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2019/08/19 06:20, Thurge: 
What's the next 'impossible' number? =P

2019/08/19 09:26, Andróg:   
I was going to get it done before you last night. But after my waffles-post ER just gave me the 60-second message endlessly, even 10+ minutes after my last post, so I just couldn't get it done. :(

I blame Axel!

2019/08/19 16:52, Thurge: 
Sore loser! =P

2019/08/19 19:05, Andróg:   
Nah. I'd be sore if it had been a battle of some kind. But instead I simply could not post at all due to the infamous 60-second glitch.

2019/08/19 19:07, Andróg:   
Anyhow, I expect to be still here for the 50k!

2019/08/19 19:08, Andróg:   
And for the 100k, d'oh.

2019/08/22 08:30, Boofhead: 
Go for the million

2019/08/22 10:59, Thurge: 
Why stop there, when we could have it all? All! *cackle*

2019/08/22 11:54, Andróg:   
Get world

2019/08/23 08:08, Thurge: 
Now, if you will indulge me, I will tell you a tale of daring, a tale of horror, a tale... of the Ethiopian medical system.

2019/08/23 08:13, Thurge: 
It all began, my friends, as I was chopping cabbage for sauerkraut one night. I broke one of the cardinal rules of hand placement and soon I felt the shock of a deep cut, the resistance and subsequent give of a fingernail as the blade passed through, and the shock of another deep cut. I held my hand up in time to see the blood begin pouring out, and in the hurry to clean the wound accidentally bumped it open and saw far deeper into myself than I am generally comfortable with.

2019/08/23 08:14, Thurge: 
I applied pressure, cleaned the wound as best I could, pinged my doctor in the capital, and dressed the still-seeping gash for the night.

2019/08/23 08:16, Thurge: 
The following morning I awoke, made breakfast, and headed to the road. One of my friends who works at the cell tower walked me to the road, flagged down a truck for me, and saw me off with a prayer.

2019/08/23 08:20, Thurge: 
The truck had smoke pouring from the vents as it labored the 300m or so uphill to the hospital town, but in the end we made it without incident, and I set of on foot about half a kilometer to the hospital, listening to calls of 'China! You! Ferenjichu! Changy!' the entire way.

2019/08/23 08:22, Thurge: 
Once at the hospital I was sent to the room where they take your vitals. I grabbed the wrong ID card when I left my house, so they needed to start a new folder for me. This didn't take long, and after a short time I was ushered off to see a doctor.

2019/08/23 08:29, Thurge: 
This doctor, along with his two aides, unbandaged my finger and poked at it, doing his best to reopen the wound and look inside while I did my level best not to hit him. In the end he declared I would get a tetanus shot, a cleaning and redressing, some pain meds, and possibly some antibiotics. My doctor in Addis was consulted and assured them I was up to date on my tetanus boosters, I showed them my shot record to confirm this, and a prescription for a tetanus booster was written before I was escorted off to the pharmacy.

2019/08/23 08:32, Thurge: 
Once at the pharmacy I realized they wanted to revaccinate me so my doctor was again called and my assisting nurse was convinced this was unnessecary, at which point I was led off to the emergency room.

2019/08/23 08:38, Thurge: 
In the emergency room I met about six new doctors, one of whom was eager to practice his English, one of whom was determined to stick to Amharic, two of whom wanted to test my Sidamic, and the rest of whom chose to remain silent. After a brief talk with Dr. Amharic, Dr. English peeled off of the mass to see to me. He wrote a new prescription for pain meds while my assisting nurse told him I didn't want them and wrote me a prescription for antibiotics. After the prescribing was done I was escorted 2m to my left, to a new chair.

2019/08/23 11:03, Thurge: 
Dr. English and 'my' nurse came over with a pack of surgical gloves and unloaded some gauze from a presumably clean container onto the presumably sterile inside of the glove packet. Dr. English tried hard (and almost succeeded) to keep his coat out of his sterile work area during this process.

Once things were prepped, gloves were donned and 'my' nurse appeared over my shoulder with an IV bag with tube attached but no needle. In this manner, the cleaning began.

2019/08/23 11:07, Thurge: 
Zee nurse squirted water from the IV bag while zee doktor roughly set about trying to scrub the previous night's blood out of every nook and cranny of my thumbnail, using a piece of gauze as a scouring pad. While this was ongoing, with me wincing the whole while, an audience of eight random passerby stood in judgement of my wound, mostly remarking how tiny it was, each craning his head in hopes of catching a better look.

2019/08/23 11:11, Thurge: 
Once Dr. English had given up on his scrubbing, leaving a thin rime of blood around the nailbed, he wrapped another, doubled over, piece of gauze around my thumbtip, securing it to itself with a single piece of tape. At this point anothet doctor stepped up, handing a bandaid to my attending physician.

2019/08/23 11:14, Thurge: 
This bandaid,still in the wrapper, was handed to me with instructions to remove the gauze and replace it with the bandaid the following day. 'My' nurse then escorted me from the room, telling me I was finished and leaving off any prescriptions.

2019/08/23 11:16, Thurge: 
I wandered back out to the street, caught a bajaj (basically a tuktuk) home, and proceeded to get blessed and spat upon by every person I passed. Once home, I unbandaged,recleaned, and rebandaged (with the addition of topical antibiotics, of course) the offending thumb.

2019/08/23 11:18, Thurge: 
Since then, I have been telling people, 'It's okay, I'll grow another one' in an effort to keep them from spitting on it further, to no avail. They do seem torn between laughing and grimacing at my statements, though, so progress!

2019/08/23 12:51, Andróg:   
I am uncertain what to make of this tale.

2019/08/23 21:52, Savu:   
Write a haiku?

2019/08/23 22:18, Andróg:   
Nah, I'm sure Thurge will turn it into an epic tale for the ages!

But should we turn this into a one-off film, a trilogy or a 7-season Netflix series?

2019/08/24 06:27, Thurge: 
Meanwhile, the sauerkraut, for which I have high hopes, doth bubble.

2019/08/24 06:28, Thurge: 
How about an epic haiku? Is that a thing?

2019/08/24 08:15, Boofhead: 
A cut from a knife
Blood flows like a river red
The finger is gone

2019/08/24 09:29, Andróg:   
A haiku epic! Make it a thing!

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