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(538 hits. Posted 2020/05/04)
By popular demand, another Smiles log. Having tried to find a good adventure,
I gave up and offer the medical advice of a bored troll as he waits for the
Evil Yellow Eye to go down.

Smiles wonder why disease show up and kill many, but not kill strong trollie,
or clever orc. Watch nice BN get sick, think maybe elfies are up to elf tricks

Then see wobbit sick. This make Smiles very sad. Wobbit nice, wobbit soft and
squishy. Nice nice soft feet to pet, fat wobbit belly to tickle. Healthy fat
wobbit tasty wobbit. Sick wobbit not so good. Why wobbit suffer from sick? 
What if wobbits all die from sick? Not good. 

See too man get sick. Man get sick, get weak. Not plant taters. No taters,
then trolls not have taters for stew. Man meat stew not so good without taters.

Smiles sad again. No taters, no wobbits, these are good things for trolls. 
Without them, trolls suffer. Must fight sick, yes!

Smiles see nasty, tricky elves not get sick. Hmmm. This make Smiles think.
Ouch. Thinking is hard. Smiles hit head on wall of cave many times to loosen 
brain meats, make move around and think. Smiles head hurts, but loose brain
start coming up with idea!

Elf make sick to take over Arda. Smiles now say why this make sense.

Elfie think he bestest, greatestest race on Arda. Think pointy ears, sillow 
arrow shooting, elfie eyes that see far (and taste good squished on 
moldy bread), fair skin,live forever make elf master race. 

Rude elf look down on poor troll in cave, orc just trying to survive, lonely,
wandering BN. Elf sneer at man in Rohan until need people to die for elf. Not
even think of wobbit, except when maybe want funny weed for smoking stick.
Kill clever dwarf digging shiny things in mountains. No,elf only think of elf and use all others for make in charge. 

But troll smash elf, fight back! Orc and others too! Maybe proud man in Rohan
not want to take orders from smelly elf with pointy ears and rude attitude? 
Dwarf kill many elf too! Dwarf smart to kill elf, not be taken over by elfie
ways. Now elf use sick and smart sounding elf words to try and lord over Arda.

Elf bring hate and sick to Arda. Elf want all for self. Elf sit in shiny elf
cities where stupid magic keep people out that elf not want. Elf let you
die of sick on elf doorstep if not useful to elf. 

Troll smarter than elf. Yes, troll eat you. But troll not eat ALL of you.
Troll not give you sick, troll only come sometimes and then go home. Troll
not need to take over, we have all need. Lots of caves, dark forests. Plenty
of wobbit. Troll instead fight elf that give you sickness of body! Trollie 
is your friend now, saving you from elfie plot.

Smiles ask you remember this next time you cough or sneeze. Elf want you to
all get sick and die, then enslave survivor. Troll want you strong and healthy
and go out every night killing elf so that you not get sick. Who is evil race
now hmmm? 

Now Evil Yellow Eye is down. Smiles go out kill elf hunter, keep you safe.

 Very nice, I would like to see this log in the 'notables' section! 

2020/05/04 14:46, Resin: 
Makes sense. The current coronavirus pandemic was caused by stinkin elves. Makes much more sense then a china lab

2020/05/04 17:48, Suka: 
Aaaww! I must be too stupid to never come up with that idea before! Smiles smart, didnt bang head on wall for nothing! I go find elf now!

2020/05/06 02:16, Gwokk:   
Uh, I'm hungry? I guess I accept. A+ would buy again!


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