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evil dwarf gets a mouthful (Nazgum)comments   back
   (12 ratings and 8807 hits. Posted 2001/09/14)

* W HP:Fine Mana:Hot>Izarg says 'I am still noshout'

<=== we exping all during that time, i just cut xping out ===>

Izarg says 'You can shout again.'
say who did u ask?
Fjn narrates 'RUNK to the runkin' runk!'
Izarg shouts 'RuNKin TEST!!!!'
Izarg says 'rocking'
Fjn giggles.
Izarg says 'I got voice back'

* W a brown bear:Hurt Fjn:Fine>say ROFL
Izarg says 'you have been silenced!'
Fjn falls down laughing.
Izarg says 'Fukkers!!!!'

* W>say well
Izarg giggles.

* W>say u deserve it :p
Izarg says 'j/k'

* W>say u fakking runker

* W>say oh :>

* W>say that would have been cool

* W>say if i would be on
Izarg says 'hehe yea ;p'

* W>say i would insta silence u again!!

<=== more xping ====>

Izarg falls down laughing.
Izarg falls down laughing.
Izarg falls down laughing.
Izarg falls down laughing.
Izarg says 'Vair took away your ability to shout!'

* W>say JEAH!
Izarg falls down laughing.
Fjn grunts 'Silence, while i drink this beer!'

* W>say ehhe
Izarg says 'she fukking took it'

* W>say she took what?

* W>say silence or waht?
Fjn grunts 'his virginity'
Izarg says 'my voice'

* W>say oh

* W>say kewl
Izarg says 'she fakking silenced me again ;p'

* W>say ehhe

* W>laugh izarag
You point your finger at him and laugh.

* W>
Izarg says 'well at least the world got to hear one good RUNK from Izarag'

* W>say u are not supposed to runk on public chanels

* W>say whatver public means

* W>say jeah
Fjn giggles.

* W>say runk test

* W>laugh
You fall down laughing.
Izarg giggles.
Fjn grunts 'what does RUNK mean?'
Fjn giggles.
Fjn grunts 'puke?'

* W>say masturbate
Fjn falls down laughing.
Izarg falls down laughing.
Izarg falls down laughing.
Izarg falls down laughing.
Izarg falls down laughing.

* W>say didnt u know?
Fjn grunts 'I had no idea what it meant!!'
Fjn giggles.

* W>say rofl!

* W>say now tell MJ that u didnt know what it meant
Fjn grunts 'thats why i was runking all over the place!'

* W>say and u never do it again :>

* W>say i runk all the time

* W>emote runks in amusement.
Fjn runks on you!

* W>say we are all men

* W>say !
Fjn hands you a tissue.
Fjn grunts 'wipe yerself!'

2001/09/14 01:10, Wroom: 
Very interesting and all...*pat nazgum*

2001/09/14 02:25, Niya: 

2001/09/14 05:29, Devastator: 
Snicker, welcome to adolescence!

2001/09/14 05:33, Dos: 
was this funny?

2001/09/14 06:09, Nazgum: 
guess you had to be there :)

2001/09/14 06:32, Enforcer: 
funny to see people using works like runk and fakking :P heavy non-english influence in mume.............

2001/09/14 08:35, Axel: 
ack, you posted that :)

2001/09/14 11:52, Shadrach: 
And imagine that some people complain there isnt much rp on mume!

2001/09/14 15:10, Fankil: 

2001/09/15 03:32, Durcano: 
my 1st thought was ' ????????? '

but now i read other comments like 'was this funny?'
no - atleast not for me ... :p

but i will read this tomorrow again, maybe funnier then :p

2001/10/15 16:32, Roadkill: 
I'm a very, very stupid troll and didn't see the funny side of this. Of course, I didn't read it very well either, but that's stupid for ya.


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