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The Official Androg, Conspiracy and Boofhead Thread catchup  discussions

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2019/12/02 07:54, Thurge: 
I do what I want.

2019/12/04 00:55, Andróg:   
But what do you want?

2019/12/04 00:56, Andróg:   
But what do you want?

2019/12/04 19:29, Thurge: 
What I do, obviously. Also, pie.

2019/12/04 20:08, Andróg:   
But what if they only offer you cake?

2019/12/05 14:33, Thurge: 
This I do not want.

2019/12/06 15:16, Andróg:   
Fine. But the only alternative is a very big piece of Estonian-style sült.

2019/12/07 21:04, Boofhead: 
how big?

2019/12/09 18:08, Andróg:   
Troll-size, I'd say.

2019/12/09 19:30, Savu:   
Apparently google translate claims 'sült' translates to 'baked'. With second option being 'headcheese'.

2019/12/09 21:10, Thurge: 
Ooooooh, headcheese. Mmmmmmmmm.

2019/12/11 13:47, Andróg:   
If you just Google 'sült', it does offer more accurate answer though - aspic.

2019/12/11 15:26, Thurge: 
I think I ate it that one time... it was headcheese!

2019/12/12 00:52, Andróg:   
What a cheesehead you are indeed.

2019/12/13 05:03, Boofhead: 
Venezuelan beaver cheese?

2019/12/13 13:03, Andróg:   
Nah, Costa Rican beaver cheese!

2019/12/13 19:36, Thurge: 
Do echidnae even have nipples?

2019/12/14 16:24, Andróg:   
Ask them?

2019/12/14 21:37, Thurge: 
*You* ask them. I asked the platypi.

2019/12/16 01:47, Andróg:   
I sent Blendinsky. We'll see how that goes.

2019/12/16 19:37, Thurge: 
Have we heard from him recently? I can't think of when the last time was....

2019/12/18 00:14, Andróg:   
He's probably somewhere out there drinking beer with the likes of Doderic and Celint!

2019/12/19 21:13, Doderic:edited 1x   
Afraid not. The Bledna is completely out of sight.
Celint seems to be doing allright though, still waving swords and stuff and looking, well, let's call it 'different´

2019/12/19 22:15, Andróg:   
Oh. What a disappointment. You should really get this fixed asap. I demand a group photo of you three drinking beer!

2019/12/21 18:10, Doderic: 
I guess I could post a picture of me drinking three beers?

2019/12/22 00:09, Andróg:   
Nah, three of you drinking one beer would be enough.

2019/12/22 23:39, Britney: 

2019/12/23 09:55, Thurge: 
But if you only have two hands....

2019/12/23 18:53, Andróg:   
If you only have two hands, you spam at slowly. True spammers use their toes too!

2019/12/28 13:11, Thurge: 
With which you also drink the third beer? Don't change the subject!

2019/12/31 23:25, Arcanum:   
Happy New Year

You Honourable Players
and others!

2020/01/02 08:09, Boofhead: 
Oh! Blenda.

There have been lots of people post in this thread. Many have fallen along the way.

Anyone heard from Conspiracy?

I had some people on Facebook, but I don't use it much and I've forgotten who I've added from mume.

2020/01/03 12:36, Andróg:   
We should probably poke around among the Mälmo people if we really want to know what Conspiracy is up to these days. :)

2020/01/04 06:23, Boofhead: 
Probably up to no good.

2020/01/04 07:18, Thurge: 
You should always request permission before poking around anyone, you know.

2020/01/07 01:05, Andróg:   
Normally that would be the case, but as far as spam is concerned, everybody shall be omnipokened, whether they want to or not.

Doderic told me so.

2020/01/11 21:59, Boofhead: 
Going to apply for a new job.

2020/01/11 23:06, Andróg:   
I hear there's a possible opening coming up at POTUS this year. Going for that, right?

2020/01/12 00:08, Doderic: 
Andróg is correct. Let all pokes be omni. Omnipokening is the true nature of spam.

2020/01/12 00:23, Andróg:   
All hail grandpa Doderic!

2020/01/12 01:18, Boofhead: 

2020/01/12 03:21, Andróg:   

2020/01/13 05:51, Boofhead: 
I'm guessing the mälmo teens are no longer teens.

2020/01/13 12:11, Andróg:   
Once a Mälmo teen, always a Mälmo teen.

2020/01/16 21:10, Savu:   
R.I.P. Christopher Tolkien

2020/01/17 04:42, Boofhead: 
This thread has been going for over 15 years!

2020/01/17 18:16, Andróg:   
I wonder if the youngest contemporary MUMErs are younger than that?

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