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2018/06/19 06:53, Bardock:  edited 3x   
Trump didnt invent the policies, it was Obama. Maybe you should look into it first and the republicans just put a bill in the house to fix this problem Obama started. Go figure.

Article 13 will kill Memes, how do you figure it wont Roadkill?

How about Wired as a source? I can get more if you want.

[submitted link]

2018/06/19 07:45, Roadkill:  edited 1x   
The key is the difference between the words 'could' and 'will'.

Article 13 could theoretically, if taken to draconic extremes, render memes illegal. But just like a single gun could theoretically kill the entire population of the world, it doesn´t make it likely that it´s going to happen in, you know, actual reality.

The wired article explains the issue a bit better than AJ, of course.

I'm not for Article 13, btw. But the 'ban memes' thing is assuming that all platforms everywhere will, instead of policing for copyrighted content, just resort to blanket banning memes. And there is absolutely nothing to indicate that this is ever going to be even remotely true.

Of course, if Article 13 is passed, some platforms may do this. But they're going to suffer a loss of traffic as a result. And platforms that find another way of doing things, will prosper.

Again, I'm not a fan of Article 13. But this doomsday nonsense is insulting to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

2018/06/19 08:27, Bardock:   
well some rooms are hotter then others ya? :)

2018/06/19 08:33, Roadkill:   
Not even in a sauna can you reach average IQ of 100 for more than a very short time.

We´re talking Centigrade here, not some sort of other, extremist nonsense. ;-)

2018/06/20 05:54, Savu:   
Continuation of Donald not being able to take criticism.

[submitted link]

2018/06/20 13:19, Prist: 
Also, fun fact of article 13 is that in commission it passed with Conservative, Eurosceptic and ENF (far right) votes. So Zepir is calling EU authoritarian fascist state while this very initiative was voted into effect by the people he adores.

So, if EU is turning into authoritarian fascist state with the help of sceptics, conservatives and far right representatives and, from the tone of the post Zepir finds it funny so he's most likely against it, does it mean that Zepir is supporting liberals and social democrats who voted against article 13?

2018/06/20 16:56, Bardock:   
checks and balances, the first amendment should not be something yo can vote on. Thats the point of the bill of rights. People will vote themselves into tyranny, I dont doubt that. Thats why I think the US way is the best, we would never approve something like that here. Its the takeover of the internet. I cant support that.

2018/06/20 18:40, Savu:   
It's not like you have it all well there with the bills. Every year there's a panic over one bill or another that's another step towards less rights for people and more for different rich interests.

2018/06/21 07:05, Roadkill:   
' we would never approve something like that here'

...says the man living in the country whose congress is the only one in the 'free' world trying to abolish net neutrality.

2018/06/25 06:06, Bardock:   
[submitted link]

How the US created the European refugee crisis. I have laid this out before. Very interesting read and not infowars.

2018/06/25 17:53, Eldaril: 
>Not even in a sauna can you reach average IQ of 100 for more than a very short time.

I knew there was a good reason why some countries use F ;)

2018/06/25 21:36, Bardock:  edited 2x   
I just dont trust your guys judgement or researched opinions, I mean look, you said Trump would crash the economy and be horrible and were seeing lowest black unemployment ever , best economic numbers in decades and GDP going above 4 percent and Obama said it would take a magic wand to hit even 3 percent. He was at what, one percent? Its just really funny how everything doom and gloom you predicted was completely wrong, why should anyone value what you have to say anymore, everything from the migrant crisis to the golden economy. Its pretty hilarious really.

Europe is pissed that America wont be the trash can of the world anymore and foot the bill over and over, were coming back and were getting our fair share. Its so funny the hysteria over the US not allowing itself to be pushed around and manipulated anymore. When we left that UN the otherday, holy cow it was an amazing moment in my life.

2018/06/26 00:27, Slevin:   
GDP going above 4%? According to whom? I thought Q1 this year was still under 3. Please link the data.

2018/06/26 01:12, Bardock:  edited 1x   
[submitted link]
Roadkill and Razoor, they are good people I got nothing against them personally but they have been absolutely wrong regarding Trump and argued with me saying I was the fool. Turns out the economy is better then ever , he is bringing peace to Korea. Trump has done amazing things and completely revived the American dream. Roadkill and Razoor trusts feelings before facts and tried to make many wrong claims and economic prediction.

[submitted link]
hes literally doing things Obama said were impossible, mr 1 percent GDP growth Obama. What a joke, that man destroyed the US and crushed small business owners.

Lowest black unemployment ever recorded, check that out. Not to mention Trumps black voter base is exploding. The media cant keep lying about this movement.

[submitted link]

Its actually pretty astonishing how wrong the two have been thus far but hopefully they can admit they were wrong and move on.

@Slevin, the numbers are not obviously complete yet but alot of experts I hear say it will go over 4 percent. The consensus right now is at least 4 percent if not slightly under.

2018/06/26 05:25, Fieldy:   
You do know that public economics takes time to change and the results showing now are the work of 5-10 years time?
Did you even look at the data of the last link?

2018/06/27 15:38, Bardock:  edited 2x   
Lol the official number is now 4.5 percent, eat it euros :) america is back baby.

[submitted link]
So go on roadkill and razor apologize for being absolutely wrong.

2018/06/27 17:00, Prist:edited 2x   
Actually, this is not 'official number' as you state but estimate - it even says so on the link. Also, as you didn't read the source you probably missed the fact that this estimate was revised _down_ - from 4.7%.

Additionally, in 2014 US economic growth in quarters 3 and 4 was higher than 4.5%. Highest recorded recently is actually 5.2%, which is of course that the dudes who feed you misleading info conveniently forget. Have a look at this helpful graph [submitted link]

2018/06/27 21:06, Bardock:   
lol Prist, its clear you have no idea what your talking about nor do you understand GDP growth.

Lol all the experts scoffed and laughed at Trump saying he would never obtain 3 percent GDP

just look at Obamas speech mocking Trump, whos laughing now Obama?

[submitted link]
lol such pure pwnage. Obama was at 1.5 pecent GDP growth, he ruined America. Welcome back America.

literally watch the video, Trump destroyed that narrative

2018/06/27 22:01, Prist: 
You mean that US official data is wrong?

2018/06/28 00:02, Bardock:   
uh clearly you have no idea what your talking about when GDP under Obama was 1 percent..... did you watch the video? did you read the report? THe economy is better then its been since the 80s.... and your sitting here in delusions somehow claiming thats not the case and offering no proof.

2018/06/28 07:54, Prist: 
I posted link to official US statistics. What else do you accept as proof?

The link you posted and what Trump is saying is misleading, as they are comparing quarterly growth with annual growth. So when annual growth under Obama in 2016 was 1,5%, it is compared to quarterly growth under Trump. It's comparing apples to oranges. The link I posted is quarterly growth to compare same numbers and when it is claimed that economy never grew that much under Obama then if you compare _same_ statistics then those arguments are wrong and you are being lied to.

Now, to examine 2nd argument where you said that economy is better than it's been since the 80s. I take it that you take GDP growth as economy being better. There is simple database you can check for yourself at [submitted link]
where you can get all data you need. I'll just list it here as well starting from 1990 (year, US annual GDP growth, current president):

1990: 1.9% (Bush)
1991: -0.1% (Bush)
1992: 3.6% (Bush)
1993: 2.7% (Clinton)
1994: 4% (Clinton)
1995: 2.7% (Clinton)
1996: 3.8% (Clinton)
1997: 4.5% (Clinton)
1998: 4.5% (Clinton)
1999: 4.7% (Clinton)
2000: 4.1% (Clinton)
2001: 1% (Bush)
2002: 1.8% (Bush)
2003: 2.8% (Bush)
2004: 3.8% (Bush)
2005: 3.3% (Bush)
2006: 2.7% (Bush)
2007: 1.8% (Bush)
2008: -0.3% (Bush)
2009: -2.8% (Obama)
2010: 2.5% (Obama)
2011: 1.6% (Obama)
2012: 2.2% (Obama)
2013: 1.7% (Obama)
2014: 2.6% (Obama)
2015: 2.9% (Obama)
2016: 1.5% (Obama)
2017: 2.3% (Trump)

So if you rank it by GDP growth per year then the best years for the US were 1997-2001 when GDP growth was consistently above 4%.

I did not go deeper into 80s, but for example in 1984 US GDP growth was 7.3%. You can check historical GDP growth rates at [submitted link]

2018/06/28 08:43, Bardock:   
sorry but Im gonna trust the experts, people who dont even like Trump but have to report the facts. The fact is Trumps economy is the best economy America has had in decades with record levels of unemployment and specifically for black and Hispanics. Job numbers are better then they have been. Are you trying to deny these statements? Regulations and taxes have been slashed allowing businesses to proliferate and be created and expand and hire more people.

Are you seriously consciously and purposefully denying the reality that Trumps economy is not shattering records and 4 trillion of wealth has not been added to the stock market? The level of delusion on the left is seriously a scary thing, how can you deny such a reality ? Its depraved how you have to stick to your dogma no matter what happens. Hell I am not even a huge fan of Trump right now but I can respect him for bringing us an amazing economy and and largest GDP growth in 40+ years?

2018/06/28 09:59, Prist: 
What I am doing is listing facts. Not experts but actual sources of information. What you are essentially saying is that instead of trusting a fact, you are trusting someone who is telling you what a fact is. If this person is lying then you're buying into a lie.

Also I never made a single claim like you talk about. I do not talk about unemployment of blacks of Hispanics or taxes or regulations or trillions. I list actual GDP growth in percentages like it is usually done. If you or I like them or not is irrelevant. Numbers don't care about us or our political views.

So, if someone tells you that under Obama economic growth never exceeded 1% or that US GDP percentage-wise has never grown that much in past 40 years then simply by looking at actual and very real data you can see that this person is lying. By trusting him/her you are being deceived. Looking at data but choosing not to believe it is being detached from reality.

2018/06/28 14:42, Savu:   
Bardock, are you claiming that the GDP data is wrong? If not, then how can you at the same time claim that Obama's era never had more than 1% GDP growth?

That aside - GDP alone offers little value. Where does the growth come from? Is it private sector or government? How's private and public dept doing? And so on.

Extra value on the stock market is a questionable gain as well. Unless you hold it of great importance that the rich get richer and inequality increases. What's the value of your personal stock portfolio?

2018/06/28 21:29, Grimble:   
WOO WOO Trump gets another supreme court justice pick. Lean that court conservative for the next 40 years or so! Now we just need a liberal judge to retire and lights out to liberal agenda for the next 40 years. Good times!

2018/06/28 22:17, Bardock:   
You obviously don't get what 4.5 percent GDP even means for America. Do you understand how massive of a growth that is for a country like the US? It seriously is to painful for leftist to admit he's doing a great job and improving the economy beyond what experts thought was even possible. Just keep up the tears :)

2018/06/28 23:23, Roadkill:   
Illiteracy is the greatest enemy of democracy.

Case in point.

2018/06/29 05:45, Fieldy:   

2018/06/29 05:51, Savu:   
Now you're just speculating again. Talk about real reported numbers, because otherwise there isn't any facts to go by. That aside, it's most likely a good quarter.

Another thing that you seem to have missed is that it's quarterly growth, not annual. Quarterly growth did reach 4%+ under Obama multiple times. Were you as stoked back then or are you just biased?

2018/06/29 20:50, Prist:edited 2x   
Also, 1st quarter GDP growth for the US was just revised to 2%, down from 2.2%: [submitted link]
This makes it the best first quarter since... 2015.

2018/06/29 22:41, Fieldy:   
Aru saada, et ta on alaarenenud laps. Kuidas te üldse jaksate :D

2018/07/10 01:23, Bardock:  edited 1x   
meanwhile in Sweden at the imaginary 'no go zones dont exist'

[submitted link]
So not only will policemen not go into these zones without extra backup and heavily armored vehicles nor ambulances or fire fighters and now this.

remember the whole narrative Roadkill and Razoor presented? Is this progress? These zones surely dont exist do they?


Another great story coming out of Sweden,
[submitted link]
Liberals are raging that Bra is now going to show the data related to race. Can you imagine why they are so pissed? The data is terrifying.

Sweden is likely to restart collection of statistics that record the link between migrants and crime for the first time in over a decade as concerns about the country’s violent crime rate and rape problem grow.

“It can now be noted that the demand in the community debate on updated information on the relationship between crime on the one hand and descent and migration on the other hand is so strong that the government needs to reconsider opportunities again,” the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) announced yesterday.

The figures have not been collected since 2005, prompting critics on the right to accuse the government of attempting to cover-up the fact that migrants are vastly over represented in crime statistics to protect multicultural political dogmas.

Some on the left are already crying foul, asserting that there is no reason to collect the statistics.

Criminology professor Henrik Tham is opposed to the move, arguing there are “already studies on the subject,” despite these being 10 years out of date.

Tham also asserts that there is no difference between crime rates of migrants from different countries, although how he would know this without figures actually being collected remains a mystery. Hundreds of thousands of new migrants have arrived in Sweden in the last few years alone.

It is also largely accepted that some migrants, Bosnians for example, integrate better than migrants from the Middle East and North Africa and therefore have lower rates of criminality.

As former veteran police officer Peter Springare revealed, most of the migrants he processed who were responsible for committing violent crimes and rapes were from Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Syria.

As we reported earlier this week, a study by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet found that 88 per cent of gang rapists in the Scandinavian country over the last six years have had a migrant background.

Other figures show that migrants from Muslim-majority nations commit 84 per cent of “very violent” rapes in Sweden.

A private study of 4,142 rulings regarding sex-related crimes passed by 40 Swedish courts between 2012 and 2014 found that 95.6% of rapes were committed by men of foreign descent.

Two out of three rapes with aggravating circumstances were committed by newly arrived migrants or approved asylum seekers. Official crime statistics show that reported rapes have increased 34% in the last 10 years.

The link between migration and crime is one of the biggest hot button issues in Sweden, where the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats are expected to perform well in September’s national election.

Roadkill, its clear at this point you were wrong about migration and crime and many other things, why not just now admit it. When I am wrong, I call it. Why not just accept facts as they are without tying in feelings? I think facts are far more important then feelings. Also facts dont really care about feelings. I wonder if your ideas have changed at all regarding immigration? Care to tell?

2018/07/10 05:26, Savu:   
1. article 'According to PostNord regional manager Jan Allan Eklund, three separate incidents over the past seven years prompted the decision by the company.' Seems kind of overreacting.

2. article is good news. Having data is always better than not having it.

2018/07/10 05:59, Roadkill:   

2018/07/10 11:03, Prist: 
I think facts are far more important then feelings. Also facts dont really care about feelings.

So does this mean you accept that actual facts about the US economy and its recent performance are at odds with picture than you are led to believe?

2018/07/10 22:01, Bardock:   
No, its very clear the economic progress is far greater then anything we have seen half a century or more. Your delusions on the US economy are in par with your delusions on the safety of mass migration. Roadkill is snoring because hes already aware of such facts but cant find the honor within to admit hes wrong. He will never admit that, its clear.

2018/07/10 23:34, Roadkill:   
I snore at dullards whenever I feel disinclined to repeat myself to them for the nth time.

If only there existed some sort of maxim about the relationship between correlation and causation, or lack thereof...

2018/07/11 04:57, Grimble:   
oh sweet we have another conservative supreme court justice about to be put in to place. Plus 2 more blows to union power. Trump is the MAN. If nothing else he should get prize for keeping Crooked Hillary from being elected and turning us into the next failed socialist republic of shit like they all turn out to be. 2 supreme court justices so far, maybe more to come you never know! Talk about making history holy shit this is going to turn the court conservative for decades. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.

2018/07/11 05:45, Bardock:   
America is roaring back to life and its only going up from here. Just watch us shatter more records and keep boosting back to the top :)

its really simple Roadkill, you cant there is no such thing as a no go zone, you also said the higher crime rates have nothing to do with Migrants. You made alot of similar claims but none of them help up vs the government stats and crime data. Interesting eh?

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