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2019/09/05 12:18, Nilin: 
It's always easier to think that the others are idiots then to fact check. It took me like 5 minutes to fact check this idiocy.

The woman who was foraging for mushrooms posted her adventure from North Branch Trail which resides in the Forest Preserve District of Cook County. She was pickin mushrooms in a forest preserve where even picking flowers is illegal...

Imagine an american coming to Estonia, visiting Matsalu nature preserve to shoot birds. He would be arrested and fined pretty fast :)

2019/09/05 17:29, Fieldy:   
Nods, exactly! That's why the question from the source :D
But yeah, news articles today aren't about what is the truth, but who is the first :P

2019/09/06 15:27, Savu:   
I disagree. I'm pretty sure one could shoot birds in Matsalu and get away with it.

2019/09/06 22:29, Bardock:   
praise the lord and pass the ammunition. America will remain America were not afraid of another 1776 the patriots are ready :)

2019/09/07 07:25, Nilin: 
[submitted link]

Matsalu is divided into national park and 7 nature reserves. All the reserves are completely closed to human activity and there's a no-fly zone of 1 km above them.

You can fish in the national park side of it and hunt game (the law explicitly allows hunting the american mink, guess there's a problem with it) but not the birds.

Wiki lists a number of protected species to watch: the white-tailed eagle of the highest conservation category, a lot of bird species of the second and third protection categories, 22 strongly protected plant species, the natterjack toad, and ten species of mammals of the second conservation category.

I guess you could get away with a shot or two before all the bird watchers in the area start noticing.

2019/09/07 08:03, Thurge: 
The real question, of course, is how many of the birds are *worth* shooting? =P

2019/09/07 09:24, Fieldy:   
Yeah, I have to say in my personal experience Savu is more correct.
And no, that doesn't mean I have weekends off shooting birds :D

2019/09/07 11:48, Savu:   
@Thurge All of them. Damn Chirpy McChirpers. And all the birdwatchers as well. Damn those good-for-nothing people for having time to watch birds.

2019/09/09 00:56, Bardock:   
Grouse are fine birds to shoot, grew up hunting them and eating them. Great meal.

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