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(15054 hits. Posted 2003/04/24)

2003/04/24 23:13, Fredde: 
ah.. =) this is one of the things i want back!

* HP:Bad Move:Tired>
*Donk the Orc* has arrived from the north.
*an Orc* has arrived from the north.
*a Human* has arrived from the north.

* HP:Bad Move:Tired>n

You are dead! Sorry...

* HP:Awful Move:Tired>Nah... You feel too relaxed to do that..


2003/04/24 23:41, Ajax: 
Kelset rocked for whities, rest of group kinda, um, sucked.

2003/04/25 00:39, Jocke:   
I don't want to take any credits from the darkie group but the whities that died, died mostly cause, as Ajax said, they sucked. All but Kelset of course, who was a good player. :)

Was long since I saw anyone use fear like that in PK. I remember me and Pazera used to fight large group with two orcs by walking through their room and then start a fear. The second later they walked into the room and got feared away. All of a sudden you had just one or two to fight and you could kill one of them.

A little Clipp Clopp there ads a genuine old feeling to the log. :)

2003/04/25 08:22, Devastator: 
Heh, this really brings old, warm feelings back into your body :) a true blast of the past log!

2003/04/25 22:53, Drakin:   
If i guessing it right, it was back when pOin was moria-newbie.
[submitted link]
i dont remember how to submit a link here. bleh,

2003/04/27 10:07, Ajax: 
Best part of this log for me wasn't the fight, but seeing all my old friends like Kelset, Fuor, Donk, Razhim, and of course my favorite Norweigan (only maybe Burb is more hardcore darkie then he is)!

Kelset wasn't really a 'good player', but for the short time he played Mume he did well. He didn't panic, knew how to follow orders, and was good at spamming kill when he needed to, which is what he did in the log. After first fight whities should have just left, kind of obvious their group wasn't going to win, and lingering around was doing nothing but letting them get picked off one by one and letting reinforcements arrive. Simetimes the best choice is to recognize a superior enemy and high tail it outta there!

2003/04/28 01:27, Ôstu:   
A Tunnel
*Quillis the Elf* is standing here.
Exits: North South.

* W HP:Hurt>kill elf
You smite *Quillis the Elf*'s head extremely hard and shatter it.
You see your victim shocked by your hit.

* W HP:Hurt *Quillis the Elf*:Bad>
*Quillis the Elf* panics, and attempts to flee.
*Quillis the Elf* leaves south.

o W HP:Hurt>s
kill elf
A Tunnel
The corpse of the huge stone troll is lying here.
*Quillis the Elf* is standing here.
Exits: North South.

* W HP:Hurt>
You smite *Quillis the Elf*'s left foot extremely hard and shatter it.

* W HP:Hurt *Quillis the Elf*:Awful>
*Quillis the Elf* panics, and attempts to flee.
*Quillis the Elf* leaves south.


Heh, who needs different weapon delays when smite is instant. Anyone wants to whine about approach? :)

2003/04/28 07:29, Stolb: 
oh yes! approach! yeah - yeah! , *sobber*

2003/04/28 16:51, Plancy: 
Something you woun't see anymore. Cool fight=)

2003/04/28 22:44, Fingeror:   
Something you woun't see anymore. Cool fight=)

Well you are wrong. Fights like this still occur. I was in one last week. It is however not very common nowdays, cause the average player is a lot more skilled than 7 years ago. It is not very often nowdays that you find a group of 5 scared newbie legends following a more skilled leader in Moria.

2003/04/29 05:47, Uber: 
mmm... in regards to Fingeror's comment, I haven't seen that since pSwork led a platoon of newbies in Moria:) *misses those days..*

2003/04/29 20:06, Seldaran: 
*thinks Plancy was referring to the no-approach thing in his comment and not the newbies in Moria*

Nice and cool fight

2003/05/01 08:00, Plancy: 
*shake* Fingeror, *nod* Uber & Seldaran.
Those newbie grps (pukes) at Moria led by pSwork were fun to see scatter even vs 1 sneaker:P
Still happens once in a while that such semi-clueless grps get massacred but rarely. However, approach and stuff is sad, also facts that pGothmog shows up rarely. Missed fights with Labero back when I was notorious panicing breelegend;)

2003/05/01 16:28, Fredde: 
the best part with this is that during the time when this log occured, there was players who was so feared ppl would spam to valinor just to be safe. thats not something you see nowadays. last time i really feared an opponet was prolly during the time Norsu ran around with baresark, torment and caress smiting the hell outta everyone. you could run. but you could never hide. he would find you everywhere. those where the times! =P

we could use more players like donk snuttan and so on. but with all these 100X100 4+ exits rooms areas and approach that wont happen. =(

2003/05/01 21:26, Jocke:   
I wouldn't exactly rate Snuttan as the same type of player as Donk. Snuttan used large groups, bash traps and pare, while Donk fought head to head, solo or in group, and often outnumbered.

2003/05/01 23:28, Fredde: 
well point was that both where quite feared. ppl where scared of em.

2003/05/03 16:33, Ajax: 
I would worry if Donk was around, I never had any fear of Snuttan besides that he'd kill me linkless. Donk was fast and fun, and would give you good fights. Snuttan was a lurker who stole other people's kills by hanging out and waiting for fleers from other people's battles. Comparing Donk and Snuttan is like comparing a man to a child pkillwise.

2003/05/10 21:57, Azazello: 
This log simply makes me sad. Too many things were changed to the worst *sigh*

2003/05/12 06:59, Zimdul: 
This was when a solo legend cluefull could take on 3-4 bree legends just by hit-fleeing, but with approach nowdays it makes it to slow to be effective.

2003/05/12 08:25, Fragir: 
Well Zimdul, without approach smite+sanc would rule all.

Not like i would have any problems with that as fragir, but ...

2003/05/12 09:24, Milzok: 
Even me who just an exping newbie or didn't played at all at this time, thinks this looks very funny! I wanted to be there and have visible wps ETC :) Very very nice log!

2003/05/25 00:02, Aschit: 
Gothmog is the *ONLY* player I've ever seen who dominates regardless of what class he is playing. Donk...Labero...his pukes. Wasn't Beloq his too? (the first bn thief warlord I think-back when warlording as thief was hard)

Even when his opponent far outmatched him in eq/levels/etc., he always had a chance to win.

2003/06/02 23:40, Manatark: 
One of my favourite logs feat. one of my favourite players, awesome :)! Imagine having played only a couple of weeks and searching for logs on the net, so that you could have a taste of the game before it was evening and mume opened, and then all those parchemnts, scrolls, and few charing numbers - certainly left a mark!

2003/06/15 06:25, Deor: 
No Belloq was Khan's character.

2003/06/23 17:17, Krax:   
Well well, Petter was fast and all his chars were feared for quite a time. But the guy who played Snarf has to me remembered as the most, ever, feared Orc player.
Trix was a guy as well. Not like Secret or Devastator, trolls now are just good to be portalled around, but at first, Trix was and will stay THE troll. Right followed by Aucher.

2003/11/27 00:51, Solymir: 
Jeez. This is a really old log! Way before my time. It looks like wil and per dont matter at all!! And sanctuary was much better back then it seems. Lots of things different- too bad I missed those days

2005/11/29 04:50, Samurai:   
I remember running to Shire as my newbie troll with Trix. I had no idea where I was, and ended up dying in a hobbit hole that we'd tucked into for the day.

I also remember Snarf killing my pony outside bree from healthy to dead in 1 slash. I storeported...

At the time of this log there was no move delay, and no hit delay. Any insta-linked player with a client was essentially untouchable. I bitched endlessly about adding delays, and I'm glad they finally did. Makes the game much more about strategy, and less about speed. The next step will be to make ALL doors delayed. The concept of 10 orcs sitting in a room with one door and 1 elf being able to get out through the one door is just plain stupid, and always has been.

Pec and the Boot Boys were my original heroes. They had shitty Irish links, but they were great players, and never uptight like those of the Netherlands.

2006/07/05 05:04, Omega: 
After playing with pTrix as Theraz, I've never had as much fun on troll, unless I was with Skid.


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