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Everyday Life in tharbad. (Lithium)comments   back
(373 hits. Posted 2020/02/22)
When you enter your hotel room and see a very confused dwarf staring at two sauron minnions who try to beatthe linbing s**t out of eachother.
Dont go to Thardbad, crazy people live there. 

!# CW Mana:Hot>s

Meriaglo leaves down.
Rest Room
The corpse of a horse of the Rohirrim is lying here.
The corpse of a warhorse is lying here.
A large bulletin board, entitled "News of Arda", is mounted here.
A sturdy bed made from solid oak lies here, covered in warm blankets.
A fine marble chessboard with ivory and ebony pieces is set here.
*Dzoavitz the Orc* is here, fighting *Phrike the Black Númenórean* (glowing).
*Phrike the Black Númenórean* is here, fighting *Dzoavitz the Orc* (glowing).
Bren the Dwarf is standing here.
A stocky mountain mule is here, waiting to serve.
Exits: (north).
 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2020/02/22 00:16, Fieldy:   
Just a bar fight, nothing to worry about.

2020/02/22 06:30, Baratheon:   
Agreed Fieldy. I'm sure they worked it out and ordered a pint after

2020/02/25 13:03, Faine: 
Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section!


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