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(14 ratings and 31602 hits. Posted 2003/01/22)

2003/01/22 14:56, Hasta: 
long, spammy, maybe it should've been on other logs

but still, muscles beat brain!

2003/01/22 15:02, Alantir:Rated: Superb 
Nice and juicy... Juice must be one messed up char. :) Superb for this.

2003/01/22 15:57, Vidomina:Rated: Superb 
Great, 5 stars...

2003/01/22 16:01, Durandir:  Rated: Superb 
Joice is coolieeee! And muscels dont beat brain!

2003/01/22 16:18, Hasta: 
i think it did! he was much more smart than me, taking advantage of the mobs, but since i got HellOfaPierce i was the muscles :/

2003/01/22 16:20, Gray: 
Rofl, what the HELL is his class - if thief can hitflee him to death? Fucked up battle mage? :P

Besides, what level are you, if you have 300 hps as orc scout? My elven scout got more =)

2003/01/22 16:22, Juice:   
I made this char to what it is coz It got boring with the thiefbolter I was earlier, and now I made him really sucky so bns will fight me :)
Im some kind off war,thief,mage,cleric :P

2003/01/22 16:33, David:Rated: Good 
fucking up characters HO! =) haha.. Deavon rawks, deffenseSneakerMaxDodgepracced mage! .. fear it.. !=P 72db with staff..

2003/01/22 16:52, Sin:  Rated: Superb 
Looked nice. Well fought and nice of both to stay till the end.

2003/01/22 17:14, Drakmar:   
Scrolled thru due to spammy log, but when exactly did you get that it was juice? noticed you were killing by name at the end.

2003/01/22 17:16, Alantir:Rated: Superb 
I'm guessing they yelled it to each other or?..

2003/01/22 17:22, Juice:   
*nods Alantir*

2003/01/22 18:01, Joei:  Rated: Superb 
!!! juicy

2003/01/22 18:10, Shadoh:Rated: Superb 
For a second there, i thought that was me, but it couldnt be! Because when i fought zhouba he ran at bad... and alls i did was burn :(

Juice => I noticed u didnt bash once throughout that whole fight, if you arent gonna bash, might i suggest a staff? You'll bolt a hell of a lot quicker :) And might i suggest burn/spray instead? Bolt is only good with burn if u gonna sit at tbad and wait for bns!

But then again, my char kinda sucks. Stormblast almost whacked me :( You choose what you wanna do, dont listen to me :)

2003/01/22 18:25, Juice: 
Ive got burn, and staff aint no option coz it takes to much time making for a char i suicide with.

2003/01/22 18:26, Devastator:Rated: Superb 
Rocking fights :)

2003/01/22 21:43, Xury:Rated: Superb 
i dont know alot about 1 on 1 (cause i always loose or darkies run) but it seemed close at the end

2003/01/22 22:21, Gwendolyn:  Rated: Superb 
Rocking log! Really nice fighting by both sides!!!! The tide seemed to turn to either side several times - thrilling.

2003/01/23 13:35, Dynamit: 
My favorite part was when you tried to rescue Faktor!

2003/01/23 13:40, Dynamit: 
Ah, and I forgot... Gray, youre even starting to get on MY nerves with all this macho talk about you knowing how to do everything. See, you can make a good character obviously, but does it matter? No, cause you cant play it for shit. Doesnt matter if the character has good stats or is good or whatnots, its levels and skill. So do me a favor and see if you can flush yourself down the toilet.

2003/01/23 16:00, Gray: 
Good character is primary - knowledge and expirience comes with time. You can start with gaining expirience, playing shitchar - this way you end with highlevel shitchar and expirience. I prefer to start with optimizing char, then gaining expirience - this way I end with highlevel perfect char, and expirience... go figure. Takes a bit more time... well shrug, +/- some years, I don't care - life just starting.

2003/01/23 20:56, Devastator:Rated: Superb 
Lol Gray u will suck forever :P

I played all kind of trolls and learned lots about their stats in meantime while I sundied 35+ legends..... but I had lots of fun and learned huge amount of things which I else never woulda learned :P

Your way can't be the way to learn things. Be a pimp forever, afraid to die. It's the way of the theologist. Think a lot, make theories about everything... theory is theory. U gotta practise it to get skills.
No experienced player is waiting for your opinion. Why?
You act exactly like someone who just came from school, who comes to show a 50-year old employee, how he should do his job.

2003/01/24 09:55, Gray: 
There is a difference between trolls and other races: once you sundie as troll, you are free to choose next stat set. While messed up puke will remain with the same stat set until the end; and decaying legend char takes quite some time.

2003/01/24 13:07, Khozdul:Rated: Superb 
clap clap

2003/01/24 16:26, Nacs: 
And why shall u decay a legend char :P? riddle me this riddle me that whos afraid of big bad death! Every char can rule if u play em right, not once i have seen shitystated chars :)

2003/01/24 16:28, Nacs: 
They should remove top commentors list maybe then gray will shut up? no hard feelings tho but u sound sooo silly

2003/01/24 16:55, Rogon:   
If you have to start from level 1, how is it an advantage to 'chose your stats'? Isn't that statement more than a little retarded? Can't you just start level 1 pukes or orcs with whatever stats? And be level 1 just like the level 1 trollies? ehhe.

2003/01/24 17:06, Gray: 
Nacs: let me have *doubts* that shitty char can be played well even by good player. This log proves it well. That's why need to decay char to recreate it with better stats/race/subrace/whatever.

Rogon: one word - NAME. Name = fame. Reason to NOT create new chars but play one with old name and renewed stats/trophy/etc.

But Oh My Fucking God - what happened with rating system? Log of orc scout piercefleeing handicaped puke to death made into #2 best log ever? Sheesh, something just need to be changed!!! For example, add one more option between Average and Good, and replace Poor&Awful with Bad? I mean, this log wasn't any good, but at least it looked a bit above average for orc to win in this situation - that's reason why I didn't rate it.

2003/01/24 17:21, Juice:  Rated: Superb 
It was a fun fight and by the looks of it, people seem to have liked it.

2003/01/24 17:58, Fankil: 
In early M7 Orcobal had around 100 wps, 10 int + wis and used slashing as his primary. Bashed, bolted - utter CRAP stats, but I played him as he could be played and did it with success. I agree with Nacs' statement.

It's an advantage not being known, so why would you want a name recognized by many? Don't be so silly Gray.

2003/01/24 19:00, Devastator:Rated: Superb 
Like I said Gray will always stay idiot. As long as you can't look upon yourself but always place yourself out of the group, pointing at another's mistakes you will never improve yourself at all.

2003/01/24 21:00, Shakak:   
For me, I reakon it was rocking log, but we should get gray and deva together in rl to punch out their problems:P You two bitch that you know more then each other waaay to many times>:P

2003/01/25 01:58, Beleghir: 
I don't care if people don't know me as the greatest pker or player there ever was but I'd like to be known as 'that one nice guy' :)

2003/01/25 08:27, Snarp:   
This log contains a lot of spam... You made it hard on yourself.

2003/01/25 09:34, Uldrak:   
Here is a tip for you Gray. Tell some nice god that you would like him to scramble your account pass or just simply delete it. In that way you decay alot faster and we will hopefully never see you again?

2003/01/25 23:28, Johannes: 
Very nice log! :-)

About it being the second best log of all time: That's what happens when I don't check this place for four days. I would have gone with David and rated it Good.

2003/01/26 22:31, Durandir:  Rated: Superb 
Its good, but not good enough to be in second place.

2003/01/27 13:33, Devastator:Rated: Superb 
I don't spam the logs with bullshit pk advice :P

2003/01/27 13:37, Gray: 
Nods Deva - you spam them with *just* bullshit :) Senseless bullshit, usually!

2003/01/28 04:17, Uriond: 
Finally, malmo kids get a top rated log by voting for themselves/each other! *clap* I read this log when it was first posted, but decided not to rate it since it didn't impress me too much. I rate either awful or superb, no inbetween for me!

2003/01/28 04:34, Johannes: 
If that's the way you rate, don't complain if a good log ends up as the best ever!

2003/01/29 19:27, Hasta: 
we all know this isn't the 2nd best log on elvenrunes
mr uriond fuckface, would u log something yourself before whining?
as far as i can see 2(!) MLers rated this log superb, i don't think that's the mayor part of us
and rasta and other MLers got very nice logs too with high ratings
u are just talking bullshit, u can't do better yourself, i can imagine how it must feel to be so slow and so bad at a game u've been playing for several more years then a 16yearold KID has

cackle uriond

and btw, i even asked myself if i should put in on other logs or notable.. i chose this one because i find other logs section more intersting *wink*

2003/03/08 21:33, Jocke:   
Juice played really well, to bad he died to piercing OB.

2004/01/25 07:55, Jones: 
Gray is geting annoying. Like littel child who needs to prove something.

Knowledge is nothing, but to know what to do with knowlegde is power.

2004/03/01 02:09, Leat: 
Name=fame? People with a tad creativity could produce a bunch of names, the second better than the first etc.

2005/05/14 18:29, Devastator:Rated: Superb 
Haha it was fun to read this stupid comments of Gray after such a long time.

2007/01/13 13:54, Brave: 
No, it wasn't :P


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