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(5833 hits. Posted 2008/11/25)
o<~ cW>np:516mMountain Top
A small campfire burns here, its low flames giving off only a little light.
*Muravali the Dwarf* is sleeping here.
Exits: south.

!<~ cW>kill dwarf*p:218mYou smite *Muravali the Dwarf*'s right arm extremely hard.
Your victim is shocked by your hit!
You hear a loud rumbling sound south!                            #### Just pressed bash, s , kill dwarf*

!<~ cW *Muravali the Dwarf*:Fine>bashskill dwarf*p:766m*Muravali the Dwarf* crushes your body extremely hard.
You feel a sharp pain there!

p:1969m*Muravali the Dwarf* panics, and attempts to flee.
*Muravali the Dwarf* leaves south.
p:15mYour victim has disappeared!

!<~ cW HP:Fine>p:266mDangerous Mountains
*Muravali the Dwarf* is standing here.
Exits: north, south.
As you work your way up the mountain, you are assaulted by an avalanche which
just happens to be going in the other direction. You are hit full force by
the falling snow, reducing your life span - which ends when you land (head
first) on the rocks below.
You lost great renown in this battle!

You are dead! Sorry...

#Went back, no corpses, no eq hidden etc. It is so fun to loose fullset tons of wps and 300k in 1 sec.
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2008/11/25 08:24, Shadrach: 
Hehehe as a matter of fact you can try to reveal your eq. But thats to late now isnt it :)
Oh and another thing, dont surrender to the guards in Tharbad ;=)

2008/11/25 08:26, Horus: 
comf :( i think eq is hidden under snow in canyon bellow circle of trees or something :P

2008/11/25 08:32, Breaux: 
i expected more (:

2008/11/25 08:33, Nymë:   
Comf. Seems harsh.

2008/11/25 08:49, Zmej: 
A room named 'Dangerous Mountains'... Should ring a bell, no?

2008/11/25 09:08, Andróg:   
Damn whiners...

2008/11/25 09:23, Dearth:   
Rumored that wolfskin wristband increases change to save dt. Why so? Tanner
who makes it has the interesting message which makes people believe that it
increases dt save. He says 'It may oneday save your life.'

2008/11/25 09:28, Horus: 

2008/11/25 10:00, Traktor:edited 1x   
well prugar that muddle works like random save eq. most time all people are lossing all equipment there. only if u have GREAT luck u can reveal search ur eq. but i did never heard any1 found that one. with traktor i died that way too and tried all ways and no eq i did found. elestir told me that is only small chance to find eq back. when u heard sound u have only mikroskopic time to leave that plase spamming out. comf anyway

2008/11/25 10:06, Razoor: 
I've never found EQ. Lost #1 warlord and full shining metal cause i stepped 1w of zoc-gate and insta-died, that was a lot of fun i tell you :)

I think this is a bullshit feature that should be removed. Make it cause some 200 damage instead.

2008/11/25 10:16, Prugar: 
I did try to reveal eq every possible room nearby or rather every avalance rooms that i know of.

Its kinda stupid muddle indeed where you have like almost 0 control over your death.

2008/11/25 10:48, Shadrach: 
Its a rocking muddle!

2008/11/25 14:19, Traktor: 
imho they create that cos is near oie then is some chance that player after sip can go there when ambushed and hunters will insta dead. maybe... i think too that shit stuff

2008/11/25 14:45, Nockrip:   
you mean foy?

2008/11/25 14:59, Mhoghedin: 
I've died there and revealed my eq later, was kind of nice!

2008/11/27 01:01, Edvard: 
I agree, this muddle rocks. I especially love fighting wimps there, because I know that they have more to lose, because they get so angry when they die and i don't.

2008/11/27 09:01, Ryalnos:   

2008/11/27 20:51, Dracol:   
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