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2017/11/16 21:23, Andróg:   
Don't you try deny it.

2017/11/16 21:58, Zepir:   
nah you guys got me all wrong.

2017/11/20 00:41, Andróg:   
I'm going to take this enduring lack of posts by Thurge as proof of his inevitable demise in the hands of Zepir.

2017/11/20 21:19, Bardock:   
hes alive and well :)

2017/11/22 20:21, Andróg:   
I demand pics!

2017/11/24 19:35, Thurge: 
No pics for you!

2017/11/24 19:37, Thurge: 
And no more driving for me!

2017/11/26 16:01, Andróg:   
So you're sending pics to Zepir, but not to me?

2017/11/27 06:26, Savu:   
Honeymoon pics with Z?

2017/11/27 12:33, Andróg:   
Yeah, and I'm sure we'll find Trump lurking somewhere in the background...

2017/11/29 22:02, Thurge: 
Pouting in the corner?

2017/11/30 10:10, Andróg:   
Nope, more like spamming in the corner.

2017/11/30 15:42, Thurge: 
Physical spam or internet spam?

2017/12/01 11:12, Andróg:   
Both. It's a combo.

2017/12/02 16:01, Thurge: 
[submitted link]


2017/12/02 16:57, Bardock:   
mmmm just add some honey on top of that and lather me down in lotion and its a date.

2017/12/02 19:20, Andróg:   
Naah, more like this!

[submitted link]

2017/12/13 13:49, Andróg:   

2017/12/13 19:29, Thurge: 
So, as I sit here browsing internet posts by current and returned Peace Corps volunteers, I have come tona conclusion: the most comprehensive packing list would be useless for at least half the population. These people, like most people, are just a bunch of goobers, bumbling around and hoping for the best. I’m seeing advice for rain boots, against rain boots, for solar chargers, against solar chargers, for pants, against pants.... Perhaps the point I’m looking to strike upon here is that the individuality of the human experience is truly a universal phenomenon.

2017/12/13 20:48, Bardock:   
dont forget to bring a towel and remember, freedom cost a buck o five.

2017/12/14 07:33, Savu:   
It's not like all Peace Corps volunteers go to the exact same place tho? So difference in needed equipment is to be expected.

2017/12/14 09:11, Thurge: 
Absolutely true, but in this case many of the regional variations can be considered to be minimal as it’s a bunch of folks from the same parts of the same country. =)

2017/12/14 11:27, Savu:   
Then I suppose some people just like their feet wet and others dry ;)

2017/12/14 19:44, Andróg:   
Personally I always prepare for weather and boredom. Everything else is optional. :)

(Basically that means correct clothing and books. :P)

2017/12/15 23:12, Thurge: 
What if you’re outside?

2017/12/16 11:42, Andróg:   
That's what the weather part is for!

2017/12/16 20:32, Thurge: 
But then what about the books? Clearly, some of this planning is lacking!

2017/12/17 08:22, Savu:   
That's a no-brainer - laminate each page before going.

2017/12/17 11:37, Bardock:   
as long as we can play a nice game of tummy sticks, I am fine with that.

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