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(7 ratings and 4952 hits. Posted 2001/10/27)
* R C Mana:Hot Move:Tired a rooster:Wounded>
You pierce a rooster's head hard and shatter it.

* R C Mana:Hot Move:Tired a rooster:Bad>
You strongly pierce a rooster's body and shatter it.
A rooster is incapacitated and will slowly die, if not aided.

* R C Mana:Hot Move:Tired a rooster:Dying>
You pierce a rooster's right foreleg extremely hard and shatter it.
Your victim is shocked by your hit!
You receive your share of experience.
One more death... It seems to be a litany... 
Your blood freezes as you hear a rooster's death cry.
A rooster is dead! R.I.P.

* R C Mana:Hot Move:Tired>b woodendoor
cast 'block door' woodendoor
You start to concentrate...

b gate
The exit south seems to blur for a while.

* R C Mana:Hot Move:Tired>cast 'block door' gate
You start to concentrate...

Your spell backfired! 
Alas, you realize that yet again the mighty knowledge of drowned Numenor has
been lost... Despair settles on you.

* R C Mana:Hot Move:Tired>b gate
cast 'block door' gate
You start to concentrate...

The exit north seems to blur for a while.

* R C Mana:Cold Move:Tired>#zap
#Connection terminated by user
#Remote hosts address:
#Trying to connect..
Connected to remote host

                        ***  Mume  VII  ***

                  In progress at FIRE
             (Free Internet Roleplay Experiences)
         Adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth World and
            Maintained by CryHavoc, Manwe and Nada.

          Original code DikuMUD I (view credits), created by:
    S. Hammer, T. Madsen, K. Nyboe, M. Seifert and H.H. Staerfeldt.

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* C HP:Awful Mana:Burning>l
The Hidden Island
A large bulletin board is mounted on a wall here.

* C HP:Awful Mana:Burning>inf
You are a male Black Numenorean.
You are 47 years, 3 months, and 22 days old.
You have played 22 days and 7 hours (real time).
This ranks you as Gimilzor of the Red Eye (level 39).
You are six feet two and weigh thirteen stone and ten pounds.
Perception: vision 40, hearing -10, smell -25. Alertness: normal.
You are totally corrupted by the Evilness of Morgoth!
Your equipment weighs nothing. Peanuts.
Your base abilities are: Str:12 Int:19 Wis:16 Dex:13 Con:15 Wil:10 Per:12.
Offensive Bonus: 73%, Dodging Bonus: -32%, Parrying Bonus: 0%.
You are not wearing any armour.
You have 9/181 hit, 84/98 mana, and 117/117 movement points.
Your mood is wimpy. You will flee if your hit points go below 180.
You have scored 20,079,774 experience points and you have 176,802 travel
You are recognised as a leader of the forces of the Dark Lord.
You need 570,226 exp. points and 0 travel points to reach the next level.
You have 0 copper.
You are speaking Westron.
You will climb if necessary.

You are subjected to the following temporary effects:

*** Return: continue, b: back one page, r: redisplay, q:quit (98%) *** q
* C HP:Awful Mana:Burning>On the 10th Solmath, 2910, you were killed in a Dusty Barn by Bagger the Dwarf
(while feeling less in control of yourself than usual).

-- So here you go Fragir, I was blocked in an exit for 6 minutes, when Bagger comes, in
-- notices im linkless, full hps, kills me. I admit I take a risk by doing it, and 
-- realise it, I just want to show you all what skills he has.

2001/10/27 16:30, Bagger:   
First, I didnīt see you were linkless since it stood on the line below and I was up in spam, close exit.
And I was with waldo and he didnīt see the flagg either, he told me when we sat shady splitting the loot.
I WOULDN`T HAVE KILLED YOU LINKLESS DAMNIT. And yes itīs really stupid going afk there and then say you had a flagg when it wasnt the links fault that u were linkless.

2001/10/27 16:38, Gimilzor: 
To quote Bagger: 'I WOULDN'T HAVE KILLED YOU LINKLESS DAMNIT'. Oxymoron to me.

2001/10/27 16:45, David: 
rocka!.. but havent you killed linkless?.. errr.. i might be wrong ofcourse..

2001/10/27 17:10, Fredde: 
NICE!!! fuckin linklesskilling morons! *add bagger waldo to linkless killing list*

2001/10/27 17:46, Eāle:   
ooh! i liked this log! 5 stars! good to see gimilzwhore die and especially linkless, should be linkless mobripped to!

2001/10/27 17:54, Beruleth:   
Like you haven't never killed linkless.

2001/10/27 18:33, Bagger:   
Me and Waldo didnīt see flagg, I was up in spam and waldo didnīt see either.

2001/10/27 18:48, Rogon:   
Well, shit happens, quit your whining already.

2001/10/27 18:55, Beruleth:   
(this was ment to gimilzor ofcourse)

2001/10/27 19:07, Porien: 
Well, waldo is know moron who needs to overkill every single bn he meets. Now he shows us his skills on overkilling linkdead bns.
MAKE FUCKING HIGHLIGHT FOR (linkless) IF YOU ARE SO STUPID. *nod self* and *nod Fredde*

2001/10/27 19:14, Clara: 
Well linkless kills always suck and normally i would say comf, but with the playing style
of gimilzor who kills afk/linkless ppl and even tries to mobrip ppl its kinda irritating that he whines now.
Well and that kind of log better suits than elvenrunes, doesn't it?

2001/10/27 20:05, Shake: 
Haven't you killed linkless puke just few days ago on abr?
Seems one linkless killer died by the hand of the other
linkless killer ..
How ironic :)

2001/10/27 20:16, David: 
i wont put em on no linklesskilling list.. since gimilzor does it himself i can only say that i think it was fair kill..

2001/10/27 22:14, Lerian: 
Try 'whois minariel' if you swedish.. atleast made me laugh. :)

2001/10/28 12:12, Wryak: 
Shit happens you say? Yeah right. By no means is a linkless kill a 'fair kill', no matter what circumstances until one is a proven linklesskiller.

2001/10/28 13:22, Jalin: log

2001/10/28 13:27, Roadkill: 
Cut ElvenRunes, paste

2001/10/28 20:42, Bagger:   
innocent till proven guilty!

2001/10/29 09:34, Devastator: 
Stop whining about fakking linklessdeaths on elvenrunes it belongs to MUME.NET

2001/10/29 13:07, Molroth:   
Well.. if u want to go afk next time please get somewhere out and camp rent for a while. Much safer methinks...

2001/10/29 16:33, Johannes: 

2001/11/10 16:44, Wroom: 
laf,well log yes,but we all know baggers a total newbie anyways


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