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In tribute to players, who have moved on to other things. 

Submit a tribute here.   

  • Please respect character separation. We can assume all those listed are player of (name listed).
  • Please only submit characters you know are gone 6 months or more.
  • People submitted for the Tribute Pages should represent something special or have an outstanding skill or history.

  Avcom, Beer, Bodycast, Cavalier, Daum, Dorien
  Drengist, Enso, Gangee, Grang, Hanse, Korog
  Maria, Mournblade, Nick, Norsu, Orlaug, Rudger
  Sardaukar Arrakis, Scrape, Slapo, Snarf, Snuttan, Thrud
  Thuzzle, Tukaar, Ugurz, Var, Zim

Of Glorfindels Crew
I dont know if anyone remembers Nick, an elf with title of Glorfindel's crew, around level 22. He pretty much got me into Mume, was the first to lead me around, xp me, help me out etc. Sucks that it was remade to Dwarf. I used to think his title was one that you had to choose from a select number of 'titles' and I was excited at the possibility of having a 'of Glorfindels crew' title. Just one of those players that stays with you because they introduced you to MUME pretty much.


The Witch
1993 - 2001
One of the best ever!
Was #1 warlord for very long time.

He stopped after he was done with school, because he was only rarely able to play with his friends.


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