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(12126 hits. Posted 2005/12/03)
nazgum@localhost ~/powxel $ ./powwow shaman
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Powwow version 1.2.5, Copyright 2000-2001 by Cosmos
FreeM version 0.8.5, maintained 1999-2003 by Axel
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	  	              ***  Mume VIII  ***
			      In progress at FIRE
		     (Free Internet Roleplay Experiences)
	     Adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth World and
		    Maintained by CryHavoc, Manwe and Nada.
	      Original code DikuMUD I (help credits), created by:
	S. Hammer, T. Madsen, K. Nyboe, M. Seifert and H.H. Staerfeldt.
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   ]-I-I--I-I-[  ---|      |     |    |. ` |        ~~~         \_`   '__/
    \_`   '__/      |     / \    |    | /^\|         ~~~         |~_ [],|
     [&] `__|       ^    / ^ \   ^    | |&||                    _|______|_ 
     |__   ,|      / \  / ^ ^`\ / \   | ===|                   <=-=-==-=-=>
  ___| ___ ,|__   / ^  /=_=_=_=\ ^ \  |, `_|     ~~             \__   _'_/   
  I_I__I_I__I_I  (====(_________)_^___| ___|___    ~~            |.   _ |
  \-\--|-|--/-/  | .   I  [&]__I   I_I|_I I|I_I                  |   _  |
   |[] `    '|_  |_   _|`___ ._[  _\ \  | | / /                  |`    '|
  / \  [] ` .| |-| |-| |_| |_| |_| | []   [] |                   | '    |
 <===>      .|-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-|        / \                  |[]    | 
 | []|` ` [] |.      _______ .     |-  `   <===>                 |'   __|
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  \T/    1-- | ||| /|Welcome|\ ||| | .  '   \T/    .  |   ..     |     _|
      ..   .                       . .   .                       . ..
               MUME: Multi Users in Middle Earth, Version VIII.
                 Type "news next" for the latest information.
Welcome to the land of Middle Earth. May your visit here be... interesting.
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Last login 1 hour ago from
The Ruined Tower
A sturdy leather backpack has been left here.
A scuffed and worn leather satchel has been left here.
A large, dusty alcove sits in a wall, smelling of soot.
An orkish shield, bearing the effigy of a red skull, has been left here.
A burly orc-guard is here, sniffing at the air.
A burly orc-guard is here, sniffing at the air.
A strong, tall orc-guard is looking for enemies here.
A strong, tall orc-guard is looking for enemies here.
Exits: [east], [west], up, down.
Your default tongue is Orkish.
Your rent was one gold 18 silver 5 copper, but you only had one gold 14 silver 57 copper.
Your equipment has been confiscated to cover the cost.
You have 2 mails.
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2005/12/03 16:29, Nazgum: 
Sorry this kind of ruleset is just retarded -- i have rl issue i linkrent for ONE HOUR and lose all my eq.

I dunno what gods think with rules like this mandos etc its just stupid.

2005/12/03 16:36, Grisnat: 
Pretty fucking stupid. Now think about doing that to a fullfine etc orc scoutset, or a maxattack fullfine pukeset. Like there should be seriously a 1day grace period or whatnot, but its just duuumb. Anyway *comf* and I hope eq wasnt too good.

2005/12/03 16:51, Mazush:   
:D The best part is that if you just 'overrent' you can save your equipment doing a lil' trick. In a case like this that isn't possible tho, considering that you probably had NO idea that you had overrented

2005/12/03 16:59, Nazgum: 
well I've lost my eq to linkrent 3 times now in the last few months and I'm getting pretty sick of it [ once very fullset while i was in europe as i logged in from luke's to check link then we ran out, i forgot to go rent, so was considered linkrented for a few days had like 100 gold, wasn't enough lost all my eq -- another time due to work -- and now this due to one hour ]..

this and mandos sleep are both really stupid rules -- mandos sleep needs to be capped at a few rl hours, and linkrent needs one day grace and way toned down costs.

2005/12/03 17:32, Marte: 
it have been like this for ages tho..

2005/12/03 17:49, Alantir:edited 1x   
If you can't afford link rent you might wanna take your chances and not drop link. If it was due to your isp going down or something I'd understand. It's not like you didn't know about it...

Should the rules be formed after your rl life? Or, if rl is more important then rl is more important (and you shouldn't be worried about what happens in the game).

As for Mazush's 'trick', which is well known, it wouldn't surprise me if someone got demoted for it pretty soon. Bug abuse.

2005/12/03 18:20, Kes: 
LOL whats the trick? But alantir none of those reasons are why the rule is good. I dont think anyone disputes that its been around, just that its silly. As for your RL> mume point i dont understand why in the case they have to be mutually exclusive. like i understand if your in the middle of good fight and your girl friend comes running in naked that you have to make a choice. but getting out of the game when you are clearly idling safely seems dumb.

2005/12/03 18:26, Kheldur: 
Alantir, is not a bug, is a FEATURE :P

Nazgum, why ld in the first place? stay playing! :), oh but if you do care bout rl more than MUME then just ld and expect mobrip/sameside/pked/ldkill/eqlose/etc, is just a damn game and is easy to reeq on most cases... now just enjoy game and rl :)

2005/12/03 18:29, Mazush:   
Make a script that logs your char in every 55 minutes and then rents or zaps

2005/12/03 20:47, Humala: 
I think the best part is that someone goes around with any eq worth whining about and 'one gold 14 silver 57 copper' in his purse. As if it's hard to collect a few gold and avoid stuff like this :)

2005/12/04 01:52, Iomene: 
I rented out so many fullsets I don't even count anymore, but it's far beyond 20 staves on my pukes, and I very seldomly play pukes. The reason is simple, you log on naked, kill quite a few with quite some gear in quite little time and then rent. Oops, didn't loot gold.

2005/12/04 02:28, Gamli:   
The new rent makes that especially so, on gamli recently I was holding two warrior fullsets (no mithril, but everything else) with scrolls and shit as well, my rent was simply INSANE. 200g was eaten up in about 15 days.

On my orc warrior I had to retire to prevent cashing out (retired with just enough cash for retirement), same with Illyas. I've pretty much got close to fullsets on all my legends atm, i'd be paying a huge amount of rent per day across em all:P

2005/12/04 10:40, Marillion: 

2005/12/04 15:08, Devastator: 
Not interesting. Don't play if you cannot play, hey - duh? Uhuh?

2005/12/05 06:22, Valus: 
i think i have lost 2 fullsets because of linkless rent.

Numerous time eq semi set eq. Yeah u feel pissed.

2005/12/06 19:41, Ajax: 
Haven't lost equipment to rent ever as far as I can remember. The key is to not smoke so much pot that you fall asleep at your keyboard :)'

2005/12/08 09:16, Ôstu:   
'Trick' would be: get your friend to spam 'give 100 gold awmg' as you login. Since check for rentcash is done in mudlle, it triggers 1 heartbeat after login when you already received friends money.

Never tried it though, maybe just a rumour.

2005/12/08 09:43, Mazush:   
Have done it at least 10 times. The successrate is 99% if you have 2 people and they know what they're doing. It also works the other way around;

[submitted link]

2005/12/13 05:24, Luke: 
ROFL Mazush. thats good one :)

2005/12/13 05:27, Luke: 
I agree though that taking all eq is stupid and unrealistic. If you would miss 1 gold , you would sell to Innkeeper 1 piece of eq, not lost set in price of 10 000 gold. Recoding it this way wouldnt be that hard and would be better for players and more realistic.


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