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(12 ratings and 5094 hits. Posted 2003/01/28)

2003/01/28 07:52, Mekola:Rated: Good 

2003/01/28 08:32, Devastator:Rated: Average 
Woohoo :P

2003/01/28 08:36, Tendor:Rated: Good 
Hey, dont me so modest, this is quite decent log. cha col weath bold yellow Iggy :)

2003/01/28 08:45, Rayden:  Rated: Good 
Hehe.. pretty decent :) and yes, change color of your weather messages, helped me tons :)

2003/01/28 09:02, Antar:Rated: Superb 
*pat Kazadoe* Go go go! Now where's that shining set you don't need eh? *poke poke*

Nice log indeed... Now if only you could actually a SMOBS without dying like your pking (trapped sucks though)...

2003/01/28 09:25, Kazadoe: 
well its not so hard (if not lame) to use call lightning against enemies, and weather around misties is changing every 30 min, so rarelly who pays attention to it.

i think i payed my smobbing debts in mumelife. i smob if i/my friends need reeq only.

2003/01/28 10:00, Alantir: 
Was wondering what this would lead to... didn't look too bright. :)

2003/01/28 10:11, Gray: 
Cool, now you pracced it yourself - will it stop you calling me newbie storecaller? Ahh nope of course - you didn't use store, you are so much better than me!

2003/01/28 10:20, Shake: 
Oh 2 stored armour spells? Very impressive. And both well used!

2003/01/28 12:32, Djinn:Rated: Good 
Eh, no offense to all of you who think call is lame, but this was a nicely executed kill. Well done.
(and yes, imo this is entirely different from sitting top, getting weather up and going s to unstore calls. This, imo, is what call is made for)

2003/01/28 13:26, Porien: 
Hihi, Gray using call vs BNS or in call trap is something different from using call like this.

2003/01/28 14:56, Gray: 
Porien: very true. Though, against bns I use bolt and storequakes - nothing more. Afai can remember, Zomb (Zmej?) was pretty pissed because I storecalled him to bad and then storeported away from his group being moveless in mountains - not because of calltrapping any bns.

2003/01/28 14:59, Sloshed:   
Two stored armours to fight in a wide open area? What's that all about???????

2003/01/28 15:20, Zhuk:Rated: Superb 
Now wheeeeeeeeeere iz Kazadoe ?
*wink* - *wink*

2003/01/28 15:41, Adaric:  Rated: Good 
I have to agree w/ djinn... using call in this manner is not really lame... It's delay is pretty long, and he risked a lot trying it out.
Overall, I think it was a nice read.

2003/01/28 17:20, Dynamit: 
Yey! Somethin to read!

2003/01/29 02:17, Iggy:Rated: Good 
These one-on-one fights are fun and i actually thought i had a chance to win one finally. Seemed like you were getting hurt and didn't mind eating bashes, though after reviewing the log i notice that you parried quite a few of my blows. I wondered how you killed me so quick with those last two bolts! hehe, i had no idea that you called weather until i read the log ... thanks for the advice on that score everyone. Gratz elf, see you around.

2003/01/29 19:52, Fankil: 
Stored armours rock. I always make sure to have one stored when I'm full mana and no enemies around.

An 'open fight' can change pretty damn quick into a bottleneck nightmare, where a new armour can save you. I myself have survived a couple of times due to a stored armour.

As for the log. Cute way to use call, looked all unplanned.

2003/01/30 00:35, Kazadoe: 
wasnt planned indeed, actually i was up to store some quakes and go chek out noc, but while i was resting mana Iggy ran into my room. in the middle of the combat i remembered that there was lightning at tmt cpl minutes ago, so i thought ill get lightning up with 1 or 2 controls.
and nice that you bring up 2 year old memories when you were even more lame player than today, Master-of-all-storeporters-to-shady.


 Superb Antar, Zhuk 
 Good Adaric, Djinn, Iggy, Mekola, Rayden, Shakh, Tendor 
 Average Devastator, Johannes, Nacs 
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