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(17384 hits. Posted 2002/10/06)
the toad:Fine>
You barely hit the toad's body.

the toad:Fine>
*a Human* has arrived from the south riding the trained horse

the toad:Fine>
*a Human* leaves east riding the trained horse

the toad:Fine>info
You are speaking in morbeth.
You are a male  Numenorean.
You are 28 years, 0 months and 0 days old. It's your birthday today!
You have played 0 months, 0 days and 3 hours (real time).
This ranks you as Fuerte the Numenorean (level 1).
Your height is 174cm and you weigh 67kg.
You are evil, you could be a decent follower of Sauron...
You are carrying 3 kg of equipment. Peanuts.
You are too inexperienced on Arda to know your base abilities...
Offensive Bonus: 5%, Dodging Bonus: 9%, Parrying Bonus: 0%.
Your armour absorbs, on average, 0% of damage.
You will flee if your hit points go below 10. Your mood is aggressive.
You have scored 83 experience points and you have 1442 travel points.
You need 717 exp. points and 0 travel points to reach the next level.
You have 0 copper pennies.
You will swim if necessary.
You are fighting.

You are subjected to the following temporary effects:
- noquit

the toad:Fine>
*a Human* has arrived from the east riding the trained horse

the toad:Fine>f
PANIC! You can't quit the fight!

the toad:Fine>f
You flee head over heels.
Thick Woods
A brown fox is here, looking for some rabbits to chew up.

*a Human* has arrived from the east riding the trained horse

*a Human* pats you on your head.

You smile happily.

You chuckle politely.

*a Human* gives you 1 gold coin.

*a Human* looks at you.

OB: 5%, DB: 9%, PB: 0%, Armor: 0%. Wimpy: 10. Mood: aggressive.
Needed: 720 xp, 0 tp. Wp: 0. Gold: 1.
- noquit

The brown fox has arrived from the west

*a Human* says 'tell those urcs i ran west, ok?'

*a Human* says 'not east'

*a Human* waves.

*a Human* leaves east riding the trained horse

You wave.

2002/10/06 05:19, Rogon:   
Yeah i remember this one :) It almost makes me want to post that old log from when azazhel was level 25 and demanded some noname man's moneybag to let him live, and got it :P with money in it!

2002/10/06 05:46, Truk:   
ahh yeah hehe im having a good laugh over this one

2002/10/06 10:28, Britney: 
anyone got log about first uses of charge. Im not sure was it Jeesus or who (level 9 or so) charged Superdeathflame to corpse from full hps with 1 charge :)

2002/10/06 13:26, Kaool:   
Reminds me of the Aschit log (I think) where he mugs a bn of his shield and sword. Made him repent for his sins etc... cute and very funny.

2002/10/06 17:08, Gonfor:   
I've always loved this one. The Aschit log is pretty funny too. I'm going to have to try and dig up something this cool! Not likely but worth a shot.

2002/10/06 22:48, Edvard: 
*a Human* leaves east riding the trained horse

very nice one =)

2002/10/07 11:10, Devastator: 
Rocking log :) and *nod* Rogon :P

2002/10/07 11:59, Yoda: 
I remember one where a fear scroll is passed from bn to whitie who recites it and kills the bn (or was it the other way round ?

2002/10/07 23:25, Humala: 
HAHA!!! This log rocks, and it rocked the first time I read it in the year 12 :)

2002/10/08 10:10, Helevorn:   
Yoda: Plonn was the BN, dunno who the whities were though.

2002/10/08 13:37, Rogon:   
Whitie did necro, came out, bn was standing there, so they gave it to the bn, bn ponders, gives it back, whitie recites it, bn dies from heartattack! Was a funny one too yeah.

2002/10/08 22:22, Uber: 
You are too inexperienced on Arda to know your base abilities...

must have been fun :P

2002/10/10 10:27, Rayden:   
LOL, that was cute :) These old goodies make me regret i didn't know anything about mume about 5 years ago :/

2002/10/10 19:52, Neo: 
I think you should post the log of Reivax and I falling on your head in liche shaft and making you #1 warlord with Azazhel :) If it's not a classic yet, it will be!

2002/10/15 01:08, Gray: 
Uber> must have been fun :P

Was not fun, I tell ya... was contest of patience and luck. My gf got int20 wis18 dex17 str13 cleric on like 2nd or 3rd attempt, while I levelled like 50 pukemages just to get best of them with int19 wis17 dex17 str11... Back then dex was much more important for casters than now, and per/wil was useless (just fyi). Good thing stathunting is gone, and such nice thing as limited rerolls got coded!

2002/10/16 11:38, Bonzo: 
Gray -> Back then was no per/wil...but fyi anyways.

2002/11/15 07:30, Jycherok: 
I wonder if bn kept up to his end of the bargain and told orcs he went west...

fucking hilarious log.

2002/12/17 01:10, Axel: 
Btw, that log seems to have been originially posted at following site [submitted link]
Many thanks go to Aredhel, who found out about the origin, since I only got it from a friends log collection.

So if you people get hold of were the logs in the blast-from-the-past section were originally posted or who posted them, we really should show our appreciation and share those links.

2007/05/05 19:45, Bungo: 
-> Bonzo back then WAS wil :)

2007/08/23 12:57, Susu: 
hilarious .. :D


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