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(18 ratings and 5287 hits. Posted 2003/04/22)

2003/04/22 10:51, Odif: 
I later found that Ress had carved oak staff and crystal in inventory.
Damn lucky for me that fight didn't take place 2 hours later...

2003/04/22 10:52, Assa: 

2003/04/22 10:53, Liliah:Rated: Superb 
Good that Galadon didn't ruin your nice fight :) Ballsy!

2003/04/22 11:52, Milzok:Rated: Good 
Yeah good fight!

2003/04/22 11:55, Durandir:  Rated: Good 
I thought it was good of Ress to attack from the hidding place!
But she should have used a bow ! D:
Good fight!

2003/04/22 12:00, Dynamit: 

2003/04/22 13:45, Narlah:Rated: Good 
why she dont stab you , if you dont see her when she attack you with bow

! CR HP:Bad Mana:Warm>
*Ress the Noldorin Elf* leaves her hiding place.
*Ress the Noldorin Elf* shoots your right foot extremely hard and shatters it.
You wish that your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
*Ress the Noldorin Elf* lightly hits your right foot.
You wish that your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!

surely one stab would kill you in that moment

2003/04/22 14:06, Nacs: 
Shoot is shitloads faster then backstab so thats why maybe she shot :P

2003/04/22 16:18, Drakmar:   
Funny Ress was holding branch. Lucky for you though, had Ress tried stab at the end, coulda been a bad day for you.

2003/04/22 18:41, Vrool:Rated: Good 
Nice fight. Although you could have simply avoided stab if you flushed before tracking, after that you did pretty good. But you could have finished him faster if you use qbolts afterwards instead of just spamming around some.

2003/04/22 19:23, Odif: 
Using quickbolts when your target is sneaking and therefor not able to see seems odd to me.

2003/04/22 20:04, Nator: 
all i have to say is, i'm glad that dick died

2003/04/22 20:40, Sardotjen:   
I dont think thats why she didnt stab Nacs

2003/04/23 07:25, Nacs: 
Sardotjen dont tell me u know better! Since u dont!

2003/04/24 10:53, Sardotjen:   
I think i know Ress a little better then you do Nacs so just shut it!

2003/04/24 11:15, Nacs: 
I really hope u are joking Sardotjen :P

2003/04/24 11:52, Fankil: 
Haha. Sardotjen you're hilarious.., reminds me how well you knew of Zubr's defense. Seems to me as you know Ress just as well (can't stop giggeling).

2003/04/24 15:58, Gray: 
Uldrak rates all logs awful - except logs of his labbes, which he rates superb. Coincidence probably...

2003/04/24 16:10, Fankil: 
Two clicks away on a non-rl-friends-log (since he has got no labbies I replaced it with rl-friend): ''Average Uldrak''

2003/04/25 09:17, Enforcer: 
nah, its not probably uldrak himself rating, the account has been hacked!

2003/04/30 15:38, Otto:   
I like this fight close calls on both sides, was like thief/mage vs warrior/mage. those bolts worked too nice in bashes :P


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