spacetime where you came from.

![ CW HP:Bad>
Terror strikes you as you realize that you are completely lost in Ea's history and location. Desperately you seek something familiar between the thousands of sh
attered images flying below your eyes. When all seems lost, you finally catch a glimpse of the 
fountain from which you drank. Grasping for this last firm point you set your mind to reaching it.

![ CW HP:Bad>
Too late, your mind screams out! You are passing back to the world below, but NOT to the point of exit. Frightened you prepare to examine what this shocking jou
rney has done to you.

![ CW HP:Bad>
You feel yourself returning to the Sanctum...

!# CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Fainting>
Aleallyra eats a magic mushroom.

!# CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Fainting>sle
You go to sleep.

o# CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Fainting>sc
1/446 hits, 1/54 mana, and 1/165 moves.

o# CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Fainting>stat
OB: 91%, DB: -40%, PB: 75%, Armour: 90%. Wimpy: 0. Mood: wimpy.
Needed: 1,120,851 xp, 0 tp. Gold: 78. Alert: normal.
Trip: 6984 xp, 68 tp; 46k xp/hr, 453 tp/hr. Session: 9 min.
Affected by:
- a light wound at the right arm (clean)
- a serious wound at the body (clean)
- noquit
- a light wound at the right foot (clean)
- novoid

o# CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Fainting>inf
You are a male Dwarf.
You are 49 years, 2 months and 24 days old.
You have played 30 days and 10 hours (real time). Session: 9 mins.
This ranks you as Reich  (level 63).
You are four feet ten and weigh fifteen stone and six pounds.
Perception: vision 35, hearing -30, smell -75. Alertness: normal.
You must have been sent to Arda to free it from the sorrows that weigh upon it.
You are welcome in the Anduin Vale, the Blue Mountains, Bree, Fornost, the Grey Havens, Lorien, Rivendell, and the Shire.
Your equipment weighs ninety-five pounds. Heavy, but we will manage...
Your base abilities are: Str:18 Int:9 Wis:8 Dex:17 Con:18 Wil:17 Per:9.
Offensive Bonus: 91%, Dodging Bonus: -40%, Parrying Bonus: 75%.
Your armour provides an average protection of 90%.
You have 2/446 hit, 1/54 mana, and 3/165 movement points.
Your mood is wimpy. You will fight to the death.
You have scored 58,879,149 experience points and you have 302,575 travel points.
You are not known for any acts of war.
You need 1,120,851 exp. points and 0 travel points to reach the next level.
You have 78 gold coins, 4 silver pennies, and 9 copper pennies.
You are speaking Westron.
You will swim if necessary.
You will try to climb even under unsafe conditions.

You are subjected to the following temporary effects:
- a light wound at the right arm (clean)
- a serious wound at the body (clean)
- noquit
- a light wound at the right foot (clean)
- novoid

o# CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Fainting>
You die as Cernunnos sprays you with bright light.

You are dead! Sorry...

 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2013/08/21 02:52, Reich: 
Gotta love those alias's.

2013/08/21 03:04, Drogtash: 
You might've bled to death also :P You foyed twice or were you awful with a serious wound and then instantly sipped? ... Hrmp, bad aliases?

2013/08/21 03:06, Cernunnos:   
Well, i messed up and hit the wrong alias. New client... I already apologized profusely in game so there's really not much else I can say. Sorry again Reich.

2013/08/21 06:36, Luke: 
Hehe. Reminds me when i played Mochomurka and quite often instead of 're' = rest i pressed 'er' = erthquake, was quite funny when stored and big group in room.
Drogtash, read it again.

2013/08/21 07:52, Asgon:   
I have an alias for 'ke' to 'kill *elf*'. During one exciting skirmish in warrens hatch as a troll I charged into the room and typoed 'le' instead. That turns out to be short for leave and, since at this point I wasn't engaged, MUME made my poor troll step out of hatch into daylight where I promptly sunned. :(

Since then I've made a client alias for 'le' that simply prints 'Don't use LE!' on my screen and drops the command.

2013/08/21 09:33, Roadkill: 
My puke mage had an alias 'ea' to cast earthquake. At one point, my 't' button started malfunctioning, making me attempt to 'ea food' any number of times per session and promptly earthquake my room. Most of the time, I was able to cancel the spell. A few times, however, I had stored quakes and a room full of people around me inside Rdell.

Not so good.

2013/08/21 10:30, Tont: 
Once when shrouded I wanted to purchase something from an elf in Grey Havens. He didn't want to deal with persons he doesn't see. And I missed 's' when trying to 'hit self'. I think he started to deal with shrouded people after that.

2013/08/21 11:57, Raudo: 
well yes Luke, Er is not a good alias for quake:
[submitted link]


2013/08/21 14:14, Jenzn: 
Haha been there done that :)

2013/08/21 15:01, Elestir:   
This reminds me a scene with Elrond.
My alias for quake is 'ea' and I also have alias 'ae' for 'ask Elrond ost-in-edhil'... So far I only typoed it once though!

2013/08/21 20:56, Drogtash: 
Why Luke? He either went awful from the giants and sipped with a serious body wound or that was a re-sip because the first sip wasn't enough and he only posted it from 2nd sip. Either way he had an unbound serious wound at his body while he was foying.

2013/08/22 05:59, Silarin:   
Read it again Drog.

2013/08/22 14:27, Burzwrak:   
Once in a band cAmp....

2013/08/22 15:10, Drogtash:edited 1x   
I've read it a few times now, what is it you want me to find?

2013/08/22 16:27, Telessar:   
o# CW HP:Awful Mana:Icy Move:Fainting>
You die as Cernunnos sprays you with bright light.

2013/08/22 20:28, Drogtash:edited 1x   
Aha, well with '... Hrmp, bad aliases?' I meant, maybe the guy (Cernunnos) should've made it harder to mix up an attack spell with a cure spell? I noticed that the first time's why I was wondering what it was you wanted me to find.

Guess it should've been 'could've bled to death also :P' before that...


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