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2019/05/23 00:09, Elestir:   
Dan is also level 100.

2019/05/23 00:10, Grant:   
Dan is another one. Did Zack get to lvl 100?

2019/05/23 00:13, Telessar:   
Was teasing you is all Fieldy.

I'm sure there is a random high level dwarf in there that is missing. I checked Meliza, only 96! (do some work snaga!)

I wonder if Uldor or Aramarth ever made it to 100?

Not supposed to be a negative comment in anyway but who the hell is Dan? Never even heard of the char, was it active recently or somethin?

2019/05/23 00:23, Grant:   
Just remembered Schmidt, as well! Only one more left?

2019/05/23 00:55, Telessar:   
Kibgil? Or one of the dwarves that Schmidt used to play with

2019/05/23 06:38, Singleton: 
Zack did reach 100 last year.

2019/05/23 15:42, Grant:   
So the updated list looks like this:

1. Norsu
2. Azazello
3. Smrtihlav
4. Stolb
5. Woland
6. Amarant
7. Lowyn
8. Tan
9. Gaar
10. Elestir
11. Elsurion
12. Nimmeth
13. Rondra
14. Tolghar
15. Ugurz
16. Ypsilon
17. Tollin
18. Faine
19. Genka
20. Shiv
21. Sjivi
22. Staub
23. Vardamir
24. Dragoth
25. Day
26. Salazar
27. Gelmir
28. Drogtash
29. Dan
30. Schmidt
31. Zack

Would be neat if we could get some interviews with some of these players.

2019/05/23 16:36, Fieldy:  edited 1x   
Holy hell. So, 9 darkies, 1 zorc, 21 whities? Well, darkies do have Tan :D Would be a fun battle. I should make a lvl 100 darkie.

Edit: Oh, Telessar - Dan mostly exped.

2019/05/23 19:28, Dent:   
Lol, I completely forgot about this thread, but looks like you all did a good job working them out. Only one I didn't have on my list was Zack, so that brings my list up to 32. Sadly the one level 100 char not listed is the one I was specifically asked to keep incog by the player. Good job all. :)

2019/05/24 07:29, Nilin:edited 2x   
I'm Dan.
I afked at work the last 20 levels. Basically logged on during my morning coffee and did a quick 100k and then sat afk around west, killing random things when work was not too busy.
Got to level 100 a year ago and have not touched MUME since :)

Bam. There's your interview.

2019/05/24 15:43, Fieldy:   
Best interview ever!!! :D
But yeah, chill idea how to finish your MUME career.

2019/05/27 09:55, Benedictus:   
Who would win lvl 100 1v1 tournament. Tan is not allowed to participate. No charmies allowed. Battle in Sewers. I vote

1. Zack
2. Salazar
3. Day/Nimmeth/Tolghar/Rondra

With unlimited azures Sjivi/Miltar/Amarant.

2019/05/27 12:05, Fieldy:   
1. Zack
2. Azazello
3. Salazar

High level combos have such a great weaponry in their hands. A pure caster out of mana is worthless :D

2019/05/27 14:30, Telessar:   
A pure warrior would win any day. Especially one with high defense on wimpy pound.

And Salazar shouldn't even be close to the top of that list. 135 ob with mantle and rubyring is pretty shit and 110 max mana

2019/05/27 20:38, Fieldy:   
Hmmm, valid point. Can we get those people to log, duke it out while we make bets? :D

2019/05/28 05:18, Ruen: 
I'll pay to watch it live. *Smile*

2019/05/28 06:20, Singleton:edited 1x   
Of course we need to find a modus how the multi-achievers are handled! Azazello vs Woland, Zack vs. Day, Elestir vs. Elsurion vs. Nimmeth vs. Rondra vs Tolghar ...

Or the players behind the characters draw lots, which of the characters out of all 31 they actually play in a duel.

2019/05/28 08:15, Ugurz:   
You ugly scum may have forgotten that I have forsaken the ways of the stealthy. My great spear and might warsword will destroy you all! :)

2019/05/28 10:38, Benedictus:   
@Telessar Good point. But who?

2019/05/28 12:26, Telessar:   
Personally, I've always thought Eiluvial was the best duel character ever made so I would guess Elestir.

Albeit, I don't know how the stats on Zack would pan out if he was at 100 if he had kept more warriorish (iirc, he made it more casterish the last couple of years)

I also assume we are discounting the use of poison since you can buy poisons in sewers - otherwise, my money would be on Dragoth with psylonia/aracha/venom :p

2019/05/28 17:04, Fieldy:   
Okay, I forgot Dragoth was on that list. I always found myself losing to him when I tried to fight him.

2019/05/28 17:43, Elestir:   
@Telessar If you allow poisons, you also should allow antidote, which renders poisons completely ineffective. :P

And regarding such comparison, it would depend on many external factors, e.g. area layout, move-drain from terrain, aggro-mobs present, etc. Also potentially we would have some stalemates there, because if you imagine e.g. warmage (Tolghar) vs defensive warrior (Elestir) scenario, once Tolghar lands a bash, he would probably win thanks to his store quakes, but he likely won't bash Elestir when Elestir stays wimpy, but then Elestir probably won't hit Tolghar when Tolghar is wimpy either... So maybe it would resort to Tolghar hit+bolting Elestir on wimpy, but he wouldn't have enough mana to kill him that way. Main advantage of Elestir over Tolghar is the protect (useless in duel) and better bashing (but far from good enough to wimpy-bash wimpy Tolghar).

Also clerics like Elsurion (but even mages like Nimmeth) aren't meant to be played solo (without charmies), so it's silly to duel with them.

2019/05/28 21:49, Telessar:   
Well agg Tolghar tries few bashes on Elestir , Elestir wimpy pounds return hits a few times , Tolghar goes wimpy.
Elestir goes agg and starts hitting thru Tolghar's combo defense. Tolghar can't wimpybash a Elestir on agg or hit back on wimpy, so Tolghar switches back to agg. When Elestir realizes this, he switches back to wimpy pound.

Voila? :p

2019/05/30 17:30, Elestir:   
@Telessar If Elestir let's Tolghar try wimpy-bashes, he will inevitably eventually get bashed (because Tolghar can go agg at anytime without Elestir knowing it) and then he will unload the quakes. And also it is unclear who will hit who harder if wimpy Tolghar or aggressive Elestir. Tolghar's defense is also very very high (not as good pb as Elestir, but better db).

2019/05/30 20:48, Fieldy:   
What is a very very high defense?

2019/05/30 21:13, Elestir:  edited 2x   
@Fieldy 162 or so, (168 with db quest, 170+ with black metal wristband 175+ with gleaming broadsword on top of that, etc.).

2019/06/01 20:58, Nilin: 
While we're at the topic of fictional fights that will never happen.
Superman kills Batman.
Captain Marvel kills every other superhero in marvel cinematic univers because of reasons.
Except Ironman. Ironman is already dead.

2019/06/02 03:19, Rashnak: 
In the end, lag wins.

It was said that the fight would take place in sewers, so it is not only about character properties, but the players' area knowledge and client handling specifically in that place. Which is my Tan would not participate even if he was allowed!

Casters could have some advantage from block door there (although I guess we can assume everyone have rocks), but without charmies there isn't much they can do, even with a lucky sleep or blind.

How about even charming mounnts? A lucky sleep in closable, block, charm mounts to buff and nuke.

2019/06/02 05:05, Baratheon: 
Rashnak brings up a great point. We tend to romanticize the battle. More than likely it would be a fight where a party wins with minimal risk. This is how MUME is actually played. In this case, a caster has a better chance than most.

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