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2021/09/30 21:14, Andróg:   
And it works again!

2021/10/02 13:54, Thurge: 
You're both crazy. *nod self*

2021/10/02 14:46, Andróg:   
We're just better in tune with the true nature of the universe than you are! *nod self*

2021/10/02 19:45, Singleton: 
What ... what IS this 'universe' you are talking about??

2021/10/03 10:47, Andróg:   
You have to feel it in your spam. I can't just tell you what it is.

2021/10/12 22:07, Andróg:   
Again my padawans are failing me...

2021/10/13 14:11, Eldaril: 
In the meanwhile, Iceland is on BBC.

[submitted link]

2021/10/14 20:41, Andróg:   
Oh. Food-story. I was expecting something else!

2021/10/15 20:56, Thurge:edited 1x   
To be fair, it's pretty amazing there's a food-story about Iceland that doesn't go something like, 'Then, once they had finished their shoes, they ate the very lichen off the rocks, while the soot-black clouds roiled above. Only then did they once more yearn for the urine-tangy taste of year-old hákarl, perennial star of the Blót.'

2021/10/15 20:56, Thurge: 
I need to fix the input on this computer. Individually copy-pasting from the char map sucks. =/

2021/10/15 21:03, Andróg:   
I know the feeling. On my previous laptop I used to have > and < together as the standard characters of one key. The new laptop simply has a few keys fewer and thus doesn't have it. Fortunately, though, places where those keys are needed, are in a steady decline in my regular computer-usage...

2021/10/19 08:15, Savu:   
Worst downgrade I ever had was when buying a laptop from the same line as before, just 4 years later. Previous laptop had a separate on/off button. New laptop had the 'End' key replaced with on/off button on the keyboard. Who is the degenerate that actually thought it would be a good idea?

2021/10/19 16:23, Andróg:   

I would have seriously considered just not buying that laptop and opting for some other model...

2021/10/19 16:25, Andróg:   
From the opposite perspective my current keyboard also has the 'Insert' key happily sitting all alone there doing nothing but 'Insert'. I honestly really do not remember the last time I actually needed it. But perhaps for other people there's a meaningful use for it...

2021/10/19 20:22, Thurge: 
Next time I get hit by a car and I'm not sure anything's broken I don't think I'm going to the hospital. This takes ridiculous amounts of time. =/

2021/10/19 20:49, Andróg:   
So I gather that you have a general habit of getting regularly hit by a car?

2021/10/19 20:59, Andróg:   
Personally I have only done that once (an idiot taking a left turn did not realize that pedestrians might actually have green light to cross the street). And while I wasn't really hurt except for a few sore muscles, I wouldn't want to try my luck another time.

Funny thing is though that the frontside of the car was pretty much ruined. :D

Apparently in the battle of my should vs the front window glass of the car my shoulder won and the glass turned into a blurry white spiderweb, plus the front of the car also had a rather significant dent in it, but my hip felt quite fine. I walked home after that, but the car quite certainly went straight to a repair shop. ;)

2021/10/20 05:25, Savu:   
@Androg When buying it online I didn't even think to check if someone has might have sabotaged newer laptops like that.

2021/10/20 13:28, Thurge: 
This was my first time! I hope the only time.

I was on my bike and I got side-swiped by an SUV. I did not break the car. =/ I could walk but took an ambulance ride to the hospital to check on my ribs... and they wanted to do all the tests. So I was there for four hours before I escaped. Never again!

2021/10/20 13:29, Thurge: 
Savu, they sabotage newer laptops in *every* way. They assume you don't really want a computer if you want a laptop, you just want a glorified phone. They are stupid. Stupid!

2021/10/20 18:58, Guido: 
sup nerds it's your boy pGuido aka the Terror of Tharbad aka the Bane of Bree, say hi to your mom from me btw.

just popping in to say, have you ever thought that those dudes that came to the mumemeets 20 years ago are basically retirement age at this point? holy hell.

2021/10/20 19:05, Andróg:   
That's pretty much why I only buy business class models. The regular user models are crap or just have no long-term endurance (meaning that they develop serious problems within just a few years). Dell Latitudes have been my definite choice of a laptop for more than a decade now.

Oh and the car that hit me was much smaller than a SUV. It had a very low front end and so it hit me in the calf of my leg and made me instantly topple on the car because the center of gravity of my body is obviously located much higher than my calves. If it had been a SUV hitting me I likely would have needed medical attention as well. This time around I simply walked home after the incident.

2021/10/20 19:08, Andróg:   
Guido, I think you're hugely overestimating the age of the people at the MUME-meets back in the day. ;)

I ever only went to one big MUME meeting in Estonia (there was one in the summer of 2004 where even the Mälmo lab people were present, if I remember right) and thinking back I would say that very few people there were over 30 years old.

2021/10/20 19:09, Guido: 
the one at Valgeranna? i was 16 then so i think all the 21 year olds just seemed like 40+ at that point

2021/10/20 20:01, Eldaril: 
@Thurge Holy hell, what kind of tests did they run on you?!

2021/10/20 22:50, Andróg:   
I seem to recall that it took place at a beach near Pärnu, so I'm going to assume that we're talking about the same event.

And yes, it could just well be that when you were 16 those who were 24 or 26 years old looked waaaay older than you. Apparently I'm also a few years older than you. I graduated from high school that summer. :)

2021/10/23 02:22, Thurge: 
EKG, chest X-ray, and a CAT scan. But it's Philadelphia, so there's always a queue in the emergency room and I was ambulatory and lucid when I got there. There was a guy in the waiting room who had been there for seven hours before he got seen!

2021/10/23 02:23, Thurge: 
Old Man Andróg has spoken!

2021/10/23 12:49, Andróg:   
Well, during these covid-times I would expect that anyone who shows up at an emergency room and doesn't look like he's about to die or at least collapse will have to wait quite a bit.

2021/10/23 14:32, Ytinas: 
Depends on if the hospital is for profit or not…

2021/10/23 18:03, Andróg:   
Well, okay, I guess in countries with private health care insurance and private hospitals it can vary. In Estonia all hospitals with actual emergency rooms are state hospitals with ER sections open to anyone who walks in.

2021/10/31 22:09, Andróg:   

2021/11/15 19:31, Andróg:   
All these snoring oldtimers here. Just taking up space and not contributing in any way!

2021/11/16 09:12, Singleton: 
Singleton leans back on his divan, nibbles on a well-made leg of venison, sips on a glass of deep red Bordeaux and ponders the terms 'work' and 'social interaction'.

2021/11/16 13:13, Andróg:   
Aaah! They speak!

2021/11/19 22:06, Singleton: 
Sometimes ...

2021/11/20 17:45, Andróg:   
But what do they do with the rest of their time?

2021/11/22 21:50, Singleton: 
Tending grandchildren and earning money so they can support
- oneselves retirement
- Netflix, Amazon Prime and AppleTV
- dozens of SF and Fantasy authors
- worldwide wine producers
- Toronto based kickstarters
- and said grandchildren

2021/11/22 23:52, Andróg:   
Those are some busy grandparents. Have you passed on your spamming skills to them already?

2021/11/23 09:48, Singleton: 
Oooh, I do have a severe MSD (MUME spamming disability), diagnosed by myself some 27 years ago. So I sincerely hope that trait to pass my grandchildren.

There is no cure btw; as soon as my hand hovers over any kind of numberpad and my eyes see *an ememy* and prompt containg 'HP:Bad' at the same time, they start hitting the same dir key for an indefinite period of time, and the connection of brain and hand is cut for the same length of time.

2021/11/23 17:53, Andróg:   
Sounds like you've fully integrated into your physical body stuff most people only have as optional client settings!

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