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In tribute to players, who have moved on to other things. 

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  • Please respect character separation. We can assume all those listed are player of (name listed).
  • Please only submit characters you know are gone 6 months or more.
  • People submitted for the Tribute Pages should represent something special or have an outstanding skill or history.

  Avcom, Beer, Bodycast, Cavalier, Daum, Dorien
  Drengist, Enso, Gangee, Grang, Hanse, Korog
  Maria, Mournblade, Nick, Norsu, Orlaug, Rudger
  Sardaukar Arrakis, Scrape, Slapo, Snarf, Snuttan, Thrud
  Thuzzle, Tukaar, Ugurz, Var, Zim

The Shopkeeper
1995 - 1999
What made him special was his shop.
It was made with zMUD and automated via triggers. If you brought him legend equipment, he would receipt it, and you received credit in his shop. Each item had a different credit value. For example, when You died, You could purchase some eq for the credits you had earned. It worked really well, but suddenly management decided, that it was BANKING, and his shop was banned and he never forgave it to MUME.



1991 - 1995
Oh Mournblade, how I miss thee. If it wasn't for your vindictive nature or your willingness to fight even in the most dire situations, I wouldn't be the thief I am today in Mume. I proudly announce Mournblade as the one and only TRUE assassin-for-hire. I clearly remember many days I asked Mourn to deal with certain players I needed assassinated and, to this day, I will refuse to give anyone the details due to preserving my oath to his servitude.


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