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Message 2562 : Protecting the Tower Hills (Antti) catchup  discussions

2019/04/22 17:23, Elemmakil:   
NEWS 2562
Message 2562 : Protecting the Tower Hills (Antti)
Written on Mon Apr 22 14:49:26 2019

The Bree-folk called them Rangers, and knew nothing of their origin. They were
taller and darker than the Men of Bree and were believed to have strange
powers of sight and hearing, and to understand the languages of beasts and
birds. They roamed at will southwards, and eastwards even as far as the Misty
Mountains; but they were now few and rarely seen.
- J.R.R. Tolkien: the Fellowship of the Ring

Some of the hardened rangers have left the Bree area and moved to the Tower Hills.

Message 2560 : The Tower Hills and Elostirion (Rogon)
Written on Mon Apr 22 14:48:15 2019

The Tower Hills, or 'Emyn Beraid' in Sindarin, are a series of steep hills
located between the Grey Havens and the Shire. High upon the hills stand
three tall Elven towers, the highest of which is called Elostirion, which
holds the last PalantÝr free of Sauron's grasp.

The Tower Hills once marked the border between the Elven realm Lindon, and the
kingdom of Arnor. Today, much of it is wilderness, although one will find
remnants of the men of Arnor here still, small farming villages, herders, and
hunters. One such small village is the Black Hill Village, located at the very
northern border of the Tower Hills.

Recently there has been an influx of young adventurers into the area, as it is
located between the realms of Men, Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits. Many of these
seem to stray from the Old East Road in their search of adventure, and find
themselves in Black Hill Village. The villagers seem to take the new arrivals
in stride as long as they behave appropriately and don't cause trouble.

The Tower Hills is a new superzone in MUME which offers inexperienced
adventurers of the Free Peoples a large number of quests, although
achievement hunters of any level may want to visit the area!
A big thank you to all the volunteers that made the Tower Hills a reality.

Related news: After the recent incident which caused the doors of Elostirion to
malfunction, they have now been repaired and pilgrims are once again allowed
access to the tower. The Elven Commander of the tower says that he will no
longer open the doors for people who insist of STANDING outside knocking on the
doors, or calling for them to be OPENED.

Building: Zathras, Azan, Elfan, Fankil,
Jab, Iluvator, Hanne, Fredde, Kenzu, Caldan
Antti, Rogon
Testzone building: Volur, Tempuntekijń
Supervising: Rogon
Proofreading: Zathras, Ryalnos, Azan, Ammon, Raid, Elfan, Rogon
Mudlle: Arfang, Imago, Mint, Waba, Dain, Antti, Arcane, Thor
Reviews: Antti(Az), Waba(Ac), Fror(Am, Ao)
Misc help: Antti, Naga, Almarian, Jahara, Waba

2019/04/22 17:45, Jahara:   
I'm going to release a new version of MMapper that includes this area mapped tonight :-)

2019/04/22 17:51, Meriaglo:   
I explored today, did a few of the quests. Really nicely muddled, a few small issues quickly fixed and, as an intro to new players, is really nicely done. Now we need to get some new players to come play it!

2019/04/22 20:44, Vaelrin: 

This is actually great.

But revolting.

2019/04/23 07:47, Jahara:   
Anyone figure out how to use the Palantir yet?

2019/04/26 20:10, Neamir: 
Tower Hills is great! Congrats and thank you to everyone involved.

I made a new lowbie just to explore/map the zone and do all the quests - lots of fun, great muddling, great education for new users.

I particularly like the nice touches:
- Making hidden door names guessable, but not too easily, from descriptions (but enough that you 'want' to try and guess)
- Subtly including geographical descriptions in quests which match to the target room names, to reinforce examining the environment/geography
- New herbs, and motivating exploration to find them
- Reinforcing learning new skills (swim, climb) via quests
- Tons of oil load spots

My feedback might be:
- Black Hill Village feels a bit sparse on roleplay elements. Perhaps it's good that it's small and tight, but it almost feels too minimal - in contrast, zones like Lorien (or even Ingrove) really shows off the poetic richness of MUME.
- a honeysuckle load spot (or other money herb) might help users accumulate a little bit of wealth. Especially if new users will be spending more time and levelling up (to 6? 7?) in this zone, that increases the amount they will have to pay to get citizenship in Bree/Fornost. Seems a little strange to me that even Ingrove is a much better money making region than TH.

But awesome work! Can't wait to watch new players experience this.

2019/04/27 12:11, Malek: 
Great work! Influx of old players coming back, I bet.

2019/04/27 22:41, Strori: 
Tower hills is new pray spot. new hobbit still is welcome in Shire

2019/05/20 11:55, Strori: 
Must be wearing a focus (discovered as a staff/shield switcher) in order to be allowed proceed to the palantir

2019/05/24 15:28, IminyŰ: 
'watch palantir' to find out the secret exit d and roomname (if day)

2019/08/15 18:26, Ridire: 
Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.

2019/08/15 20:53, Aganir:   
I like you, Ridire.

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