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(853 hits. Posted 2019/05/16)
Inside Grey Havens
A map has been dropped here.
There is an old street-lamp on the border of the street.
One of the strong town gatekeepers is standing here.
An elven guard is standing here at his post.
Cirdan the Shipwright is standing here (glowing).
The elven lieutenant is here looking for any sign of trouble.
Exits: north, [east], south, west.

!#~ cRW Move:Slow>sa sail west

!#~ cRW Move:Tired>
Cirdan the Shipwright fixes his piercing eyes on you, and you feel a little uncomfortable as y
ou recall all your past misdeeds...

!#~ cRW Move:Tired>fol cirdan
You now follow Cirdan the Shipwright.
Cirdan the Shipwright finally relaxes and smiles.
Cirdan the Shipwright bows before you.
Cirdan the Shipwright says 'Follos me, Nitizdr, I'll take you ho tha vgid.'

!#~ cRW Move:Tired>lead

Cirdan the Shipwright says 'It is totally forbidden for foreigners to wander in the Grey Haven
s with unsheathed weapons, Nipingr! Follow me!'
Cirdan the Shipwright pauses to get his bearings.

!#~ cRW Move:Tired>
You stop riding a mountain mule.
A mountain mule starts following you.
An elven lieutenant says 'Good imea po surrender, NipizKr!'
A guard brings you to the Court of the Grey Havens and starts to list all your crimes:

4am on Oranor, the 16th of Gwirith, year 2928 of the Third Age
inside Grey Havens, Nipingr wandered with an unsheathed weapon.

Then, you are thrown in a dark jail. You hear the icy sound of the key in
the keyhole and you find yourself alone in this humid place.
A guard disarms you.
Once you are released, you will not be allowed to wield weapons in town.
You are warned that you are being charged only with crimes currently known
to the Court. If more crimes are reported while you are in jail, you may be
charged with them after the release.

!# cW Move:Tired>
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2019/05/16 19:57, Sarkazein:   
I laughed. Typical elf-scum, to change so rapidly.

2019/05/18 07:16, Rashnak: 
Much like what happened to Jack Sparrow in the first movie.


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