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(4659 hits. Posted 2003/05/02)
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2003/05/02 12:24, Seldaran:   

2003/05/02 12:24, Fankil: 
''Needed: 0 xp, 2,689 tp.'' Goofball.

Nice log though, nice fightingspirit.

2003/05/02 12:37, Razoor: 
Indra narrates 'ROFL'
Indra narrates 'football=)'
Indra narrates '* pat*'


2003/05/02 13:09, Björn: 
Isn't Erowyn Pelle? Pelle is no newbie!

2003/05/02 17:00, Uldrak:   
Wrong section, it should be in notable logs!

2003/05/02 18:47, Devastator: 
Hehe, this was a very enjoyable log :) nice to read!

2003/05/02 19:23, Enforcer: 
good job, its sad though that BNs are just for slapping around if you have half a clue..

2003/05/02 19:31, Zimdul: 
A bolt from awful-awful.

2003/05/02 19:56, Moortek: 
Veri nice log yes! Well done!

2003/05/03 11:44, Azazello: 
Zimdul never ate awful-awful fireballs from bns ?

2003/05/03 13:31, Gray: 
Perfect! And nice spellsave you got :)


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