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(4747 hits. Posted 2003/02/23)
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2003/02/23 03:52, Milzok: 
No offense Hazheel, but not very fun log to read. But it was on other logs I know :) But was long. But Im sure it was fun fight, nice surprise to start shoot! *clap* on kill!

2003/02/23 03:52, Milzok: 
And there was a sneaker that died, that rocks!

2003/02/23 04:11, Snarp:   
Last Comment!! Or was it first? Persistance payed in this log, well done, to keep hastling it.

2003/02/23 08:11, Tec: 
i enjoyed this log, not best log ever but its a decent log.

2003/02/23 10:05, Téar: 
Nice going

2003/02/23 11:15, Francis: 
This was an ordinary hobbit or did it have a name?

2003/02/23 16:19, Vaab:   
They all look alike Francis.
Most interesting part of this log:
*a Hobbit* has been without his lantern

2003/02/23 19:27, Hector: 
was not the bad log at all. *thumbsup*

2003/02/23 23:05, Gwendolyn:   
Wow, you got a harm in. I enjoyed the log, too.

2003/02/24 17:01, Alantir: 
Funny how you first blind it, then blind wears off and you try a few times to reblind it.. And then just decide to kill it and do so in three shoots. :)

2003/02/25 11:20, Gray: 
Hey, why on Other logs? Was a perfect pk log! I mean - shaman in sun vs healthy (at begin) clueful (obviously he knows area and knows how to use doors/mobs in pk) sneaker - on your place I woulda gave up, that's like zero chance to get kill %) Nice work, just tell us who was it!


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